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How to prepare notes for NATA Preparation

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 11, 2022


Creating notes usually helps you during the revision process. And there would be hardly any student who studies without preparing notes. 

Making notes will help you focus and pay attention to topics when you are studying. But that does not hold true when you are just glancing/ reading and watching any information. 

However, you should always have a structure for preparing notes and a chronological order through which you learn every topic. 

When it comes to preparing notes for exams like NATA, the process can be quite challenging. 

This article walks you through How to Prepare notes for NATA Preparation.

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How to Prepare notes for NATA Preparation?

Few tips have been curated to understand how notes can be prepared for NATA preparations. 

1. Segregation of notes for different sections in NATA 

We can conclude that the NATA exam is divided into 6 sections namely; Design, Verbal Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Verbal Ability, General Awareness, General science and current affairs, Quantitative aptitude, and Situational Judgment and Abstract Reasoning. Therefore be sure to have a different set of notes for each to avoid confusion. 

2. Preparing notes around basics

Prioritize the topic with a maximum number of questions and start preparing details notes. For example, Nearly 50 questions are asked in Design, so make notes of principles of design that will increase your chances of you scoring higher marks. 

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3. Detailed notes for every topic asked

Coming to quantitative aptitude has a total number of 5 questions divided into the following segments namely; Numerical Aptitude, quantitative aptitude, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. Have your notes from standard tenth for Mathematics that covers numerical aptitude like numbers, percentages, ratios, proportions, profit, and loss, speed, time and distance, average, etc. 

NATA mock test

NATA Mock test

4. Write down ideas

For the verbal reasoning section when you are solving puzzles, write down the ideas, and do not hesitate to use your pen and paper to work around solving the problem. When topics like blood relations are taught to you make sure you understand and then make notes for these concepts as it's very important and you cannot afford to forget concepts during revision.

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5. Gather more notes from other resources as well 

Nearly 20 questions are asked in the non-verbal reasoning section, so make simply notes around mirror images, water images, and patterns, make sure you prepare and gather notes from legit resources. 

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6. Notes from experts

Coming to reading comprehension, listen to experts giving tips and write them down, for reading comprehension make sure you solve many passages and mocks because practice is extremely important. 

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7. Refer to previous notes from classes 10 to 12

Architecture-related questions can be quite straightforward, jot down the questions and correct answers for them. Learn about architectural buildings and geography. Sometimes questions from physics and chemistry are asked to use your previous notes to prepare for them. 

8. Make your notes easy and understandable

Remember to write down in a simple manner so revision will be extremely easy after your board exams. NATA preparations are not completed without solving previous years' papers and mock tests. Therefore solve mocks every week. 

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