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May 22 CUET Exam Analysis 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : May 25, 2023


CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for English: May 22 (Day 2; Both Shifts)

Shift 1: 

  • Day 2 (shift 1) of the English exam for the CUET (UG) 2023 was comparatively on the easier side. 
  • There were 15 reading comprehension questions (3 passages, 5 questions each). 
  • Three of the passages dealt with APJ Abdul Kalam, one was fiction, and the third was a sportsmanship poetry. 
  • Compared to the previous two parts, students considered the poem to be a little more challenging to understand. 
  • The possibilities were close, but the questions were straightforward.
  • Number of questions in Figures of speech and antonyms & synonyms: 5-6 questions each
  • Number of questions in Active-passive voice: 2-3 questions
  • Number of questions in Idioms: 2-3 questions
  • Number of questions in Sentence correction: 2-3 questions
  • Number of questions in Fill-in-the-blanks: 2-3 questions

Shift 2: 

  • English paper had 2 reading comprehension questions and 1 poem-based question. 
  • 1 question appeared from sentence rearrangement that was very easy. 
  • Lastly, the fundamental questions of the English language, like identification of verbs, adverbs and adjectives-based questions, were asked.  
  • Idioms and phrases were asked in the form of Match the columns
  • Questions related to spotting the error, the meaning of words, filling in the blacks, active and passive voice, and direct-indirect questions were also asked. 

CUET General Test Paper (May 21, 2023)

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for General Test: May 22 (Day 2; Both Shifts)

Analysis of CUET 2023's General Test Quantitative Aptitude under Shift 2

  • 4 questions were asked from Mensuration from topics like parallelogram, cylinder and cone. 
  • From sequence and series, question-based on geometric progression were asked. 
  • From counting figures, 2 questions were asked, one from triangles and squares.
  • 10 questions from compound interest and 10 questions from simple interest appeared. 
  • 10 efficient-based questions from time and work were asked. 
  • 1 question from the Venn diagram was asked. 
  • Logical questions from the direction sense test also appeared in the QA section.
  • Ranking and age, weight, and height-based comparison questions are asked.
  • One question from blood relations was asked.
  • Water images of a diagram, trigonometry, coding and decoding-based questions were also asked. 
  • Questions from lines and angles and calendars were also asked. 

CUET Current Affairs and GK Analysis (May 22, 2023)

Safe Attempts for English on Day 2

35 questions out of 40 is a good number of questions to have attempted for this session of the exam.

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Analysis of CUET's General Test General Knowledge and Current Affairs under Shift 1 

  • On Day 2 (shift 1), the students rated the General Test of moderate difficulty.
  • Questions covered subjects including math and statistics, general knowledge, invention and discovery, logic and reasoning, and sports.
  • The GT paper had questions from elementary mathematics (roughly 20–25), questions about the calendar and directions, and 12–15 questions from general awareness (five to six from geography, two to three from economics, history, and science, and one or two each from discovery and invention and sports).
  • Number System Topics appeared in the exam: Mean, Median, Mode, Set Theory, Time & Work, Simple Interest, and Compound Interest.
  • Geometry Topics appeared in the exam: Geometry (3–4 questions), Mixtures and Alignment (2–3 questions), and 1-2 questions from Mensuration, Percentages, Number System, Algebra, Mean, Median, and Mode.
  • Science Topics appeared in the exam: Boric acid, D2O molecular weight, etc.
  • Match the following historical events (battles with their years)
  • Economic Topics appeared in the exam: Leading cotton textile exporter
  • Authors & Books Topics appeared in the exam: The Mother of Democracy in India.
  • Reasoning techniques include blood ties, series, coding, calendars and clocks, puzzles, and direction.

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Analysis of CUET's General Test General Knowledge and Current Affairs under Shift 2

  • Questions related to Thyroid and Tissues were asked in Biology. 
  • One question related to metal from Chemistry was asked.
  • The establishment of the Indian National Congress (INC), the G-20 Summit and elections also appeared in the exam. 

Safe Attempts for General Test on Day 2

40 - 43 questions out of 50 is a good number of questions to have attempted for this session of the exam.

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for History: May 22 (Day 2; Shift 2)

  • 3 Reading Comprehensions were asked this time. However, they were from a slightly different format than in the 2022 exam. Each RC had 5 associated questions.
  • विलोम शब्द (vilom), पर्यायवाची शब्द (paryayvachi) were the main topics from which 5-6 questions came under the main topic of शब्दभंडार (shabd-bhandar). The level of these questions was reported to be moderate.
  • From शब्द–संरचना (shabd sanrachna) has been asked 3-8 times across shifts in the CUET Exam. 
  • Last year, अलंकार (alankar) and छंद (chhand) were not asked. However, this year 2-3 questions have been observed across slots which shows the level of difficulty for the exam has changed from last time.

Get an overview of what has been asked already and what is likely to come in this video.

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for History: May 22 (Day 2; Shift 2)

  • Students reported the exam was easier than expected. 
  • Questions covered topics like Mahatma Gandhi, the framing of the constitution, the rebellions during British Raj.
  • There were passage-based questions, match the following type questions, etc. In the RCs, the questions asked along with the paragraph were also fact-based rather than being directly from the passage.
  • Other major chapters covered in the questions as highlighted by students include: Colonialism and the Countryside: Exploring Official Archives, Understanding Partition Politics, Peasants, Zamindars and the State Agrarian Society, An Imperial Capital: Vijayanagara, Kings and Chronicles The Mughal Courts.

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Political Science: May 22 (Day 2; Shift 2)

  • Student ratings for this particular session of Political Science certified this exam to be of moderate difficulty.
  • At least 2-3 questions were asked from the following chapters: The End of bipolarity, International Organisations, Security in Contemporary World, Alternative Centers of Power, Contemporary South Asia, Environment and Natural Resources & Globalisation, US Hegemony in World Politics.

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Get live updates of CUET exam analysis from May 21st - June 6th using the link below. 

CUET 2023 Exam Analysis by SuperGrads


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