JIPMAT Exam Day Instructions 2021

The National Testing Agency has prescribed certain guidelines that everyone must follow on the day of the exam. Any violation of these rules might lead to disqualification.

 This post shall guide you through detailed JIPMAT Exam Day Instructions 2021, things allowed inside the exam hall, banned items at the exam center, and more.

General Exam Day Instructions for JIPMAT 2021

Make sure to carry the Admit Card for JIPMAT and any government ID proof on the day of the exam for verification at the exam center. Otherwise, you are not allowed inside the examination hall.

  • You must reach the exam center at least one hour before the exam.
  • You will not be allowed inside the exam hall after 15 minutes of the commencement of the examination.
  • Do not carry electronic devices like mobile phones, calculators, etc inside the examination center.
  • You should sign on the admit card in the presence of the Invigilator.

Important Questions with Answers PDF for JIPMAT

  • Make sure to switch off your mobile phones, and deposit them at the designated location.
  • For rough work, a rough sheet shall be provided at the center. All calculations have to be done in the rough sheet only.
  • You will be disqualified from the exam in case if found either copying or receiving or giving assistance to others.
  • You are not allowed to leave the exam hall before the completion of the exam.
  • Biometrics shall be done at the exam center and you must co-operate while the formalities are going on.
  • 3 ply masks and gloves will be provided at the exam center.

ipmat mock test

ipmat Mock test

Medical Exam Day Instructions for JIPMAT 2021

As we all know, the JIPMAT Exam is conducted on 10 August 2021 in pandemic times, therefore, you should be extra cautious on the day of the examination.

The following are some of the medical instructions that you should follow at the exam center of JIPMAT 2021.

  • Maintaining a social distance is a must. You should maintain at least a 6 feet distance from others at the center.
  • You have to undergo a thermal screening process before entering the exam hall.
  • A gap between 2 seats shall be maintained.
  • Spray machines with a disinfectant liquid kept at your disposal and sanitization done in all examination centers thoroughly.
  • You should not form groups at the exam hall.
  • A guard at the entry gate will screen your body temperature and if you are having a temperature >99.14, you will be directed to the isolation lab for taking the exam.
  • You have to make sure to bring your own mask and sanitizer.
  • Contact-free frisking will be done using handheld metal detectors.

JIPMAT 2021 Guidelines that need to be Followed After the Exam

  • Once the exam is over, you have to move out in an orderly manner while maintaining a social distance.
  • Make sure to write your roll number on the top of the rough sheet and dump the same in the drop-box before leaving the examination room.

Things Allowed Inside the JIPMAT Exam Hall

The following things are allowed to carry inside the examination hall.

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • PwD Certificate (if applicable)
  • Duly filled in self-declaration
  • Valid ID Proof (PAN card/Aadhar card/Voter ID/Driving License/Passport)
  • Transparent Water Bottle
  • Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  • Blue or Black ballpoint pen
  • Admit Card
  • Sugar tablets/fruits like orange/banana/apple (if you are diabetic)

Banned Items inside the JIPMAT Exam Center

The following items are not allowed inside the JIPMAT examination hall.

  • Handbag
  • Purse
  • Food items
  • Electronic devices like Cell Phones, Bluetooth, Headphones, Headsets, Cameras, Microphones, etc.
  • Any sort of metallic items
  • Stationery Items such as textual material, Pencil Box, Calculator, Geometry, Pen/Pencil, bits of paper, Electronic Pen, etc.


Can I carry my personal hand sanitizer to the JIPMAT Exam?

Yes, you can carry your own personal hand sanitizer of 50 ml to the JIPMAT exam hall.

Is the Calculator allowed in the JIPMAT Exam?

No, the Calculator is not allowed in the JIPMAT Exam 2021. Also, electronic gadgets are not allowed in the exam hall. You must ensure to follow the complete JIPMAT Exam Day Instructions without violating.

Do I need to submit my Admit Card at the exam center?

No, the authorities will check the admit card only for the candidate verification. After verification, the authorities will return your admit card.

What are the ID proofs required on the day of the JIPMAT Exam?

You must carry any one Photo ID proof for verification like Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN card, etc.

Can I carry a digital watch to the JIPMAT Exam center?

No. Digital watch is not allowed inside the JIPMAT examination hall.