Haryana Judiciary is one of the most sought-after state judiciaries for every judiciary aspirant. The High Court of Punjab and Haryana has notified 256 vacancies in 2021.

In this post, we have compiled our analysis of the past 10 years' question papers of the preliminary examination. The takeaways from this post can immensely help you in streamlining your preparation to a result-oriented pathway.

Some of the general spheres that you must focus on during your preparation are Section numbers, keywords of the legal provisions, Illustrations attached with the provisions, landmark judgments, legal maxims and G.K.

Now, let us have a look at the trends of important topics and frequently asked areas from all the major subjects of the syllabus one by one.

Indian Penal Code

While this whole statute is important as a major stakeholder in the total scheme of the Haryana Judiciary question paper, you need to pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Definitions (Section 1- 52)
  • General Exceptions (Chapter IV: section 76-106)
  • All the offences (especially offences against the human body and property)
  • Changes brought in by the latest amendments (2013, 2018 Criminal law amendment)
  • All illustrations attached to the sections
  • With respect to the offences, make sure that you not only learn the ingredients of the offence but also know the section number, amount of punishment prescribed, whether an offence is bailable or non-bailable as every question paper can be found filled with questions from these categories.

haryana judiciary mock test

haryana judiciary mock test

Criminal Procedure Code

Crpc is another important subject that you must sincerely focus on to clear prelims. Follow expert suggested Preparation tips for Haryana Judiciary to understand topics better and score good marks. The trends of previous year question papers tell us that a few of examiners favourite areas to ask questions from are:

  • Section 1 to section 81
  • Stages of Investigation, Inquiry and Trial
  • Provisions from section 300 to section 327
  • Bunch of sections from 460 onwards
  • Provisions amended by recent criminal law amendments

Indian Evidence Act

This is the most rewarding statute to invest in your time to score better as many questions are asked every year from this law yet it is not as long as other major subjects and hence, yields better possibility to secure marks.

While no provision of the Evidence Act can be left, a few of the most important topics from which multiple questions have been asked in the past are:

  • Section 4- 16
  • Admissions and Confessions (section 17-31)
  • Statements of persons who cannot be produced (section 32)
  • Expert opinion (section 45)
  • Exclusion of Oral by documentary evidence (section 91-100)
  • The burden of Proof (section 100-114)
  • Provisions amended lately via recent Amendments

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Civil Procedure Code

Due to its vastness, usually, CPC remains the weak area for all judiciary aspirants. But no worries, find the list of important areas within CPC that you should cover first so as to hold a better chance to qualify prelims.

  • Numbers and provisions of all sections with special emphasis on Sections 1 to 25.
  • Sequence and list of Rules from Order 1- Order 20
  • The only list of all orders from Order 20 onwards
  • Illustrations attached to the provisions
  • Keep a note of penalty and amounts wherever mentioned in the Act

Indian Constitution

Another subject that becomes a nightmare for aspirants in the field of Constitutional Law. Although, my analysis shows that the probability of questions getting repeated from the Constitution is very bleak in HJS.

However, the vast topics from which the questions are asked are often seen getting repeated. So, after giving a thorough reading to the whole subject make sure to emphasise on following areas to be better prepared:

  • Preamble
  • Introductory part and Fundamental Rights (Article 1 to Article 48)
  • Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties (Article 49- 51A)
  • Topic of writs
  • Leading case laws from all topics
  • Judiciary: Supreme Court and High Court (Article 124- 147 and Article 214-231)
  • The number of the Articles
  • The number of the schedules (what is contained in which schedule number?)
  • Appointments (Who appoints who?)
  • Ordinance making power of the President (Article 123)
  • Pardoning Power of President and Governor (Article 72 and 161)
  • Emergency Provision (Article 368)
  • The specified ages for eligibility for various posts, retirement etc

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Specific Relief Act

This is a small bare act and hence must be studied in and out. A few of the topics from which more questions are witnessed from this law in HJS prelims are:

  • Section 5 and 6
  • Number of all sections
  • Provisions that have been amended by the 2018 Amendment (Section 14, 20 etc.)

Indian Contract Act

This is one of the statutes from where average difficulty level questions are asked and hence it is easier to score with less effort. Few topics which cannot be missed from this are:

  • Section 1 to section 74
  • Within this, Types of contracts
  • Landmark case laws on several topics
  • The Topic of free consent (section 13- 22)


What are the stages of exam in Haryana Civil Judiciary Exam?

The candidates are judged in 3 rounds in the Haryana Civil Judiciary Exam

Preliminary round

Mains Round

Viva-voce / Interview

How can I download the previous year Haryana question papers?

You can download the previous year Haryana Civil Judge Question Papers by clicking on the direct link provided in the above post.

Do really solving Haryana Judiciary Exam Question Papers will help score better in the exam?

Yes. As per the experts, solving previous year papers will help candidates to enhance their preparation and better succeed in the exam. This will also help improve time management skills, speed, and accuracy.

What are the important topics that need to be prepared for the Aptitude section of the Haryana Judiciary Syllabus?

The important topics that need to be prepared for the Aptitude section of the Haryana Judiciary Syllabus include permutation and combination, probability, time & distance, percentage, work & time, number system, mixture & allegation.

How long does it take to prepare for the Haryana Judiciary 2021 exam?

The preparation of the exam depends on a few things including, time dedicated for preparation, resource material for reference, clarity of concepts, etc. However, with proper preparation strategy, candidates can easily prepare for the exam in 2-3 months.