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Short Tricks to solve Maths Questions in Management Exams

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 30, 2022


Are you preparing for the IPMAT exam but struggling to manage time while solving the Quantitative Aptitude section? Well, some simple techniques of vedic maths can help you solve complex calculations and equations in a matter of seconds.

Are you wondering how? Read through the post below to get a thorough understanding of cross multiplication, as well as its implementation by IPM Aptitude Questions and Answers.

Maths Short Tricks for Management Entrances After 12th

The QA section in management entrances is a bit difficult as can be seen from the cut-off trends. Mathematics questions are lengthy and time-consuming, therefore it is advised to follow important tips and tricks of vedic maths to maximise your attempts. One of the important concepts to save time in multiplication is the cross-multiplication method based on Vedic maths. Cross Multiplication will help you solve equations in seconds which would help you save time for other questions.

What is cross multiplication? 

In solving linear equations with two variables, the cross multiplication method is used. The method of cross-multiplication is the simplest and most straightforward method of solving linear equations in two variables. When we have a pair of variables in a linear equation, we use this method the most.

Cross-multiplication is a technique to determine the solution of linear equations in two variables. It proves to be the fastest method to solve a pair of linear equations. For a given pair of linear equations in two variables. 

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How to use cross multiplication to solve questions in management entrance exams?

This trick can be used in multiple types of questions like average based, profit and loss, mixture and allegations or time and work. Lets understand this trick using an example. Check IPMAT 2022 Exam Dates & Schedule

Q1. A person sold an article for 8(1/3)% profit. Had he bought the article at Rs. 120 less and sold it for Rs. 180 less, there would be a loss of 33(1/3)%, find the initial C.P. of the article.


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Q2. In an exam, the ratio of selected to unselected candidates was 6:1. If 30 less had applied and 10 less selected, the ratio of selected to unselected would have been 7:1. How many candidates had applied for the exam?

Q3. A and B earn in the ratio 2: 1. They spend in the ratio 5:3 and save in the ratio of 4: 1. Find the monthly income of each if the total monthly savings of both A and B together is Rs. 5000 ?

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ipmat online coaching

Q4. If salary of A is Rs. 300 more than that of B. If Salary of A is increased by 16.66% and that of B is increased by 14(2/7)%, A's salary would be Rs. 400 more than B. Find A's salary.

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Q5.  A vessel contains a mixture of milk and water in the ratio of 14 : 3. Now, 25.5 litres of the mixture is taken out from the vessel and 2.5 litres of pure water and 5 litres of pure milk is added to the mixture. If the resultant mixture contains 20% water, what was the initial quantity of mixture in the vessel before the replacement? (in litres). Refer Online Coaching Classes by Supergrads for the right guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of methods through which you can improve your efficiency and time management.

One of the best ways is to use tricks like cross multiplication to calculate and solve linear equations of two variables in a matter of seconds. 

Taking mock tests and applying all of the expert tips and tricks in a timed mock exam is the best way to score well in management entrance exams. Mock exams will not only help you improve your speed and accuracy on exam day, but they will also allow you to assess your level of preparation. Taking practice exams will help you improve your time management and confidence.

Coaching isn’t necessary. You can clear management entrance exams like IPMAT and DUJAT with self-study provided you stick to your study plan with perseverance and consistency. Well, but, it's better to join a good coaching institute for regularity and discipline during the preparation phase. Supergrads is one of the best online IPMAT preparation programmes. They have educated and guided thousands of management students, many of whom are now enrolled at prestigious universities. with a focus on bringing out students' true potential in order to improve their performance. They offer interactive live classes, question-and-answer sessions, and scheduled mock exams.

Preparing for the management entrance exam is one of the challenges that you will face while studying for board exams and other entrance exams. As a result, it is critical to create a proper study plan and begin your preparation accordingly. Write down your daily tasks, stick to them with zeal, track your progress, and improve on a regular basis. Take recorded sessions of coaching classes whenever you miss your entrance class. Give entrance preparation a break during your board exam and practise MCQ questions alongside. Make handy notes so that you can revise afterward.

First, analyse the syllabus, weightage, and difficulty level of various topics. Cover the most difficult and time-consuming topics first, so you have time to revise them later. Create a study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses and follow it with consistency and perseverance.

Attempting mock tests in a time-based manner is the best way to prepare and test your Quantitative aptitude sections and conceptual knowledge. Practicing mock exams will not only help you improve your speed and accuracy on exam day, but it will also allow you to assess your level of preparation.


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