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CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024: Your Guide for CUET Success!

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : July 31, 2023


Reader's Digest: Looking to ace CUET PG LLM 2024? Let's crack it together! This article will guide you with an effective preparation strategy, important study resources, and tips from previous year toppers. So, whether you're a first-timer or retaking the exam, you'll find practical advice for success. Keep reading!

Do you see yourself in the distinguished corridors of India's top law schools? If that's your dream, then acing the CUET PG LLM 2024 is a vital milestone on your journey! 

Having a pre-planned strategy is helpful in getting a clear idea of the overall preparation strategy. Additionally, it also helps in inducing your confidence level in you. 

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for aspiring law students preparing for the CUET PG LLM 2024 examination.

It provides an in-depth breakdown of the exam pattern, a detailed syllabus, effective preparation strategies, beneficial resources, the importance of mock tests and previous year papers, and essential time management tips.

By following this CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024, students can successfully navigate their path to a high exam score.

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CUET PG LLM Exam Pattern

You must understand the exam pattern to start with your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024.

The National Testing Agency has notified all candidates must adhere to the CUET PG 2024 Exam Pattern.

Refer to the table for the CUET PG LLM marking scheme:

Conducting Body NTA (National Testing Agency)
Mode of the Exam Online
Sections in the CUET LLM PG Exam Part A: Aptitude-Specific section (25) Part B: Domain-Specific section (75)
Language of the Question Paper English and Hindi
Total Questions in the Exam 100 [Part A: 25 questions Part B: 75 questions]
Total Duration 2 Hours
Total Marks  400 Marks 
Marks for Correct Answer 4 Marks
Negative Marking for Wrong Answers 1 Marks

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The exam process is going to consist of two rounds, a written exam and a counselling round.

 The following section has the highlights of the exam pattern of the CUET PG LLM.

  • The CUET PG LLM is going to be held in online mode.
  • The questions asked in the exam will be bilingual, i.e., English and Hindi. However, you have to attempt the paper in only one language only. 
  • The written exam has to be completed in a composite duration of 120 minutes only. 
Section Subjects Maximum Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Part A English Language, General Awareness, Mathematical Ability, & Analytical Skills 25 questions 100 marks 120 minutes
Part B Law Subjects 75 questions 300 marks 

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 Understanding the CUET PG LLM Syllabus 

The first step in your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024 is understanding the syllabus.

The CUET PG LLM syllabus 2024 is comprehensive, covering a wide array of legal domains. Here are the subjects that you will encounter:

  • General Principles of Contracts, Contract II, Constitution, and Law of Torts, forming the foundation of legal principles.
  • Indian Penal Code and Criminal Law, including the Juvenile Justice Act and the Probation of Offenders Act, to understand the dynamics of criminal law.
  • Family Laws, encompassing both Hindu and Mohammedan Laws, and the Indian Succession Act to comprehend personal laws.
  • Company Law, Property Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, and Labour Law, which guide you on corporate and environmental jurisprudence and labor rights.
  • Jurisprudence, Public International Law, Human Rights Law and Practice, Right to Information, forming the backbone of your legal understanding.
  • Banking Law, Insurance Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law, and Taxation introduce you to the various facets of commercial and business laws.
  • Lastly, Women and Criminal Law, Law Relating to Child, International Trade, and Clinical Course-I: Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System will widen your horizons to the international domain and professional ethics.

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CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024

  • Grasp Key Legal Concepts:

    • Start by understanding fundamental legal terminologies. 
    • Make sure to comprehend legal principles thoroughly before moving onto complex laws. 
    • Break down complex legal principles into simpler terms. 
  • Improve Reading Comprehension:

    • Regularly read diverse texts – newspapers, legal journals, case studies. 
    • Enhance your vocabulary through word games, flashcards, or apps. 
    • Practice active reading: summarizing content, making notes, questioning, etc. 
  • Develop Logical Reasoning Skills:

    • Solve different types of reasoning problems daily. 
    • Understand the common patterns and logic used in reasoning questions. 
    • Try to attempt reasoning puzzles and games in your free time. 
  • Allocate Time Proportionately:

    • Dedicate more time to topics you find difficult initially. 
    • Review your progress regularly and adjust your schedule accordingly. 
    • Don't forget to include time for breaks and recreation in your study schedule. 
  • Practice with Mock Tests:

    • Try to simulate exam conditions while taking mock tests. 
    • Analyze each test thoroughly to understand your strengths and weaknesses. 
    • Use the analysis to modify your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024. 

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CUET PG LLM Topic-wise Preparation

When it comes to your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024, preparing topic-wise is the way to go! This strategy helps in maintaining an organized study routine. 🎯

  • Constitutional Law: This is an integral part of the CUET PG LLM 2024. Hence, it should occupy a significant place in your prep strategy.

    • Keep yourself updated with recent changes and amendments in constitutional law. 
    • Understand the historical context of major articles and amendments. 
    • Use flowcharts or diagrams to understand and remember different articles. 
  • Jurisprudence: As part of your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024, make sure you have a clear understanding of jurisprudence.

    • Understand the viewpoints of different schools of thought. 
    • Learn about the most influential jurisprudential scholars and their theories. 
    • Discuss and debate jurisprudential theories with peers to deepen understanding.
  • Other Law Subjects: Your CUET PG LLM Prep must also include other law subjects like Contract Law, Criminal Law, and Family Law.

    • Break down each law subject into smaller, manageable topics. 
    • Understand the interlinking between different law subjects. 
    • Revise regularly to remember the vast number of laws and statutes. 
  • Reasoning: To ace the reasoning section, you should regularly practice reasoning problems. This will improve your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    • Solve a variety of reasoning problems, including puzzles, syllogisms, etc. 
    • Make a note of common patterns and tricks in reasoning questions. 
    • Time yourself while solving reasoning questions to increase your speed. 
  • Legal Aptitude: This section can be tackled effectively with a strong CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024.

    • Understand and remember basic legal maxims and principles. 
    • Practice applying these principles to various hypothetical situations. 
    • Keep yourself updated with current legal scenarios and judgments. 
  • English Comprehension: Last but not least, your prep strategy should help you develop a strong command over English comprehension. 
    • Read widely to improve your understanding of different writing styles. 
    • Practice paraphrasing and summarizing passages in your own words. 
    • Work on enhancing your grammar and vocabulary skills. 

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CUET PG LLM Prep Resource Guide 

  • Books:

    • Look for books by reputed authors or publications. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge into their writing.
    • Review the book's contents before buying. It should cover the entire syllabus of CUET PG LLM 2024.
    • Don't just rely on one book. Different books provide different perspectives and can aid your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024.
  • Online Materials:

    • Use reputable online education platforms. They offer a vast amount of resources, like PDFs, e-books, video lectures, and more.
    • Participate in online discussion forums. They can provide valuable insights and help clear doubts.
    • Watch educational videos on platforms like YouTube. Visual learning can boost understanding.
  • Courses and Coaching Institutes:

    • Choose a course or coaching institute with a good CUET PG LLM coaching track record.
    • Make sure the course covers the entire syllabus and provides mock tests and doubt-clearing sessions.
    • Check if the course offers flexibility in learning, like online or offline classes, which fits your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024.

Mock Tests and Previous Year Question Papers 

  • Role of Mock Tests:

    • Mock tests help in understanding the question pattern and exam structure.
    • They help to improve speed and accuracy, essential for a time-bound exam.
    • Regularly taking mock tests can decrease exam anxiety, making you more confident in your CUET PG LLM prep.
  • Importance of Previous Year Papers:

    • Previous year's papers give an exact idea of what to expect in the exam.
    • They help you to understand the trending topics in the exam over the years.
    • Solving these papers can help you measure your preparation level, crucial for your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024.
  • Assess and Adapt:

    • Use mock tests and previous year papers to identify your weak and strong areas.
    • Based on your performance, adapt your study plan, focusing more on weak areas.
    • Regular assessment can significantly enhance your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024.

Time Management Tips 

  • Prioritize Topics:

    • Understand the weightage of each topic and prioritize accordingly.
    • Start with difficult topics, as they may require more time and effort.
    • Spend less time on topics you are already proficient in, ensuring a well-rounded preparation.
  • Study Schedule:

    • Create a daily study plan and stick to it.
    • Break your study time into chunks, and don’t forget to include short breaks.
    • Include time for revising topics covered earlier, a key aspect of your CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024.
  • Time Management in Exam:

    • Practice answering questions within the stipulated time.
    • Learn to quickly move on from questions you find difficult to answer, and return to them later if time allows.
    • Regular practice with mock tests can help you manage time effectively in the exam.

Revision and Last-minute Tips for CUET PG LLM 2024

When it comes to the CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024, revision and last-minute tips play a vital role. Let's expand on each point with more tips:

  1. Create a revision timetable πŸ—“οΈ

    • Allocate specific hours each day for revision and stick to it.
    • Revise difficult subjects during your most productive hours.
    • Keep flexibility in your timetable for unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Revise using notes and summaries πŸ“

    • Make use of flashcards and mind maps to quickly revise major topics.
    • Re-write your notes to ensure better retention.
    • Summarize lengthy case laws or judgments into short points.
  3. Mock Tests πŸ§‘‍πŸ’»

    • Regularly take mock tests to evaluate your speed and accuracy.
    • Analyze the results to identify your weak and strong areas.
    • Use mock tests to practice time management skills.
  4. Focus on weak areas πŸ’ͺ

    • Make a list of topics that you find challenging and allocate extra time for them.
    • Practice more questions from your weak areas to gain confidence.
    • Seek help or guidance if you're continually struggling with any topic.
  5. Avoid new topics 🚫

    • Do not pick new topics at the eleventh hour; it may create confusion.
    • Instead, use this time to strengthen the topics you have already covered.
    • Revisit the important points of every topic, especially those with high weightage in the exam.

In conclusion, the article offers an in-depth guide to strategize the preparation for CUET PG LLM 2024 exam. The key takeaways include:

  • The CUET PG LLM exam structure is detailed, specifying that it is an online test, composed of 100 questions divided into two sections for a total of 400 marks, with a negative marking scheme for incorrect answers.

  • Understanding the comprehensive syllabus is crucial. It spans numerous legal domains including Contract Law, Indian Penal Code, Family Laws, Administrative Law, Human Rights Law, and more.

  • A multi-faceted preparation strategy is necessary. This includes understanding legal concepts, enhancing reading comprehension, developing logical reasoning skills, effectively allocating study time, and incorporating mock tests.

  • Topic-wise preparation is advised, focusing particularly on Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and other Law subjects.

  • Utilizing diverse preparation resources such as books, online platforms, courses or coaching institutes, and engaging with mock tests and previous year question papers is beneficial.

  • Effective time management is essential during preparation and exam, implying the importance of prioritizing topics, sticking to a study schedule, and practicing time-bound answering of questions.

  • The last-minute revision strategy should involve a revision timetable, utilization of notes and summaries, focus on weak areas, avoidance of new topics, and maintaining a calm and confident demeanor.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the article provides a detailed plan for the CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024:

  • It stresses the importance of understanding the exam structure, with it being online and comprising two sections, Aptitude-Specific and Domain-Specific.
  • The article emphasizes the wide-ranging CUET PG LLM syllabus, covering multiple legal domains, making comprehensive preparation essential.
  • Several preparation strategies are suggested, including understanding legal concepts, improving reading comprehension, developing logical reasoning skills, and using mock tests effectively.
  • The CUET PG LLM Preparation Strategy 2024 also advocates for using multiple resources, including books, online platforms, and coaching institutes.
  • Importance is placed on the role of mock tests and previous year papers in understanding the exam pattern and improving speed and accuracy.
  • The strategy also highlights efficient time management both in preparation and during the exam.
  • Lastly, it advises on effective revision strategies and maintaining calmness and confidence.

This comprehensive approach can guide aspirants to effectively prepare and excel in the CUET PG LLM 2024 examination.

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