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Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis - Topic-wise Analysis

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : April 24, 2023


Reader's Digest - Are you gearing up for the Haryana Judiciary exam and wondering what to expect? Dive into this analysis of the Haryana Judiciary previous question paper to gain valuable insights & boost your HJS preparation!

There is a saying: "An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing!" and that's why the Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis is critical! 

The Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis is an assessment of the question paper used for the Haryana Judicial Service Examination conducted by the HPSC. The analysis is conducted to assess the difficulty level of the questions, the range of topics covered, and the type of questions asked.

Generally, the analysis is done by experts or faculties with vast experience in law and a keen eye for identifying the pattern of questions asked in the Haryana Judiciary Examination

Importance of Haryana Judiciary 10 Years Previous Paper Analysis

Here are some reasons why analyzing the Haryana Judiciary question paper is important:

  • Helps you understand the Haryana Judiciary syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Identifies the most important topics and areas to focus on.
  • Provides insight into the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Helps you identify common question types and their expected level of difficulty.
  • Enables you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and adjust your preparation strategy accordingly.
  • Provides a benchmark for assessing your preparation level and progress.

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis for Indian Penal Code

You can expect a maximum of 7-8 questions from the Indian Penal Code. In Haryana Judiciary question paper, you must pay special attention to the following topics:

  • Definitions (Section 1-52)
  • General Exceptions (Chapter IV: sections 76-106)
  • All the offences (especially offences against the human body and property)
  • Changes brought in by the latest amendments (2013, 2018 Criminal law amendment)
  • All illustrations attached to the sections
  • Concerning the offences, make sure that you learn the ingredients of the crime and know the section number, amount of punishment prescribed, and whether an offence is bailable or non-bailable, as every question paper can be found filled with questions from these categories.

Haryana Judiciary Past 10-Year Paper Analysis for Criminal Procedure Code

  • Section 1 to section 81
  • Stages of Investigation, Inquiry, and Trial
  • Provisions from section 300 to section 327
  • Bunch of sections from 460 onwards
  • Provisions amended by recent criminal law amendments

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Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis for Indian Evidence Act

Important IEA topics are as follows:

  • Section 4 -16
  • Admissions and Confessions (sections 17-31)
  • Statements of persons who cannot be produced (section 32)
  • Expert opinion (section 45)
  • Exclusion of Oral by documentary evidence (section 91-100)
  • The burden of Proof (sections 100-114)
  • Provisions amended lately via recent Amendments

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Haryana Judiciary Paper Analysis for Civil Procedure Code

  • Numbers and provisions of all sections with particular emphasis on Sections 1 to 25.
  • Sequence and list of Rules from Order 1 - Order 20
  • The only list of all orders from Order 20 onwards
  • Illustrations attached to the provisions
  • Keep a note of penalties and amounts wherever mentioned in the Act

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Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis for Indian Constitution

  • Preamble
  • Introductory part and Fundamental Rights (Article 1 to Article 48)
  • Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties (Article 49-51A)
  • Topic of writs
  • Leading case laws from all topics
  • Judiciary: Supreme Court and High Court (Article 124-147 and Article 214-231)
  • The number of the Articles
  • The number of the schedules (what is contained in which schedule number?)
  • Appointments (Who appoints who?)
  • Ordinance-making power of the President (Article 123)
  • Pardoning Power of President and Governor (Articles 72 and 161)
  • Emergency Provision (Article 368)
  • The specified ages for eligibility for various posts, retirement, etc.

Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis for Specific Relief Act

  • Sections 5 and 6
  • Number of all sections
  • Provisions that have been amended by the 2018 Amendment (Sections 14, 20, etc.)

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Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis for Indian Contract Act

  • Section 1 to section 74
  • Within this, Types of contracts
  • Landmark case laws on several topics
  • The Topic of free consent (sections 13- 22)

Haryana Judiciary Question Paper Analysis for GK 

Every year, you can expect an average of 7-10 questions from the general knowledge subject. You can expect questions from sports, organizations and their members, polity, history, economy, geography, etc.

The table below shows the number of questions asked from GK in the Haryana Judiciary Exam:

Year No. of Questions
2011 10
2013 11
2014 9
2018 7
judiciary online coaching
judiciary online coaching


So there you have it, an analysis of the Haryana Judiciary question paper! Keep practicing and improving your weak areas to achieve success in the upcoming Haryana Judiciary exam. Good luck!

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