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How to crack SBI PO Mains 2016- Descriptive test

Do you feel scoring well in the objective test alone is good enough to crack SBI PO Mains? The answer to this is a big "NO", of course. Scoring well in the descriptive test is equally important in addition to objective test. The descriptive test also plays a crucial role as this test is highly essential to determine one’s writing capabilities.

The descriptive test will be held online and you have to attend the test with your personal computer. But, the urgent need of the hour is candidates should take it in the right spirit. The term ‘description’ itself provokes the feeling of nervousness in the candidates. And the moment it gets combined with english language, the fear gets even more ignited. What can be the solution for this? Of course the answer is sincere efforts and confidence. In this article we give you a few tips to overcome your fear for the above:

Top Tips to Crack SBI PO Mains - descriptive test paper

a. In the letter writing segment of the test, try to maintain the correct format . An examiner seeks for correct format/ syntax in a letter and accordingly awards marks.

b. Everything in a letter should be written on the left hand side. For formal letters use “ Dear/ Respected Mam/ Sir” and for informal ones use “Hello”, “Hi” or “Hey”.

c. For essay writing, you need to improvise your writing skills and you can do it by reading newspapers, articles etc.

d. Make a habit of writing your own articles on any topic. This will make you flexible to write and boost your confidence.

e. Practice grammar and vocabs to have a good command over your language.

f. In the examination, select a topic about with which your are comfortable. Try to highlight the important points of the topic which will seek the attention of the evaluator.

i. Try to make the start and the conclusion of your essay catchy. It makes you essay a pleasant one to read and gets hold of everybody’s attention.

We wish you good luck! Stay tuned for more updates.

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