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CUET English syllabus 2024

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : August 24, 2023


Summary: Prepare for CUET English 2024 using the National Testing Agency's complete course. Access the CUET English syllabus and prior year question papers to gain an in-depth understanding of the exam. Equip yourself with recommended preparation books and improve your approach to excel in the CUET Common University Entrance Test for English. 

The National Testing Agency administers the Common University Entrance Test at the national level. Candidates who wish to take the CUET UG test and excel in the English subject should review the CUET English syllabus 2024.

Candidates must download the CUET English syllabus PDF to get more about the CUET English Syllabus 2024. The English syllabus for CUET 2024 highlights the major themes and questions that will be covered in the CUET 2024. 

The National Testing Agency (NTA) will soon release the English language syllabus for CUET 2024 available on its website, cuet.samarth.ac.in. Click on the "CUET English syllabus download" link to access the English curriculum for CUET 2024.  

To understand the CUET 2024 entrance exam, aspirants should review the CUET exam pattern. The CUET English 2024 exam pattern describes the exam topic, duration, and style of administration.

CUET English Exam Pattern 2024 

Candidates must study the entire CUET English Exam Pattern before beginning their preparation and learning about the CUET English Literature Syllabus. To summarise the CUET 2024 Exam Pattern for the entire paper, the CUET paper will include 175 questions, with the candidate required to attempt 140 of them in order to qualify for the exam. Candidates must attempt a total of 40 questions out of 50 in the English section. 


Total Questions  

Questions need to be Attempted 


Marking Scheme 

Section IA 



45 mins  

For every correct answer, 5 marks will be awarded. 

CUET English Syllabus 2024 

English (LAQP01)  

1. History of English and Indian Literature: 

  • Major Authors 
  • Texts  
  • Literary Movements 

2. Indian Writing in English: 

  • Major Authors 
  • Texts including English translations 
  • History 

3. Literary Terms: 

  • Allegory 
  • Ballad 
  • Blank Verse 
  • Comedy 
  • Dissociation of Sensibility 
  • Dramatic Monologue 
  • Elegy 
  • Enlightenment 
  • Epic 
  • Fancy and Imagination 
  • Imitation 
  • Intentional Fallacy 
  • Motif 
  • Ode 
  • Onomatopoeia 
  • Paradox 
  • Plot 
  • Figures of Speech 
  • Satire 
  • Soliloquy 
  • Sonnet 
  • Tragedy 
  • Wit, (etc.)  

4. Literary Genres: 

  • Fiction and Non‐fiction 
  • Life writings 
  • Diary 
  • Drama 
  • Essay 
  • Novel 
  • Poetry 
  • Prose 
  • Short Story 
  • Epic 
  • Travelogue 
  • Science Fiction (etc.)  

5. Comparative Literature and Translations studies:  

  • Concepts 
  • Theories 
  • Texts  

6. Literary Criticism and Theory: 

  • Classical and Modern Criticism 
  • Marxism  
  • Structuralism and Post-structuralism  
  • Feminism 
  • Eco-criticism 
  • Post Colonialism  

7. Awareness of Current Literary Trends, Events, Awards etc. 

CUET English Eligibility Criteria 

Aspirants appearing for the CUET 2024 are required to go through the CUET 2024 English eligibility criteria to know the minimum requirements of the CUET 2024 examination. The CUET 2024 eligibility criteria will vary across universities. The CUET eligibility criteria will be released separately by each participating university on their respective websites. The CUET 2024 English eligibility criteria might assist candidates in understanding the minimum requirements for the CUET 2024 English exam. Follow the steps below to learn more about the CUET qualifying criteria 2024: 

  • Candidates must have a minimum of a Class 12 diploma from a recognised institution. 
  • To be eligible for CUET 2024, students must get a minimum of 50% in Class 12.  
  • The CUET eligibility criterion 2024 also specifies the minimum age requirement for candidates taking the CUET 2024. 

CUET Previous Year Question Papers 

The CUET question papers will make preparing for CUET 2024 much easier. Candidates can prepare for the CUET test 2024 by referring to previous year CUET question papers in order to achieve more marks in the Common University Entrance Test. The CUET previous year question papers will be valuable in detailing the main topics and questions that will be asked in the CUET 2024 exam. 

CUET English 2024 Preparation Strategy  

After learning about the CUET English Syllabus and Exam Pattern, students must use a methodical and result-oriented strategy in order to gain admission to their selected university. As a result, adhering to a solid strategy for a subject like English is critical, as it also contains several significant and challenging themes. Check out some of the techniques for covering the English CUET Syllabus: 

  • Understand Syllabus: Understand the important topics after reviewing the CUET English Syllabus. 
  • Short Notes: Create proper notes for complex topics to support revision. 
  • Solve Past Papers: Solve CUET's past English papers for insights into exam patterns and question types. 
  • Boost Vocabulary: Read newspapers like The Hindu to improve vocabulary. 
  • Word Usage: Document word usage and synonyms to enhance language skills. 
  • Regular Review: Consistently revise notes to reinforce understanding. 

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CUET English Preparation Books 

The CUET 2024 English preparation books can help you prepare for the CUET English 2024. Candidates can use the CUET preparation books to study the primary topics and questions. The CUET English 2024 preparation books are essential for earning higher marks on the CUET English 2024. 

CUET Preparation Books 2024 


Objective General English 

SP Bakshi  

English Grammer and Composition 


English is Easy 

BSC Publications 

English Grammar & Composition 

Wren and Martin 

Brush up Your English 

ST Imam 

Lucent's General English   

Lucent Publication 

In conclusion, navigating the CUET English 2024 examination becomes seamless with the valuable resources and guidance provided here. From dissecting the syllabus to deciphering the exam pattern, eligibility criteria, and preparation strategies, this article equips you for success.

Immerse yourself in the world of literature, absorb critical theories, and grasp the nuances of language to excel in the Common University Entrance Test. By leveraging the recommended preparation books and staying dedicated to consistent practice, you can confidently approach the CUET English exam and secure your path to your preferred university. 

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