SSC CHSL Preparation Tips 2020

As the SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam is scheduled to be conducted from 17 to 21 August 2020 &  24 to 27 August 2020, it is high time for candidates to gear up their preparation with some quality SSC CHSL Preparation Tips and strategies.

  • Following expert preparation tips for the SSC CHSL exam will help aspirants to know how to utilize their time for preparation and how to improve their speed and accuracy.
  • Start your preparation in advance with the help of the Tier 1 Preparation Tips for SSC CHSL and suggested books given below to better succeed in the upcoming exam.
  • Aspirants appearing for the Tier 1 exam need to practice the SSC CHSL Important Questions on a daily basis to score good marks in the exam.
  • This article will help all aspirants with the best preparation books, tips & strategies to clear the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Exam.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips 2020

Go through the SSC CHSL Preparation Tips to know how to clear all 3 stages of the exam in one go. With the help of the CHSL Exam, SSC recruits fresh candidates who have cleared their 12th standard. Preparation Tips for SSC CHSL, and with the help of appropriate study material & mock tests, ensure that an aspirant will make it through & land on this government job.

  • Before starting with preparation, it is important for candidates to be aware of the complete syllabus and exam pattern of the SSC CHSL 2020.
  • SSC CHSL Syllabus of Tier 1 covers Reasoning Ability, Quantitative aptitude, English Language & General Awareness.
  • Following SSC CHSL 2020 Preparation Tips will help candidates to know how to prepare for the CHSL exam.
  • Knowing the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern will help candidates to know the number of questions asked from each section, marking scheme, etc.
  • Candidates appearing for the Tier 1 exam must be aware that scoring the above SSC CHSL Cut Off is a mandate to get shortlisted for the next stage of the exam.


General SSC CHSL Preparation Tips 2020

As the syllabus of the CHSL is vast and the competition is very high, the candidates are required to prepare effectively with correct sources and correct SSC CHSL Preparation Tips. Go through the points given below to know all the important tips and strategies that you need to follow for all the sections of the syllabus-

  • Strictly follow the syllabus:-As per the recent years’ analysis, the candidates should strictly prepare as per the SSC CHSL Syllabus because the question paper will be completely based on the topics given in the syllabus and nothing out of the syllabus will come in the exam paper
  • Short Term & Long Term Study Plans:-It is important that the candidates should prepare both short term and long term plans and strictly follow it consistently until the exam is over
  • Use Stopwatch to track time:- Candidates are advised to use the stopwatch to check whether they are finishing the topics as per the plan or not.
  • Consistent Revision:-It is evident that the candidates should have made multiple revisions before every tier of the exam. It is important that the candidates should do weekly revisions consistently throughout the preparation
  • Solve SSC CHSL Previous year Question Papers:-Students should solve the SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Papers from at least last 5 years as it will provide you with the basic idea on what to expect and what not from the upcoming exam
  • SSC CHSL Mock Test Series:-Students should solve SSC CHSL Mock Tests in a real exam-like environment that will help the candidates increase their efficiency and speed on the day of the exam. Moreover, it will help the candidates to analyze their mistakes and work on their weaknesses 
  • Note-Making: Try to make concise notes of whatever topics you complete because concise and crisp notes will make your revision faster and easier before the exam. Add diagrams, images,one-pager notes, graphs to make your topics more retainable in your memory
  • Memory Tricks and Techniques:-Use memory Techniques for memorizing General Awareness topics like Wildlife sanctuary names per state,north-flowing rivers, mountain names from geography portion, etc. 
  • Study Materials:-Please keep your study materials as less as possible. It is better to prepare and revise from one book on a topic than reading and not revising a number of books on the same topic.
  • Newspaper Reading:-Ready newspaper and going through the editorials will keep you updated with the current events of national importance(general awareness section) and also help with with the reading comprehension portion in the English SectionSSC CHSL

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips 2020 (Section-wise)

Go through the section-wise SSC CHSL 2020 Preparation Tips from below which help enhance your preparation level for the exam.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips For General Awareness

General Awareness can be a bit tricky as the scope for this section is huge. However, candidates can score good marks in this section by following Preparation Tips for SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam. It can cover from History to current events in the country and current affairs all across the country. The paper can also have questions from general science, geography, economics, and politics. This can get a bit scary but there is no need to worry, we have a solution.

  • If a section seems too big then break it down into Steps!
  • First and foremost read the newspaper every day. It gives every bit of Current information all across the globe.
  • It is also recommended to watch a summary of the news for at least 1 hour each day.
  • Read both National & International Updates.
  • Practice with CHSL Mock Tests every day and that helps enhance your preparation levels.
  • Go through basic concepts of Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).
  • Solving previous year papers will help candidates to get an idea about the type of SSC CHSL General Awareness Questions asked in the exam.
  • A monthly magazine subscription for GK and Politics will be very helpful.
  • Try to take out at least 2-3 hours a day for this section.
Name of the Topic Number of Questions
Current Affairs 4-6
Static Affairs 6-8
Subject Based (History, Geography, Polity, Economics) 12-14

SSC CHSL Best Books for General Awareness

Candidates are suggested to attempt SSC CHSL General Awareness Quiz on a daily basis to increase their confidence levels. Check the names of the books for the General Awareness section from the table below-

Books for General Awareness Section
Manorama Yearbook 2019 (English & Hindi Separate books)
Lucent`s General Knowledge ( English & Hindi Separate books)

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips for Reasoning

With the help of SSC CHSL Reasoning Preparation Tips,  candidates can easily prepare for this section. The following SSC CHSL Tier 1 Preparation Tips will help in acing the Reasoning section. The table denotes how many questions are asked from each topic.

Topics Number of Questions
Seating Arrangement (Linear Or Circular) 4-5
Puzzle Test 4-5
Syllogism 1-2
Data Sufficiency 3-4
Blood Relationship 2-3
Coding-Decoding 3-4
Statement- Assumptions/Conclusion/Arguments 1-2
Visual Reasoning 3-4

Please note the above table shows the question segregation from previous year exam analysis, however, this is not a hard set rule and the number of questions asked from each section can vary.

  • Strengthen your Reasoning by practicing puzzles, coding-decoding as they are high scoring topics.
  • Try SSC CHSL Mock Tests every day to familiarize yourself with the pattern of the paper & to answer all questions within the limited allotted time.
  • Try covering at least 4 topics from the reasoning section every day. Refer to the study material mentioned below to understand the core concepts of the logical reasoning section.
  • Practice with SSC CHSL Free Quiz to know more about the different types of questions.
  • It will help in improving your logical reasoning skills.
  • Students should cover at least 4 topics from the reasoning section every day.
  • When starting your preparation for the day, revise the topics you covered on the previous day.

SSC CHSL Preparation Books for General Intelligence

Check the names of the books for the General Intelligence section from the table below-

Books for General Intelligence Section
Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey
Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal and Analytical by BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips for Mathematics

The preparation of Maths is not a tough task. In case the candidate allocates 3-4 hours per day to Maths, they can effortlessly crack the Maths section of SSC CHSL with high marks. Candidates can check the SSC CHSL Maths Preparation to know how to plan their preparation for the Tier 1 exam. The table shows the number of questions asked from each topic in the math section.

Topics Number of Questions 
Arithmetic 8-12
Geometry 2-3
Trigonometry 3-4
Volume & Surface area 2-4
Miscellaneous 2-3
Total 25

Follow the SSC CHSL Preparation Tips by toppers to score good marks in the mathematics section.

  • Figure Counting & Image Assembling are Time consuming. If you prepare for them beforehand then you will be able to finish them before time.
  • This difficulty level of the Math section is till 10th grade but certain questions can be tricky.
  • Math section can be a bit challenging, make sure to practice it every day.
  • The practice is the key here. Try as many Mock Tests as you can on a daily basis.
  • Make a chart of all the formulas and paste it in your room. Keep going through the formulas whenever you get the time.
  • Do not miss out on any topic.
  • Try to give more time to the topics that are tough.
  • If it gets frustrating, take a short break and then resume after 5-10 minutes.

SSC CHSL Preparation Books for Mathematics

Along with the SSC CHSL Exam Preparation Tips, check the names of the books for the Mathematics section from the table below-

Books for Mathematics Section
 Quicker Maths by M Tyra (Great for short tricks)
Quantitative aptitude by RS Aggarwal

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips for English

The SSC CHSL English Preparation can be very easy if the given steps are followed. A breakdown of the number of questions asked in various topics is mentioned in the table below.

Topics Number of Questions
 English Miscellaneous 4-5
 Fill in the blanks 3-4
Spotting the Error 4-5
Sentence Correction 2-3
Para jumbles 3
 Antonyms/ Synonyms 4-5
Idioms and Phrases 2-4

The English section is generic and with the right preparation, it can be very easy to complete. The first point of focus should be to Grammar. It is a very essential part of the paper. Take a look at the following SSC CHSL English Preparation Tips by toppers for the best result.

  • Reading an English newspaper every day will help in understanding grammar, improve vocabulary, and improve General Knowledge.
  • Improving your Vocabulary takes some time. Make sure to learn 1 new word every day.

Preparation Books for English

Check the names of the books for the English section from the table below-

Books for General English Section
Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
Objective English by SP Bakshi
Word Idioms & Phrases by Arihant

Important Topics for SSC CHSL Exam Preparation 2020

Students should prepare all the important topics from each section of the syllabus to maximize their chances of selection with high scores. Go through the SSC CHSL Important Topics for each of the sections from below:

Important Topics for General Intelligence & Reasoning

Practice these topics thoroughly as they are the most scoring-

Figure Based Questions
Image Assembling
Figure Counting

Important Topics for General Awareness

Following are the important topics in the general awareness section –

Static GK
Current Affairs ( India +World)
Books & Authors
Geography ( India +World)

Important Topics for SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Section

The practice is the key to success in this section. Go through the following topics thoroughly-

Ratio & Proportion
Simplification, Age Problems
Speed, Distance & Time
Profit & Loss

Important topics for English section are-Important SSC CHSL English Topics

Go through the important topics of the English section that are tabulated below.

Vocabulary Antonyms/Synonyms Grammar

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2020

Students need to clear all 3 stages of the selection process to receive the appointment letter.  It is important for the candidates to go through SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2020 for all the stages.

Tier 1 Exam Pattern

Tier 1 is an Objective paper. It has 4 Major subjects: GK, Reasoning, Maths, and English. The Tier 1 paper is not divided into sections. Questions asked in all 4 sections are in a mixed format.

Subject No. of Questions Maximum Marks Time
Reasoning Ability 25 50 60 minutes in total


(80 minutes for candidates eligible for scribes)

English Language 25 50
Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
General Awareness 25 50
Total 100 200  –

Tier 2 Exam Pattern

Tier 2 is a descriptive paper. Candidates are asked to write Essay/Letter. The second stage is designed to check the writing capabilities of the students.

Section No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Letter/Application 1 50
Essay Writing 1 50
Total 2 100

Tier 3 Exam Pattern

Candidates who will get shortlisted in the Tier 2 exam are eligible to appear for the Tier  3 Exam. According to the SSC Exam Pattern 12th Level, this is the last phase of the examination process for SSC CHSL. In Tier III examination, candidates Typing and computer proficiency is tested.

Importance of SSC CHSL Mock Tests

The candidates should attempt SSC CHSL Mock Tests every day to get familiar with the paper pattern and understand the importance of time management. Aspiring students can go through SSC CHSL Preparation without coaching to ace the exam without any coaching.

Candidates who are planning to appear for the SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam 2020 should read the following reasons to take SSC CHSL Mock Tests:

  • Mock Tests are like one’s own personal teacher, they help in improving knowledge and accuracy.
  • The students can evaluate their own performance by giving regular mock tests & evaluate their improvement.
  • Points out the weak areas and performance improvement sections.
  • By solving mock tests, candidates will get an idea of the question paper.
  • It is advisable to attempt at least 2-3 Mock Tests every day.

How to Crack SSC CHSL Exam?

Follow the below-mentioned general SSC CHSL preparation tips and tricks to crack the exam easily in the first attempt.

  • First, understand the complete syllabus and exam pattern of the CHSL exam in and out.
  • After knowing the syllabus, collect the required study materials from a proper source including books from online.
  • A timetable should be laid down and every subject should be covered daily.
  • Then start your preparation with easy topics and then proceed to difficult topics.
  • Speed is an important factor in the exam. Try to solve questions faster and with accuracy.
  • Take up mock tests regularly and this will help candidates improve their speed and manage time in the exam.
  • Solving previous year papers and sample papers will help aspirants to do well in the exams and also work on their weaker subjects.
  • Make sure to finish the sample papers on time and after completion of solving, check all your answers, and allot marks yourself for each question.
  • Note down where you go wrong and how to correct the mistakes.
  • Along with solving papers, you should make sure to be updated with the Daily current affairs as it will help stay updated with all the happenings around the world.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips: On The Day Of Exam

Aspirants appearing for the SSC CHSL 2020 Exam must note that they should clear overall cut off in order to eligible for the next stage of the exam. Otherwise, they will not be eligible to appear for the next stage of the recruitment process.

  • Candidates are suggested not to waste their time on questions they find difficult on the day of the exam. Instead, they should move to the next question.
  • Attempt the minimum number of questions that are required to clear the cut-off in case if you feel any particular section is a bit challenging.
  • Read the questions carefully while answering because some questions will be tricky to solve.
  • Try to avoid shortcuts in the exam and do not answer the question if you are not sure about it.

SSC CHSL Preparation Tips FAQ’s

Q) How can I better prepare for the SSC CHSL Exam?

Following the expert tips will definitely help you to prepare better for the SSC CHSL Exam 2020. Begin your preparation by studying from the right SSC CHSL Books which covers all the concepts and topics according to the latest exam pattern and SSC CHSL 2020 syllabus. One of the best methods to score more marks in the exam is to practice as many previous year question papers as possible.

While preparing for the GK section, make sure you give time to both Static G.K and current affairs. Concentrate more on topics like Simplification, age problems, interest, percentages, ratio, and proportion while preparing the Quantitative aptitude section.

Q) Is there negative marking in the SSC CHSL exam?

A) Yes. There is a negative marking in the SSC CHSL Exam. 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer in the Tier-1 exam. There is no negative marking in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 exams. Candidates have to qualify in all the three exams in order to select for the final selection process.

Q) What are the important topics under the Maths section for the SSC CHSL exam?

The important topics under the Maths section for the SSC CHSL exam include Percentage, Average, Time and Work, Interest, Speed, Time and Distance, Number System, Ratio and proportion, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Geometry, Data Interpretation.

Q) What are the best books for the Preparation of the SSC CHSL English Section?

The following are some of the best books for the Preparation of SSC CHSL English Section:

  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  • Objective English by SP Bakshi
  • Word Idioms & Phrases by Arihant

Q) What are the important topics that need to be prepared under the reasoning section?

The following are the important topics that need to be prepared under the reasoning section: Directions and Distance, analogy, series, Verbal Reasoning, blood relation, classification, Non-verbal Reasoning, Venn diagram, World Building, missing numbers, coding-decoding, etc.

Q) What are the important topics that need to be prepared for the SSC CHSL English section?

The important topics that need to be prepared for the SSC CHSL English section are Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Section, Grammar. You need to concentrate more on grammar topics like grammatical sections of English. Testing compatibility on phrase replacement, error spotting, and fill in the blanks. Other topics are direct-indirect speech and active-passive voice.


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