SSC CHSL Exam is scheduled in online mode from March 17- March 28, 2020. SSC CHSL Maths Preparation includes boosting the calculations and accuracy to increase the number of attempts in the exam. Quantitative Aptitude section in Tier 1 exam is considered to be a tricky and time-consuming section as per the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis from the previous year.

SSC CHSL Maths Preparation 2020

  • This section in the exam has a weightage of 50 marks.
  • The questions asked in the exam are based on the basic arithmetic skills.
  • Solving questions from every topic on a daily basis or picking repetitive questions from SSC CHSL Previous Year Papers can help candidates score better in the exam.
  • As per the previous year's analysis, DI dominated the section followed by Algebra, Mensuration, and Trigonometry.
  • Solving the SSC CHSL Free Online Test Series can help one revise all the QA topics with an exam-like environment.

SSC CHSL Maths Preparation Tips 2020

The QA section of the SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam focusses on concepts of elementary school. Most of the questions asked from this section are based on the topics from 10th class textbooks.

Here are the short tricks to improve speed and accuracy for SSC CHSL Maths Preparation 2020:

  • Find the easiest 15 questions in QA question and solve them with 100% accuracy.
  • Make sure the maximum time devoted to each question is 45 seconds.
  • Solve as many questions as possible in this section since there is no sectional cut off.
  • Attempt at least 22-23 questions in this section to get 18-20 questions correct. This will be around 90% accuracy for the section.
  • Focus more on calculations to avoid silly mistakes.

SSC CHSL Maths Weightage

If students pay complete attention to this section, they can surely attempt more than 20 questions in the Tier 1 Exam.

To avoid mistakes in the exam, students have to memorize the short tricks and formulae.

Here is the topic-wise weightage to improve SSC CHSL Maths Preparation as per the observations from previous year papers:

Topics Marks
Algebra 5 marks
Percentage/ Profit, Loss & Discount 7 marks
Mensuration 6 marks
Geometry 4 marks
Trigonometry 5 marks
Ratio/ Allegation/ Average 3 marks
Time & Work 3 marks
Data Interpretation 7 marks
Simple & Compound Interest 2 marks
Time, Speed & Distance 3 marks
Coordinate Geometry 2 marks
Number System 4 marks

SSC CHSL Maths Preparation (Topic-wise)

Here are the topic wise preparation tips for the QA section in the SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam:

  • Time, Work & Wages: This topic has basic level questions whereas the type of questions or their level might vary in different shifts of the exam. It is advised to practice basic questions asked from this topic for SSC CHSL Maths Preparation.
  • Percentages: This topic has both an easy and difficult level of questions. In-depth knowledge of this topic will help one score better in SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam.
  • Profit, Loss & Discount: Direct formulae based questions are asked from this topic in the exam. All candidates preparing for the QA section must memorize all the formulae and shortcuts to solve questions based on Profit and Loss quickly.
  • Simple Interest/Compound Interest: This topic has calculative questions which aren’t difficult. Accuracy is the key during SSC CHSL Maths Preparation for this topic.
  • Geometry: The most asked topic from Geometry is triangles and circles. Do cover all the other topics as well.
  • Time, Speed & Distance: The level of questions is average. Keeping concepts clear for this topic is very important. Avoid calculation mistakes.
  • Ratio & Proportion: Basic concepts must be revised as a part of SSC CHSL QA Preparation. Proper revision of methods used in the calculation of Ratios and Proportions will help you solve the questions with the least mistakes.
  • Algebra: It has questions on Algebraic Identities, Factorization & Simplification of Polynomials and Simplification of Fractions.
  • Simplification: Questions are based on inequality. Regular practice is required to get hands-on on this topic.
  • Coordinate Geometry: Questions are based on basic concepts like reflection point, mirror image, equation of the line, area between given lines, slope, shortest distance, collinear, etc. It is the easiest topic of all if concepts are clear.
  • Average: Questions based on run and wickets come mostly from this topic in the exam.

SSC CHSL Maths Important Topics

The SSC CHSL Maths section has a total of 12 topics that are commonly asked. The total number of questions asked from Quant is 25.

To score the best, one must not just focus on the important topics but should also, solve questions based on most of the topics.

Here are the SSC CHSL Quant Important Topics:

Percentage Profit, Loss, and Discount
Data Interpretation Mensuration
Algebra Trigonometry
Geometry Number System

SSC CHSL Preparation Books for QA

Candidates are advised to practice through SSC CHSL Online coaching to have a grip on their weak areas. However, one must also learn from SSC CHSL Preparation Books.

Do not buy all the books. It is advised to practice from one book a thousand times rather than practicing a thousand books one time.

Here are some popular books to practice for SSC CHSL Exam:

  • Play with Advanced Maths by Abhinay Sharma
  • Kiran Publication 7300+
  • Maths by Rakesh Yadav
  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Quicker Mathematics by M. Tyra 
  • Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Verma

SSC CHSL Maths Questions Asked 2020

All candidates before solving the SSC CHSL Important Maths Questions must learn the following:

  • Formulae of cubes, squares, square root and cube root
  • Tables up to 40 must be memorized
  • Short tricks for the same question or repetitive questions
  • Solve questions based on strong areas
  • Keep a place to do rough calculations in the exam

Here are the questions asked in the Quant section of the SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam conducted on March 17, 2020:

Ques 1. Cosec@= 24/25, Tan@=?

Ques 2. DI was based on Bar Graph

Ques 3. If 1 Kg apple costs Rs. and 1 Kg Kiwi Costs Rs. Find the total cost of Apple and Kiwi

Ques 4. 25CP = 35SP Profit or loss %?

Ques 5. Find the area of triangle three sides given

Ques 6. Find the area of equilateral triangle height given

Ques 7. L: B given perimeter given find area

Ques 8. Two no. Sum and product have given find sum of squares of no.

Ques 9. X=1+√2 find √x+1/√x

Ques 10. X+y and x^2+y^2 find x^3+y^

Given below are the questions from the previous year papers of SSC CHSL Exam:

Ques 1. With reference to a number greater than one, the difference between itself and its reciprocal is 25% of the sum of itself and its reciprocal. By how much percentage (correct one decimal place) is the fourth power of the number greater than its square?

1. 62.5
2. 66.7
3. 64.5
4. 57.8

Correct answer: 66.7

Ques 2. AB and CD are two chords of a circle which intersects at a point O inside the circle. It is given that, AB = 10 cm, CO= 1.5 cm and DO = 12.5 cm. What is the ratio between the larger and smaller among AO and BO?

1. 3: 2
2. 4: 1
3. 7: 3
4. 3: 1

Correct answer: 3:1

Ques 3. During a practice session in a stadium, an athlete runs along a circular track and her performance is observed by her coach standing at a point on the circle and also by her physiotherapist standing at the center of the circle. The coach finds that she covers an angle of 72° in 1 min. What will be the angle covered by her in 1 second according to the measurement made by her physiotherapist?

1. 2.4
2. 1.2
3. 4.8
4. It depends on the position of the coach on the circular track

Correct answer: 2.4

Ques 4. The value of
18.43 x 18.43 - 6.57 x 6.57 / 11.86 is:

1. 23.62
2. 26
3. 24.12
4. 25

Correct answer: 25

Ques 5. A purchased two articles for Rs.200 and Rs.300 respectively and sold at gains of 5% and 10% respectively. What was his overall gain percentage?

1. 8
2. 5
3. 9
4. 6

Correct answer: 8

Ques 6. A can complete a piece of work in 20 days and B can complete 20% of the work in 6 days. If they work together in how many days can they finish 50% of the work, if they work together?

1. 6
2. 8
3. 9
4. 12

Correct answer: 6

Ques 7. The ten-digit number 2x600000y8 is exactly divisible by 24. If x ≠ 0 and y ≠ 0, then the least value of (x + y) is equal to:

1. 2
2. 5
3. 8
4. 9

Correct answer: 5

Ques 8. The average of 1088 real numbers is zero. At most how many of them can be negative?

1. 88
2. 100
3. 1087
4. 544

Correct answer: 1087

Ques 9. The two diagonals of a rhombus are respectively, 14 cm and 48 cm. The perimeter of the rhombus is equal to:

1. 100 cm
2. 160 cm
3. 80 cm
4. 120 cm

Correct answer: 100 cm

Ques 10. A certain sum was invested in simple interest. The amount to which it had grown in five years was 5/4 times the amount to which it had grown in three years. The percentage rate of interest was:

1. 15%
2. 25%
3. 20%
4. 10%

Correct answer: 20%

Ques 11. The ration of the square of a number to the reciprocal of its cube is 243/16807
What is the number?

1. 2/7
2. 3/7
3. 5/7
4. 7/3

Correct Answer: 3/7

Ques 12. O, G, I and H are respectively the circumcentre, centroid, incentre and orthocentre of an equilateral triangle. Which of these points are identical?

1. O and I only
2. O, G, I and H
3. O and G only
4. O, G and H only

Correct answer: O, G, I and H

Ques 13. What is the value of cosec² 30° + sin² 45° + sec² 60° +tan² 30°?

1. 8
2. 53/6
3. 9
4. 25/3

Correct answer: 53/6

Ques 14. For 0° ≤ θ ≤ 90°, what is θ, when
√3cosec θ + sin θ = 1?

1. 0°
2. 30°
3. 45°
4. 90°

Correct answer: 90°

Ques 15. An article having marked price, Rs.900, was sold for Rs.648 after two successive discounts. The first discount was 20%. What was the percentage rate of the second discount?

1. 5
2. 15
3. 10
4. 12.5

Correct answer: 10

Ques 16. If 10/7 (1 - 2.43 X 10¯3) = 1.417 + x, then x is equal to:

1. 0.417
2. 0.81
3. 0.0081
4. 0.417

Correct answer: 0.0081

Ques 17. The simplified value of {5/4 of (7/3 ÷ 7/5) - 17/12} + 1/9 ÷ 7/3 + 2/7 + 1/6 is:

1. 1
2. 3/2
3. 7/3
4. 7/6

Correct Answer: 7/6

Ques 18. The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a sum at 10% p.a. for three years is Rs. 155. The sum (in Rs) is:

1. 6,000
2. 6,600
3. 5,000
4. 5,500

Correct answer: 5,000

Ques 19. A shopkeeper decides to raise the marked price of an article by 10%. How much discount should he allow so as to be able to sell the article at the original marked price?

1. 100/11%
2. 72/9%
3. 19/2%
4. 10%

Correct answer: 100/11%

Ques 20. Given, a + 1/a = 2, what is the value of (a118 + 1/ a117)?

1. 118
2. 2
3. 1
4. 117

Correct answer: 2


The exam is divided into how many sections as per the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis?

The exam is divided into 4 sections as per the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis-English, General Intelligentsia and reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness.

What are the important topics as per the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis?

The important topics as per the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis are as follows-

Numerical Series, English Comprehension, Cloze Test, Blood Relation, Coding-Decoding,current affairs of last 3 months related to science and tech,defence,polity etc. etc.

What is the reporting time for SSC CHSL Shift 1 Exam 2020?

Candidates must report by 09:00 AM for the SSC CHSL Shift 1 Exam.

When will be the first SSC CHSL Shift 1 Exam conducted?

The first SSC CHSL Shift 1 Exam will be conducted on March 17, 2020.

Is there any negative marking in SSC CHSL Shift 3 Exam?

Yes, there is negative marking in SSC CHSL Shift 3 Exam. For each incorrect answer there will be 0.5 negative marking.

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