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Common University Entrance Exam (CUET) PG Result 2024

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : August 27, 2023


Reader's Digest: Discover how you performed in the CUET PG Exam! Delve into the CUET PG Result 2024 and gain insights into your academic journey. Unveil your potential and explore the next steps in your education. Don't miss out on this essential information!

So, imagine you're a student who has just appeared for the CUET PG (Common University Entrance Test for Post Graduation) exam, hoping to pursue a postgraduate degree in law or an LLM course.

The result of this exam is a big deal for you because it's going to play a significant role in determining whether you get into the college or university of your choice.

Remember that thousands of candidates just like you will be in the same boat, eagerly waiting for their results, competing over a single seat in the country's top central and state universities.

Now, let's understand how the whole process unfolds:

  1. Result Declaration: The CUET PG Result 2024 is revealed, indicating your exam performance. It's posted on the official exam authority's website.

  2. Accessing Scorecards: After the main result is out, you can download your scorecard showing subject-wise scores. This helps identify strengths and areas for improvement.

  3. Rank and Counseling: Your rank, based on exam performance, determines your position among candidates. Colleges use ranks for postgraduate law program admissions.

  4. Choice of College: Based on your rank, you're allocated a law school/university. Higher rank means better chances at top institutions. This step concludes your effort to secure a preferred spot.

  5. Counseling and Admission: Once allotted a college, you go through counseling, possibly involving sessions, documents, and interviews. Gather info about the college before deciding. Meeting criteria leads to admission offer.

Understanding the CUET PG Result 2024 process is crucial in order to take all the correct steps for getting into your choice of university. Lets understand in depth, how this result process works and what are all its moving parts:

 Key Contents:

  • Insights into CUET PG Result 2024 for academic journey.
  • Process: Result declaration, scorecards, rank, counselling, choice, admission.
  • CUET (PG) 2023 Exam Overview: CBT format, participation stats.
  • NTA's role and initiatives for smooth process.
  • CUET PG LLM, MBA, MCA Result insights.
  • Evaluation methodology, addressing grievances, score compilation.
  • Access to online results and scorecards and their importance.
  • Admission process post CUET PG Result 2024.

Overview of CUET (PG) - 2023 Examination

Mode of Examination:

The CUET (PG) 2023 wasn't your typical pen-and-paper exam. Instead, it stepped into the digital age by being conducted entirely as a Computer Based Test (CBT).

The test was designed with two main segments.

  • Firstly, there was a general test which every candidate had to attempt.
  • Secondly, there was a domain-specific paper tailored to the subject chosen by the candidate. This means if a student picked History as their subject of interest, the domain paper tested their proficiency and knowledge in that particular area.

Number of Registered Candidates and Total Tests Administered:

An impressive total of 4,58,774 unique candidates registered for the CUET (PG) 2023. What's even more interesting is the number of tests administered.

Considering that each candidate could appear for multiple domain-specific tests based on their chosen subjects, a whopping 877,492 tests were administered.

It gives an idea of the vast scale and extensive reach of this examination.

Number of Participating Universities:

Education institutions across the country showed immense interest in CUET (PG) 2023. A cumulative total of 197 universities took part in the examination process. Breaking down the numbers:

  • Central Universities: 39 universities that are directly run by the Department of Higher Education.
  • State Government Universities: 45 universities that are run by individual state governments.
  • Government Institutions: There were 10 of these, which can include specialized institutions that offer specific courses.
  • Others: A massive 103 institutions from the private sector and deemed universities category participated.

The wide array of participating institutions signifies the importance and acceptance of the CUET (PG) examination across different types of educational bodies in the country.

3. CUET (PG) - 2024 NTA Score: Understanding the System

The Role of NTA

The National Testing Agency (NTA) plays a specific role in the CUET (PG) - 2024 examination process. Its duties are mainly administrative and technical.

  • The NTA oversees the registration of the candidates, making sure they're properly enrolled for the examination.
  • Once the examination is held, NTA manages the answer keys, which are the standard answers for the test.
  • If anyone has concerns or disagreements about these answer keys, they can raise challenges. After considering any challenges, NTA finalizes the answer keys.
  • Post this, NTA is responsible for preparing and declaring the results. This culminates in the hosting of the Score Card, which is a detailed record of a candidate's performance in the exam.
  • However, it's worth noting that while NTA releases these scorecards, it does not handle admissions directly. The merit lists, which rank candidates based on performance, are prepared by individual participating universities or organizations.
  • These universities then decide on their counseling procedures, using the Scorecard of CUET (PG) - 2024 provided by NTA.

Initiatives by NTA

  • Understanding the diverse background of its candidates, especially those from rural and remote areas, the NTA has opened several CUET (PG) – 2024 Examination Help Centres.
  • These centers aim to make the examination process smooth and to ensure maximum participation.
  • Located in various cities like Kamrup, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and many more, they provide assistance, ensuring candidates, irrespective of their location, receive equal opportunities and support.

CUET PG LLM Result 2024

The CUET PG LLM Result 2024 is crucial for those who aspire to pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) degree. To better understand this year's results, let's take a glance at the data from the previous year, specifically for the LLM, which is CUET course coded as COQP14:

  • In the past year, the number of candidates who registered for the LLM (COQP14) exam was impressive. A total of 11,966 aspirants enrolled for the test, showcasing the high interest in this particular postgraduate law program.
  • However, out of this considerable number, only 8,091 candidates actually appeared for the examination. This could be due to various reasons - personal circumstances, a change of mind, or other commitments that might have prevented some from taking the test.
  • When we discuss the CUET PG LLM Result 2024, having this context from the previous year can help in gauging the competition and understanding the trends in the interest levels for the LLM course.
  • By comparing the number of registered versus appeared candidates, aspirants can also anticipate the overall participation rate and strategize their preparation accordingly.

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CUET MBA Result 2024

The Common University Entrance Exam (CUET) for MBA, CUET coded as COQP12, is an essential examination for those aiming to pursue a Masters in Business Administration. Let's break down the information from the previous year to better understand this exam:

  • For the MBA (COQP12), the examination follows a straightforward format. Candidates had to tackle a general test paper. This means that there weren't specialized or domain-specific sections; instead, all applicants were assessed on a common set of questions.
  • In the last year's MBA entrance exam, a whopping 65,166 candidates registered to take the test. This high number indicates the immense popularity and demand for MBA programs among students. However, not all registered candidates ended up taking the exam. Out of this vast pool, 31,764 candidates appeared for the test.
  • Understanding this data is crucial for future aspirants. It helps gauge the competition and the scale of the examination. Moreover, being aware of such figures can provide a clearer perspective for those prepping for the next CUET MBA examination.

CUET PG MCA Result 2024

Let's dive into the specifics of the CUET PG MCA (SCQP09) results for 2024 and compare them with the statistics from the previous year:

  • For those unfamiliar, candidates aspiring for a Master’s in Computer Applications (MCA) via CUET need to clear two distinct papers. The first is a general test paper, common for all. The second is a more specialized one, focusing on test paper termed as "Computer Science, Information Technology, etc."
  • When we look at last year's data, a total of 36,820 candidates had registered to take the MCA entrance test. However, not all who registered actually appeared for the exam.
  • Out of these, only 29,494 candidates showed up and took the test. This gives us an idea of the competition and the level of interest in the MCA course among students.
  • This information gives us insights not only about the popularity of the MCA program but also about how many take their registration to the next level by actually appearing for the test. It's crucial for candidates to be aware of these numbers as it can help in gauging the competition and understanding the landscape of the CUET PG MCA examination.

Evaluation Methodology and Score Compilation

Use of Final Answer Keys in Evaluation

The answer key is a critical tool in any examination process. It essentially holds the correct responses for every question that appeared in the CUET 2023 Exam. With this key, candidates can gauge their performance by matching their answers with the official ones. Simply put, by comparing their answers with the answer key, candidates get a preliminary idea of their probable scores.

Computation of CUET (PG) 2023 Results from Raw Marks

Determining one's score in the CUET exam is a straightforward process:

  1. First, identify the total number of questions you attempted.
  2. Next, with the help of the CUET answer key, determine how many of your answers were correct and how many were incorrect.
  3. Keeping the marking scheme in mind (e.g., points awarded for correct answers and points deducted for incorrect ones), compute your raw score.
  4. The percentile score then comes into play. Unlike raw scores which are absolute, percentiles provide a relative ranking. Your percentile score showcases your performance in relation to all other test-takers. For example, a percentile of 90 means you scored better than 90% of the candidates who took the test.

Procedure for Multi-Shift Papers and Conversion to NTA Score

Given the large number of candidates, the CUET exam often occurs in multiple shifts. To ensure fairness across shifts, raw scores are converted to an NTA Score. But how is this done?

Let's break it down:

  1. Begin by recording the total number of candidates in your exam shift. This number is denoted as N.
  2. All scores in a shift are arranged in descending order.
  3. Your raw score is noted as T.
  4. Count how many candidates scored less than or equal to your score (T). Let's call this count 'm'.
  5. Now, calculate your percentile score using the formula: P = (m/N) * 100.


Imagine an exam for a subject held in two shifts: S1 and S2. There are six candidates: A, B, C from shift S1 and D, E, F from shift S2.

Let's say the raw scores for these candidates are 𝑥𝐴, 𝑥𝐵, 𝑥𝐶 for S1 and 𝑦𝐷, 𝑦𝐸, 𝑦𝐹 for S2.

For candidates A, B, C in S1, their percentiles are determined by the scores in S1. Similarly, D, E, F's percentiles are based on S2 scores. This ensures a fair comparison within the same shift.

The above data is summarised in the following table. The terms in red colour indicate that these are the output of this step.

Since the calculation for percentiles in any shift depends only on the data from that shift alone, there is a separate table for each shift.

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Addressing Grievances and Re-evaluation Policies

Addressing Grievances through the Answer Key Challenge System

  1. Provisional Answer Key Display: NTA will display a Provisional Answer Key on their official website: https://cuet.nta.nic.in/. This is to give candidates a chance to review these answers. Along with this, a public notice will be issued on the same website.

  2. Opportunity for Challenges: If candidates find any discrepancies in the Provisional Answer Key, they have a window (typically two to three days) to challenge it. However, to make a challenge, they need to make a non-refundable payment of ₹ 200/- for each question they challenge. This fee acts as a processing charge.

  3. Specific Challenge Protocols: It's important to note that challenges are only acknowledged when they come with proper justification or evidence. Also, they should be made directly through the specific link designated for key challenges on the official website. Any challenges sent through other mediums or without valid reasons will be disregarded.

  4. Decision on Challenges: After reviewing all the challenges, subject experts will finalize the Answer Key. The NTA's decision regarding these challenges is the last word - meaning it's final. They will neither engage in any further communication regarding this nor inform candidates about individual challenge outcomes.

  5. Compilation of the Result: The CUET (PG) results are then compiled based on this final Answer Key. Once the results are declared, any grievances related to the answer key won't be entertained.

Re-evaluation and Re-checking Policies

a) Basis for Result Compilation: The CUET PG result 2024 will be determined using the Final Answer Keys. After the results are officially declared, no concerns or disputes concerning the Answer Keys will be accepted.

b) Computation of the Final Result: The scores secured by a candidate, as per the final answer key, will be the definitive mark for the CUET (PG) - 2024 result.

c) No Re-evaluation/Re-checking: The NTA has a strict policy against re-evaluation or re-checking of the results. Candidates are advised to understand and respect this stance as no communications on this matter will be entertained.

d) Access to Score Card: NTA will not be sending out physical score cards. Instead, candidates are recommended to download their Score Cards for CUET (PG) - 2024 from the official NTA website.

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Access to Results and Score Cards

The wait after an examination is filled with anxiety and anticipation. The process to get your CUET PG result 2924 and the accompanying scorecard is straightforward but requires careful steps.

Online Availability of the Score Card

The CUET PG 2024 Scorecard is made available online immediately after the announcement of the result. Every student who sat for the exam can check their individual scores online.

This scorecard isn't just a mere record of your performance, but it's an essential document that carries details such as the number of marks you secured, subjective scores, your overall rank, and several other pertinent details. It provides a comprehensive view of how you performed in the examination.

Importance of the Scorecard

Understanding your scorecard's details is crucial. It doesn't just display your result, but also stands as an official testament to your performance.

Given its importance in the admission processes of various institutions, it's advised to not only download the CUET PG Scorecard 2024 but also to keep it safe.

You will need to present this scorecard during the admission proceedings. So, ensuring its safety is of paramount importance.

How to Download the Scorecard?

Navigating through websites can sometimes be a tad confusing. But don't worry, we're here to guide you. To retrieve your CUET PG 2023 Scorecard, follow these simple steps:

  • Access the Website: First and foremost, visit the official CUET PG website hosted by NTA at cuet.nta.nic.in.

  • Navigate to the e-services Menu: On the website's top banner, you'll see an option labeled 'e-services'. Hover or click on it to reveal a dropdown menu.

  • Select the Correct Option: Although it may seem odd, you should choose the "CU CET 2021 score card" option from the dropdown. Don't be alarmed by the year mentioned; this link also provides the latest scorecards.

  • Login Page: After selecting the appropriate option, you'll be redirected to a login page labeled "view result."

  • Fill in the Details: On this page, you'll be prompted to enter your Application Number, Date of Birth, and Security Pin. Ensure you fill in these details correctly.

  • Access Your Scorecard: Once you've entered the details, click on the "submit" button. Your CUET PG result 2024 Scorecard should now be visible on the screen.
  • Download and Save: It's crucial to download the scorecard and save a copy, both digitally and a printed one, for future use, especially during admissions.

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Admission Process Post CUET PG Result 2024

Clarification on the Rights by Merely Appearing in CUET (PG) - 2024

Simply taking the CUET (PG) 2024 exam doesn't automatically mean that a candidate is granted admission to a university. It's just the first step. Once the CUET PG Result 2024 is out, it acts as a ticket for further stages in the admission process. Just appearing for the exam provides an opportunity but doesn't guarantee a seat.

Criteria for Selection and Admission into Universities

After the CUET PG Result 2024 is announced, each university has its own set of standards to select students. These standards can be based on:

  • CUET (PG) 2024 scores.
  • Past academic achievements.
  • Other extra-curricular and co-curricular performances.
  • Personal interviews or group discussions if the university conducts them.

Handling of Admissions at the University Level

Each university manages its own admission process. While the CUET PG Result 2024 forms a major part of the selection criteria, universities might also look into other factors. For instance, some universities might hold their own interviews or additional tests. Candidates may need to provide references, work experiences, or even write essays based on the course they're applying for.

University-specific Counseling/Admission Schedule and Merit List Considerations

Once the CUET PG Result 2024 is out, universities will announce their counseling and admission schedules. During counseling, candidates get a clearer idea of which courses or subjects they can apply for based on their scores.

The merit list, typically, is a ranking of candidates based on their CUET PG scores and possibly other criteria. Those who rank higher on the list have a better chance of getting into their preferred course or university. It's crucial for candidates to stay updated with these dates and schedules, so they don't miss out on opportunities.

Direction for Admission-related Queries and Procedures

For any questions or concerns related to admissions after the CUET PG Result 2024, candidates should:

  • Check the official university websites regularly for updates and announcements.
  • Reach out to the university’s admission helpline or contact point. They often have dedicated teams to answer queries.
  • Attend university-specific orientation or information sessions if they are available.
  • Talk to past students or seniors to gain insights into the admission process and what to expect.

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Key Takeaways

Navigating the CUET PG (Common University Entrance Test for Post Graduation) process is essential for securing your preferred spot in a postgraduate law program. Thousands of candidates, like you, vie for a single seat in top universities. The process involves:

  1. Result Declaration and Scorecards: Your exam performance determines your rank. Download your subject-wise scorecard to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

  2. Rank and Counseling: Your rank defines your position. Colleges use ranks for postgraduate law program admissions.

  3. Choice of College: Based on rank, you're allocated a university. A higher rank increases chances at top institutions.

  4. Counseling and Admission: Admitted candidates go through counseling involving interviews and documents. Meeting criteria leads to admission offers.

Understanding the CUET PG Result 2024 process is crucial for taking the right steps toward your preferred university. Be aware of NTA's role, score computation, challenges, and the importance of your scorecard. Remember, appearing for CUET PG is the first step; universities have their selection criteria for admission. Stay updated with university-specific schedules and merit lists, and reach out for guidance if needed. Your journey from exam to admission involves multiple stages, and staying informed and prepared is key to success.

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