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Business Management VS Marketing - Difference Between Business Management and Marketing

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 23, 2023


Summary: Although Business Management and Marketing sound quite different. Note that the degrees to study them differ. Similarly, if you research, it is also noted that the job roles vary. Let's understand the difference between Business Management and Marketing explained in the article. 

As an organization grows, the number of employees, jobs, and types of roles also increase to have the company functioning smoothly. 

Various company roles can sound similar, but resumes have different job descriptions. 

We are discussing one such, explaining the difference between Business Management and Marketing. 

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What is Business Management and Marketing

Business Management: 

Business management mainly pursues to ensure smooth and efficient operations. 

Business Management monitors the budgets, staffing, and contracts and follows roles to achieve company goals. Effective management is very essential to a company's success.

Business management roles include:

  • Monitoring the finances of the office
  • Staffing an office
  • Business Project Management
  • Organizational Behavior Analysis
  • Negotiating and approving contracts

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Business Marketing: 

Business marketing involves various employees and agencies creating a campaign to promote a company's brand, services, and/or products. Marketing teams typically begin by conducting market research in order to identify the ideal consumer. Once that data is collected and analyzed, the team will develop ways to reach the consumer. Marketing often involves advertising campaigns as well as outreach through public relations. Ongoing research is typically conducted to ensure a campaign's continued success or address improvement areas.

Business Marketing roles include:

  • Working with management to implement company goals
  • Strategic Sales and Sales Management
  • Collecting data and analyzing Consumer Behavior
  • Presenting advertising campaigns
  • Strategic Sales and Sales Management
  • Negotiating contracts with vendors

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Difference between Business Management and Marketing

Management mainly deals with budgeting, organizing, planning, reporting, etc., to have the organization function smoothly. Whereas Marketing is a branch inside Management that deals with product marketing, this process involves sales, customer interactions, online platforms, and more. Management is required for every marketing activity, as every marketing plan needs appropriate management.

Without Marketing and Management, running a successful organization is almost impossible. 

  1. Business Marketing involves sales and is a branch within business management. Marketing is mainly concerned with meeting consumer demands.
  2. While business management does not directly involve customer interaction, Marketing relates directly to consumers.
  3. The execution and planning of m marketing in scheduled by business management. 

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Marketing and a Management degree?

How to choose if you have to pursue a Marketing and a Management degree? 

  1. Identify your preferences

Knowing what interests you are studying a particular skill is much easier than the other one. If you are good at problem-solving and have a creative edge, then choose to pursue a marketing degree.

Similarly, if you have great leadership skills and are good at organizing, then it might suit you to pursue a Management degree.

  1. Field with more jobs 

Every degree has a wide range of career options you can apply for after graduation. In this case, business marketing and business management have great career prospects and good-paying jobs. 

  1. Explore

Talk to people working in this field to know their experience and understand if you want to have this line of career. 

  1. Salary

Understand your priorities and note down if Marketing and Management pay you more. 

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Jobs in Marketing and Management

Commonly known career choices for business management and business Marketing are as follows: 

Business marketing jobs are as follows: 

  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Retail and Sales Management
  • Marketing Law and Ethics
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Market research analyst
  • Marketing project manager
  • Social media marketer
  • Brand manager

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Business management jobs are as follows: 

  • Sales manager
  • Risk Management
  • Business analyst
  • Business Process Management
  • Supply chain manager
  • Business Process Management
  • Operations Manager
  • Leadership and Management Essentials

These are just a few common job profiles for students interested in pursuing their careers in these business fields. 

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