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Updated On : November 8, 2023


Overview: If you are preparing for Judiciary exams, understanding the preparation strategies from a topper would be of utmost use. The Judiciary exam is one of the most prestigious exam taken conducted by respective states for recruitment of Judges. To ease your preparation, we have curated the tips Priya Rathi has suggested. Getting insider tips from a topper can help you in getting complete knowledge of judiciary e

This article is a must-read if you are preparing for your next academic year's judiciary exams. 

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Interview with MPCJ AIR 1 Priya Rathi 

Priya Rathi is an inspiration to many judiciary aspirants who aspire to become a judge and score like a topper. Her preparation journey can teach all the aspirants a lot, from how to start the preparation, how to study and how to practice to score like a topper. She has put in a lot of effort and that is why one must know insider tips of her preparation.

When did Priya start her Judiciary Preparations

She started her preparations with guidance for her senior Ankitha Agarwal, who was a second rank holder in MPCJ AIR 2 in 2018. Once Priya passed out of her college, she immediately started her preparations for Judiciary. 

What is better, self study or guided preparation?

She thinks guided preparation is better, for example, when you attempt a mock or practice test, you can get detailed insights frrom your mentors and faculties. You can get strategy on working on your weaknesses and eventually improving your score.

Is time management during preparation is important? 

It is important to manage time between practice, preparation and learning. You have to make a yearly or a 6 monthly plan for your preparation and wisely divide time between subjects. Make a daily schedule and a weekly schedule as well.

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What kept her motivated? 

Priya prioritized studies however, she would balance studies and other activities. Her friends motivated and reminded her of why she chose to do Judiciary. Priya suggested there should be life beyond studies, do not stress, and make extreme sacrifices during your preparation. Balance your personal and professional life.

Group studies work for Judiciary Preparation? 

Yes, group studies work. But a lot depends on your friend circle. You must make a study group with serious aspirants. This can help you in getting better with your preparation. 

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How did Judiciary Gold help in Judiciary preparation? 

Mocks are very important because corrections cannot be performed in OMR; therefore, solving many mocks was always extremely important. She attended the free mocks and found the standards of mocks were really good. There were several mocks and rapid revisions. Judiciary Gold helped her wth regular guidance and motivation through mocks. She gave regular mocks and analysed her weaknesses with our faculties and work on them in order to improve her score. She made a note of questions that were incorrect and practiced them. A lot of questions appeared from Judiciary Gold mocks in the prelims exams. Judiciary Gold also analysed all her answersheets and after evaluation of the paper, teachers give feedback to students; if you follow this feedback and work on it, scoring gets easy. 

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Is note-making important?

Yes, you tend to remember what you write more than what you hear. Therefore making notes is important. She made notes for every topic. Make sure that you do not make lenghtly notes, you must make short and to the point notes. Go not invest a lot of time in making repetative notes. Target the key areas and important sections that are asked multiple times.

Is practice important?

Yes, with practice, even average students can write excellent answers with practice. You must practice 200-300 questions daily in the last one month of preparation. An aspirant must also take a lot of mock tests to know their weaknesses and strengths.

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How to write the answers in Mains Examination? 

Answer writing is a skill that every aspirant must develop this. Practice as much as possible and to get better at answer writing. You have to study everything in detail with case laws in order to write detailed answers. While writing answers you must ensure that you give a proper introduction and outline to your answer at the start and then in the main body of the answer write everything in detail with case laws and illustrations. Give a proper conclusion to your answers.

Is the stage of interview difficult? 

No and Yes both. Remember, it's important to look presentable, and it's better to reach the city before in time. Dont appear to be extremely casual during the interview. You should appear confident, and your in-depth knowledge, your personality, and your demeanour are important. Do not try to act smart, the interviewers will sense that and do not try to say a lie during your interview.

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What are Priya's tips for Judiciary exams? 

Take a lot of mocks, dedicate the time to prepare seriously, and be confident; your demeanour is important. Stay motivated and also stick to the timetable you make. Talk to your teachers and mentors as much as possible.


Listening to toppers will always help you in getting secret tips from them. Do not shy away from talking to any previous judiciary topper for getting your dose of motivation and guidance. Priya Rathi was very consistent during her preparation and you can reflect the same during her preparation journey.

Watch the complete video above and get complete details from her about her preparation journey.

All the Best Aspirants!

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