Enhance your preparation for the Madhya Pradesh Judicial Service Exam by going through the important topics. This post takes you through a detailed MP Judiciary Syllabus 2021 for all the stages of the selection process.

MP Judiciary Exam Syllabus 2021 

  • The exam is held in three phases – Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test. 
  • Solving MP Civil Judge Question Papers can help understand the exam's difficulty level and analyze your preparation levels. 
  • As per the previous year's analysis, the questions were asked from the syllabus, and all questions were doable. 
  • Candidates need to have a good grip on subjects like Computers, GK, and English. If studied properly, these subjects are easy to understand and score marks.  
  • Candidates preparing for the Hindi medium exam can Download MP Judiciary Syllabus PDF in Hindi and enhance their preparation. 

MP Judiciary Online Coaching

MP Judiciary Online Coaching

MP Judicial Services Syllabus 2021

The below section will thoroughly discuss the MP judiciary syllabus along with the number division in each section. Therefore, you can check out the detailed description for having a better understanding of the syllabus and prepare yourself for the examination accordingly. 

Follow expert-designed MP Judiciary Preparation Tips to understand the difficulty level and know which type of questions can be asked.  

MP Judiciary Prelims Syllabus 2021

The preliminary exam is held in the objective format where you need to answer 150 questions. The preliminary examination includes two parts. Based on the performance, candidates will be shortlisted for the mains exam. Here is the syllabus along with the weightage of each topic. 

Topics Weightage
First Part
Constitution of India 10 questions
Code of Civil Procedure 1908 15 questions
Transfer of Property Act 1882  7 questions
Contract Act of 1872  8 questions
Specific Relief Act of 1963  6 questions
Limitation Act of 1963  4 questions
MP Accommodation Control Act of 1961  5 questions
MP Land Revenue Act of 1959 5 questions
Indian Evidence Act of 1872 15 questions
Indian Penal Code 1861  15 questions
Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 15 questions
Negotiable Instrument Act 1881 5 questions
Second Part
General Knowledge 20 Questions
Computer Knowledge 10 Questions
English Knowledge 10 Questions

MP Judiciary Mains Syllabus 2021

Candidates who qualify the preliminary exam will be successfully eligible for the mains exam. The main examination comprises of four papers each carrying 100 marks, which are essay-based. The applicants have to give the first and second paper on the same day. They will further have to write the third and fourth paper on another day. Check the MP judiciary mains syllabus below 

First paper - Civil Law & Procedure (Total 100 marks)
Constitution of India
Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
Transfer of Property Act, 1882
Indian Contract Act, 1872
Specific Reliefs Act, 1963 (I, II and VI to VIII)
Limitation Act, 1963 (Parts II & III)
Second Paper - Court Practice, Writing Skill, Current Legal and Translation (Total 100 marks)
Writing on Social Issue- 30 marks
Writing on Legal Issue- 20 marks
Precis Writing- 20 marks
Translation (Hindi to English)- 15 marks
Translation (English to Hindi)- 15 marks
Third Paper - Criminal Law and Procedure (Total 100 marks)
MP Accommodation Control Act, 1961
MP Land Revenue Code, 1959
Indian Evidence Act, 1872
Indian Penal Code, 1860
Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
Fourth Paper - Judgement Writing
Framing of Issues (10 marks)
Framing of Charges (10 marks)
Judgment/Order (Civil) Writing (40 marks) (Civil Judge II Class Level)
Judgment/Order (Criminal) Writing- 40 (40 marks) (Judicial Magistrate First Class Level)

MP Judiciary Viva Voce Details 

The final round of the Judiciary Examination of Madhya Pradesh state will the personality test interview round, known as viva voce. This stage of the exam carries a maximum mark of 50. The conducting body will bring out the final rankings of the candidates based on the marks of the main examination and the viva voce. 

Note: No matter how much the candidates score in the main examination unless he/she clears the personality test round, securing the minimum cut off marks, he/she will not be selected for the recruitment.

Important MP Civil Judge Interview Questions 

  • Tell our readers about your law school life.
  • Did you have an affinity for academics in law school?
  • When and why did you decide to go for judicial services? 
  • When did you start your preparation? 
  • Walk our readers through the stages of Preparation. 
  • Which book did you refer for prelims, Mains and Interview

MP Judiciary mock test

MP Judiciary mock test

MP Judiciary Important Topics

Some of the most important topics to be referred while preparation is tabulated below. 

Procedural laws Substantive laws
Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 Indian Penal Code, 1860
Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 Hindu & Mohammedan Law
Indian Evidence Act, 1872 Transfer of Property Act, 1882
Limitation Act, 1963 Indian Contract Act, 1872
Indian Registration Act, 1908  Partnership Act, 1932

MP Judiciary Syllabus in Hindi 2021

Candidates preparing for the Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services exam in Hindi Medium can refer to the complete syllabus in Hindi below. As there is an ample amount of time, go through the syllabus and begin your preparation. 

Download MP Judiciary Syllabus PDF in Hindi

MP Judicial Services Exam Pattern 2021

The Judicial Service Examination is scheduled in three different steps- the preliminary examination, the main examination, and the personal interview round (viva voce). Go through the brief Judiciary Exam Pattern below:

  • Applicants can make 6 attempts in the examination 
  • The exam is held in three phases – Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test. All the stages are qualifying in nature. 
  • In the Prelims exam, there are 150 Multiple Choice Questions with 0.25 negative marking for each wrong answer.
  • The Mains exam is a descriptive type of exam that is codnucted for a total of 400 marks.

MP Judiciary Prelims Exam Pattern 2021

  • The prelims examination comes in a format of multiple-choice questions where the candidates have to solve 150 problems.
  • The MP judiciary prelims syllabus includes Computer Knowledge, Law, English, General Knowledge 
  • Candidates are provided with 2 hours to solve the paper 
  • Each wrong answer carries negative markings 

MP Judiciary Mains Exam Pattern 2021

  • The mains exam comes in a descriptive (written)format that questions based on the bifurcation of notes. 
  • The candidates need to solve 4 papers each carrying 100 marks (total 400 marks)
  • The total time-limit of the main exam is 3 hours for each paper

MP Judiciary Personality Test (Viva Voce)

  • The candidates who have successfully cleared the main examination will be permitted to participate in the viva voce. 
  • The maximum marks that are enlisted for viva are 50

MP Judicial Services Books 2021 

The candidates who are willing to appear in the MP Judiciary Services Examination are surely conscious about the difficulty level of the test. Hence, to crack the exam in the first place, they need to go through the best study materials and Judiciary Exam Books of famous writers. In this case, referring more than one book per subject is suggestible. Below are some renowned books that will assist you to cover the MP civil judge syllabus 2021-

Books Subject
Bare Act, Pratayiogita Darpan (Polity issue), M.P.Jain Constitution of India
Bare Act, Poonam Pradhan (Lexis Nexis) Transfer of Property Act
Bare Act, Takwani Code of Civil Procedure

Bare Act, Avtar Singh
Indian Contract Act, Specific Reliefs Act
Bare Act, J.D.Jain Limitation Act
Bare Act, V.P. Sarathi, Batuklal Indian Evidence Act

Bare Act, K.D. Gaur
Indian Penal Code

Bare Act, J.D.Jain
Limitation Act
Bare Act, Kelkar Code of Criminal Procedure
Bare Act Negotiable Instruments Act, MP Accommodation Control Act, MP Land Revenue Code

MP Judicial Examination preparation Tips 2021

One should be aware of the fact that MP judicial syllabus is quite vast and intricate. Hence, taking the examination frivolously can bring the candidates an undesirable outcome. As per the scholars and experts, every candidate must have at least 1 to 2 years of preparation before undertaking the MP judiciary exam. Only with hard efforts and diligence, the applicants can qualify for the test. The best is to start the preparation while the candidates are in their 4th or 5th year of Law education. Here are a few tips that you can merge with your preparation strategies for a better result-

  • Strengthen your general knowledge: GK holds a crucial position in the syllabus of MP judiciary. Thus, you need to be aware of current affairs. Apart from studying from the latest GK books and study materials, you should also read the newspaper on a daily basis.
  • Be familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern: If you have read this far, you are probably mindful of the fact that the syllabus and the pattern of the exam are divided into different sections, each carrying specific markings. Thus, being familiar with both of these aspects are the key to crack the exam. The best you can do is download the MP judiciary syllabus pdf file and make a schedule to study accordingly. In addition, answering the previous year’s questions can also be helpful to be acquainted with the exam patterns.
  • Start undertaking mock tests: Both the prelims and main are scheduled in a limited duration. Thus, you need to increase your speed of solving the papers. The precise way of boosting the speed is by undertaking the mock tests. Solving test papers daily will not only enhance your efficiency but also increase your self-confidence. 
  • Improve your writing skills: In the main exams, there is a separate paper where you need to write essays. For that, you have to enhance your writing ability, which can be done by practicing more and more. You can search for the latest MP judicial syllabus related topics on the web and write them down. Afterward, make sure to check them with someone who has good knowledge of grammar and sentence construction.


Is it necessary to opt for the coaching classes to clear the MP Judiciary Service Examination? 

MP Judiciary Syllabus is undeniably tough and lengthy. Thus, the aspiring candidates might require seeking the guidance of the experts. It will further help to frame out the topic precisely. Moreover, much of your time will be saved as you do not need to make notes of your own. It, in turn, will give you enough time to concentrate more on your lessons. However, if you are confident enough about your solo studying strategy and read the landmark cases in several subjects, then you would not require to join any coaching class to crack the MP Judiciary exam.

Which newspaper should you follow while preparing for the MP Judiciary exam? 

Having a profound general knowledge and a decent grasp over the current affairs is very crucial for qualifying the preliminary exam of MP judiciary. For enriching your general knowledge, you might choose to read the newspaper known as The Indian Express on a daily basis. On the other hand, for improving the area of current affairs, you can follow The Hindu. However, you can also rely upon the online videos on current affairs.

How should one begin his/her preparation for the MP Judiciary Exam?

The syllabus for MP Judiciary exam is divided into different sections. Hence, you need to chalk out a study plan to begin your preparation. Moreover, you can also make a routine to keep a track of the part of the syllabus that you have covered until. Also, make sure to undergo frequent revisions of whatever you have learned till now. In addition, do not forget to emphasize on the language studies to improve your essay writing skills.

What type questions are asked in the personality test or viva voce round of MP Judiciary examination?

Most of the candidates think that the interviewers generally ask questions from the MP judiciary syllabus. Well, in a way it is quite true, however, the examiners tend to ask the dialect-based questions as well. Additionally, you might also be asked general questions like your background, schooling, your whole educational journey, etc. to test your confidence and smartness.

What are the eligibility criteria of MP Judiciary Examination? 

The aspirants who want to appear in the MP Judiciary Services Examination has to be within the age of 21 to 35. The age limit for the SC and ST quota is relaxed up to 3 years. Moreover, he/she has to possess an LLB degree from a well-recognized university or institution.

Which subjects are most important to focus on while preparing for the MP Judiciary Services Examination? 

While you are preparing for the examination, you should treat each of the subjects as equally as possible. However, there are a few lessons that require more importance and focus that the others. They include- Code of Civil Procedure 1908, Indian Evidence Act 1872, Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, Constitution of India, etc. Each of these chapters carries 10 to 15 marks so, prioritize them as your main focal point.