MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips 2023 - Section-wise Expert Tips

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Updated On : June 27, 2023


Reader's Digest: Are you aiming to crack the MP Judiciary Exam? Look no further! In this blog, we have compiled the ultimate MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips to help you ace the exam with flying colours. ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’ผ

The MP Judiciary Exam is a competitive exam to select candidates for the position of Civil Judge in Madhya Pradesh. The High Court of Madhya Pradesh conducts the exam.

The best way to prepare for the MP Judiciary Exam is to start early and study hard. Several resources are available to help you prepare, including study guides, practice exams, and online courses.

Read the below-mentioned pointers on how to prepare for the Madhya Pradesh Judiciary exam.

  • When should I start preparing for the judiciary exam? Since the MP Judiciary syllabus is vast, you must begin preparing at least six months or one year before the exam.
  • Do I have to study so much to crack MP Judiciary Exam? With the right preparation strategy, you do not have to worry! You will be able to cover the syllabus on time. 
  • If you begin your preparation when you are in law school, you will get ample time to understand concepts, practice the previous year's papers, and more time for revision.
  • Each one of your MP judiciary exam preparation tips may vary. Hence, plan your preparation as per convenience and complete the scheduled task on time.

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How to Start MP Judiciary Exam Preparation 2023 Like A Pro?

The Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services Exam is one of India's easiest judiciary exams. You can easily crack the exam on the first attempt with hard work and the right preparation strategy.

Do you know Vidhi? She was a judiciary aspirant, just like you. After her graduation, she decided to become a Civil Judge. Filled with zeal and enthusiasm, she started preparing for the upcoming judiciary exam in 2023

Her preparation was going well in the initial months. The fear of failing gathered around her as soon as the judiciary exam was approaching, and she lacked proper guidance to preparation the MP judiciary exam.

Like Vidhi, most aspirants jump into the judiciary preparation phase enthusiastically. Still, after a few months, they find themselves lost in the journey of becoming a Civil Judge. Hence, maintaining consistency through your judiciary preparation is the key to success.

Her friend, Jaanvi, recommended the 'Reverse Mechanism Technique.' to Vidhi. Wondering what it is? 

MP Judiciary Preparation

Moulding your personality into that of a disciplined Civil Judge is challenging, and that's why the interview is the most demanding stage of the MPCJ Exam. Preparing for a judiciary interview must start when you decide to become a Civil Judge. Hence, the last step of the judiciary exam should be your first step of preparation. 

Move on to the MP judiciary Mains exam preparation. After prelims, students have less time and more syllabus, so they cannot clear the judiciary Mains Exam. With plenty of time to polish and master each Bare Act, you must study it from the Mains' perspective.

At last, go for the MP judiciary Prelims preparation. Questions related to the latest news are asked in the prelims stage. So, you can mug up the past months' current affairs to one year. 

As a result of the Reverse Mechanism Technique, Vidhi successfully cleared the MP judiciary exam.

judiciary online coaching
judiciary online coaching

MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips to Kickstart Your Journey

Each student has different strengths and weaknesses. That is why one must develop a unique study plan for MP judiciary exam preparation. However, you must include the following suggestions by judiciary toppers to make a solid MP PCS J Exam strategy. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind before you follow the MP Judiciary exam preparation tips:

  • Create a well-rounded study schedule by incorporating topics from various subjects each day. Avoid overwhelming yourself with all tough subjects—focus on your interests for effective learning. ๐Ÿ—“๏ธ
  • If you have a year for preparation, utilize it wisely for studying and revising. Reserve a dedicated two months before the exam for comprehensive revision and solving MP Judiciary Question Papers. โฐ
  • Balancing college and exam preparation? Allocate at least 2 hours daily to MP Judiciary exam readiness, crafting a study plan that fits your schedule. ๐ŸŽ“ 
  • If you start six months before the exam, commit to a daily study routine of 4-5 hours. โŒ›
  • Remember to take breaks while studying to retain information effectively and prevent burnout. โ˜•
  • Also, make sure to take breaks while studying. Don't study continuously as you may forget what you have learned in a previous subject. ๐ŸŽฏ

How to Prepare for MP Judiciary Prelims Exam 2023?

As said earlier, don't prepare separately for prelims and mains. Begin with the main preparation, and automatically you are preparing for prelims.

The preliminary section includes multiple-choice questions, so you must improve your speed to attempt all 150 questions. 

To excel in the prelims, it is crucial to remember the following MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips:

Let's break down the MP Judiciary exam preparation process with examples:

1. Integration of Prelims and Mains: Since you are simultaneously preparing for prelims and mains, starting from scratch for every topic is unnecessary. Instead, focus on thorough revision. For example, if you have studied a particular law subject during mains preparation, revise and reinforce your understanding of that subject during prelims preparation.

2. Effective Note-Taking: Make concise and comprehensive notes while studying any topic. This practice aids in the long-term retention of concepts and serves as a valuable resource during revision. For instance, create organized notes summarizing key points, case laws, and principles related to each subject.

3. Question Bank for Revision: Build a question bank consisting of 25 questions from the previous year's question papers and generate 25 High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions based on past papers. This question bank will prove helpful during your revision phase, allowing you to assess your knowledge and practice answering different types of questions.

4. Allocation of Time: Allocate sufficient time for the law subjects covered in the prelim exam. If you are preparing for the judiciary exam from scratch, set aside approximately 2.5 months for thorough preparation. However, if you have prior knowledge of the subjects, 1.5 months may be sufficient.

5. Focus on Weightage: Prioritize the major subjects that carry significant weightage in the exam. 

Subject Number of Questions
Constitution of India ๐Ÿ“œ 10
Code of Civil Procedure 1908 ๐Ÿ” 15
Indian Evidence Act of 1872 ๐Ÿ“š 15
Indian Penal Code 1861 โš–๏ธ 15
Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 ๐Ÿ‘ฎ‍โ™‚๏ธ 15

6. Current Affairs and General Knowledge: Stay updated with at least 12 months of current affairs to tackle the general knowledge section effectively. Additionally, focus on basic computer knowledge and English language skills, which can contribute to scoring valuable marks.

7. Landmark Judgments: Familiarize yourself with recent landmark judgments by the Hon'ble Supreme Court and Hon'ble M.P. High Court. Access reliable legal websites to find relevant information and insights.

8. State-Specific Knowledge: Refer to books like 'Know your state' by Arihant Publishers for comprehensive information on the state-specific aspects of Madhya Pradesh. Emphasize MP-specific GK, local laws, and current affairs during your preparation.

9. Reading for Improvement: Enhance your English language proficiency and general awareness by regularly reading newspapers, magazines, and columns. This habit helps in language skills and enhances your overall knowledge.

10. Question Bank and Mock Tests: Develop a question bank of 50 questions covering major and minor topics of the Madhya Pradesh Judicial Service Examination. This question bank will aid in focused revision. Additionally, attempt MP Judiciary Mock Test Series to familiarize yourself with the exam's difficulty level and question patterns. Consider joining coaching institutes for expert guidance if needed.

By following these strategies and staying dedicated, you will be well-prepared to tackle the MP Judiciary exam successfully.

How to Prepare for MP Judiciary Mains Exam 2023?

Follow these MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips for Mains:

MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips for Paper 1: Civil Law

To maximize your preparation efforts, it is advisable to prioritize short topics that carry higher weightage in the MP Judiciary exam. For instance, subjects like the Specific Relief Act, the Constitution of India, and the Transfer of Property Act often hold significant importance.

By focusing on these topics, you can efficiently allocate your time and energy, achieving a favourable cost-to-benefit ratio. Additionally, when studying the Indian Constitution, remember that the questions are more straightforward and less analytically challenging.

Therefore, tailor your preparation strategy accordingly, emphasizing a solid understanding of the basic concepts and provisions. By aligning your efforts with the nature of the questions, you can effectively prepare for this particular subject.

MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips for Paper 2: Court Practice, Writing Skill, Current Legal and Translation

It is important to focus on practising the most commonly asked essay topics in the civil judge exam to enhance your MP Judiciary exam preparation. Here are a few examples of how you can approach essay writing for the MP judiciary exam:

1. For social issues:
   - Choose a topic from a social context and delve into its historical background.
   - Explore the legal aspects related to the issue, such as relevant laws and regulations.
   - Analyze the social impact of the issue on society as a whole.
   - Consider the ethical dilemmas involved in the topic.
   - Discuss the future implications of the issue on the Indian political system.

2. For legal issues:
   - Familiarize yourself with relevant case laws and provisions of laws related to the chosen topic.
   - Elaborate on these legal aspects while addressing the essay prompt.
   - Practice writing answers in a time-bound manner to simulate exam conditions.
   - Create a question bank and attempt at least two questions daily for practice.
   - Focus on providing comprehensive answers that are concise and to the point, as lengthy responses are not expected.

In addition, stay updated on contemporary legal and socio-legal issues as they form the basis for the essay writing test. By following these tips and practising regularly, you can improve your essay writing skills and excel in the MP Judiciary exam.

MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips for Paper 3: Local Law, Criminal Law, and Procedure

To excel in the MP Judiciary Exam, it is essential to prioritize certain subjects and topics. For instance, the Indian Evidence Act, Indian Penal Code, and CrPC are critical in judgment writing. Familiarize yourself with these acts and their provisions to enhance your writing skills.

Another significant legislation to focus on is the MP Land Revenue Code. Despite its lengthiness, it is crucial to comprehensively prepare for this legislation from the prelim stage of the MPCJ Exam. Giving it due attention will ensure a solid foundation for future stages of the exam.

Additionally, allocate sufficient time to study the MP Accommodation Control Act 1961. Although it may be considered a comparatively minor act, it carries significant weightage in the exam. Ensure you understand its provisions and implications to tackle related questions effectively.

Apart from the subjects covered during the prelims, there are two additional areas to prepare for: the essay and language paper and the judgment writing paper. These sections require ample practice to master. Dedicate time to writing full-length judgments and honing your skills, enabling you to confidently approach these sections during the exam.

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips for Paper 4: Judgment Writing

Here is the table on the structure of the judgement writing questions for upcoming judiciary exams:

Section Description
Introduction Briefly introduce the case, the parties involved, and the main issues to be addressed.
Facts of the Case Present a clear and concise summary of the relevant facts without including unnecessary details.
Issues to be Determined List and explain the legal issues and questions that need to be resolved in the judgment.
Relevant Law Discuss the applicable laws, statutes, and legal principles that pertain to the issues at hand.
Analysis Apply the relevant law to the facts of the case, and analyze the legal implications.
Decision State your decision, clearly indicating which party prevails and the reasons for your conclusion.
Remedies (if applicable) Specify the appropriate remedies, relief, or penalties to be awarded based on the decision.

MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips for Interview 2023

Have you reached the last stage of the MP Judicial Services Exam? Here are a few tips to crack the MP civil judge interview:

  • The first step you should remember is that the interview round is not to check your knowledge regarding the law; it is to check your personality, manners, and behaviour.
  • You should be confident, and your attitude should be positive and correct.
  • Understand your strengths and weakness and try to work on them.
  • Prepare a list of FAQs and revise them regularly.
  • You can also attend mock interviews, as they clear all your doubts and eliminate the fear of an actual interview.

Best Books for MP Civil Judge Exam Preparation 2023

There are many judiciary books that people might suggest to you if you are a judiciary aspirant. Choosing the best from the rest can feel like shooting arrows in the dark. Don't worry! To help you, we present the best book three books that every judiciary aspirant must read. 

MP Judiciary Preparation

Referring to the best books covering the entire syllabus is one of the most important things during the MP Judiciary exam preparation.

You can include the following MP Judiciary Books during your preparation, as these books cover all the topics and include practice question papers.

  • Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code, 1959 (Bare Act) (Diglot edition and supplement) (Hindi) by Allahabad Law Publications
  • Textbook on Indian Penal Code by K D Gaur
  • R.V. Kelkar’s Criminal Procedure by Dr K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai


In conclusion, effective MP Judiciary exam preparation requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Here are the key takeaways from our MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips:

- Integrate prelims and mains preparation for efficient studying.
- Make comprehensive notes while studying to aid in revision.
- Create a question bank for revision from the previous year's papers.
- Allocate sufficient time for law subjects, focusing on major topics.
- Stay updated with current affairs and strengthen general knowledge.
- Familiarize yourself with landmark judgments and state-specific knowledge.
- Enhance English language skills and computer knowledge.
- Read newspapers and magazines to improve language and awareness.
- Build a question bank and practice with mock tests.
- Seek guidance from coaching institutes if required.

"There are no secrets to success; it results from preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Good luck with your judiciary preparation! Happy Reading!

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