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SSC CPO Questions Asked 5th July 2017 All Slots

SSC CPO Questions Asked 5th July 2017 All Slots- It is the 5th day of SSC CPO exam 2017The Central Police Organisation exams are organized in 2 independent shifts across the countryThis year, SSC CPO exams are being conducted online for the first time and because of this, the type of questions asked are different in terms of pattern as compare to SSC CPO previous year questions.

We, after receiving tons of requests from our aspirants, bring your this article on Questions Asked in SSC CPO exams 2017. Before taking a look at the SSC CPO Questions Asked 5th July 201, let us get a clear idea of SSC CPO Exam pattern 2017.

SSC CPO Exam Pattern 2017

Part Subject No. of Qs Max Marks No. of
Shifts & Time
I Reasoning 50 50 1st July
to 7th July:
Shift I:
10:00 –
12:00 am
Shift II:
2:45 –
4:45 pm
II General
50 50
III Quantitative
50 50
IV English
50 50

SSC CPO Questions Asked in 5th July 2017 Slot 1/ Shift 1

General Knowledge-

  1. To which sport is Sania Mirza related– Tennis
  2. To which state does Mohiniyattam belong– Kerala 
  3. The inventor of Electric telegraph – Samuel Morse
  4. To which game is Virat Kohli related – Cricket
  5. Crocodile and Tiger- Which one of these is a reptile? –Crocodile
  6. The Battle of Haldighati was fought in year ________ – 1576
  7. Father of Medicine – Hippocrates
  8. _________ cloth catches fire easily.
  9. Questions related to Judiciary.

Quantitative Aptitude

Bar Graph – Question based on five companies

Pie Chart- Question based on score of a batsman


  1. Synonyms & Antonyms of
    Nuisance –
    Renaissance –
  2. comparative degree
  3. Idioms and Phrases
  4. Questions related to English error
  5. Questions related to One word substitution
  6. Reading Comprehensions

SSC CPO Questions Asked in 5th July 2017 Slot 2/ Shift 2

General Knowledge-

  1. Panch Mahal is located at – Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Question related to Jhum cultivation.
  3. Question related to Warm currents
  4. Maximum Loksabha House Strength – 552

Stay tuned for more updates on SSC CPO Questions Asked 5th July 2017 All Slots. All the best!

Knowledge Expert 1 Months ago
@Sweta Yes 2 to 3 questions of static gk appeared this year from previous year..........
sweta 1 Months ago
sir, are there any questions in gk which came from previous year ?
Knowledge Expert 1 Months ago
Find the average of first 19 natural numbers = 10 A man buys 15 apples for a rupess. Unfortunately, he has to sell them at a loss of 25%. How many apples does he sell for a rupees = 20 secθ + cosecθ = √2 × cosθ , then θ = No solution possible Which of these is smaller – √11+ √3 , √10+√4 ,√7+√7
Mohit 1 Months ago
Sir math ke qus upload kar do
Knowledge Expert 1 Months ago
@Meenakshi, Its expected to be displayed at the end of this month.
Knowledge Expert 1 Months ago
@Pushpendra sharma Currently, PDF is not available....
Meenakshi 1 Months ago
answer key kbtk aayegi cpo ki
Pushpendra sharma 1 Months ago
Give us pdf

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