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Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation

Author : Yogricha Verma

Updated On : August 31, 2023


Confused about your mains Judicial Service Examination preparation? Well, you are in the right place!

This article shall guide you through all the important tips, tricks and strategies suggested by our experts at Judiciary Gold (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for judiciary exams) for the Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation.

In this article we will cover:

  • When to start your Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation?
  • How to start Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation?
  • Tips and Tricks for Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation.
  • Books and resources to use for Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation.
  • How to deal with the huge syllabus for Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation?

When to start your Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation?

Generally, starting your Judiciary preparation at least 1 year before the exam notification is considered appropriate. However, it is advised to keep atleast 10 months for your exam preparation.

Prepare for prelims and mains together as it will help you cover all the topics per the Judiciary Exam Syllabus in proper time. You don't get a lot of time between prelims and mains hence preparing together is the best way to start your preparation.

Once you complete your syllabus, you will get time for revision at the end. Try to complete the syllabus one or two months before the exam.

Even before your targeted judiciary exam is notified, you should invest time in preparing for the Mains exam. This strategy will help you clear the exam on the first attempt.

How to start Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation?

Most of you might find difficulties while preparing for the Judicial Service Mains examination. Here are some tips on starting your preparation effectively.

  • Start with reading your bare acts, make them your bible. Nothing prepares your subject better than your Bare Act.
  • Use the index for memorising the section numbers, mark important sections and make sure you frequently skim through all the sections regularly to get all the section numbers on your tips.
  • Make your own notes, do not rely on online sources or big books for your preparation.
  • Your notes are your understanding of the subject written by you, this will also help you in learning your concepts better for your Judicial Service Mains examination.
  • Ask too many doubts from your mentors and teachers, do not shy away.
  • Follow the strategy given by your mentor to you. Make changes as per your performance in mock tests.
  • Practice answer writing and translation (depends on which state you are targeting)

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Tips and Tricks for Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation.

Understand the Laws

If you are preparing for the Judiciary Mains Exam, you must be sure about the different laws and get an idea about when the particular law is brought into action.

Understanding the local laws is especially important to crack the state-level judiciary exams.

You can refer to the best books to get complete knowledge about the case laws and their use.

Create a Study Plan

  • Make sure to prepare the best study plan on paper so that it will become easy to implement your ideas.
  • If you are well-versed with any topic, give less topic for that topic. Instead, give extra time to weak areas.
  • Preparing each and every topic as per the study plan will help you cover all the topics on time and perform better in the Upcoming Judiciary Exams.

Books and resources to use for Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation.

Opt for Best Resources

As there are many resources including books available online and offline, it may be confused for most of you to choose the right book/study material.

According to the experts, you must choose the Books for Judiciary Mains Exams that cover all the topics as per the syllabus of your targeted state.

You can also opt for the books that provide previous year questions papers and practice questions at the end.

Rajasthan judiciary online coaching

Rajasthan judiciary online coaching

Read Bare Acts

Bare acts topic is one such topic that is asked in all the exams. Most of you might be worried about bare acts as there are so many sections to remember. However, the following techniques will help you understand How to Memorize Bare Acts easily.

  • Make sure to learn at least 10 sections a day. 
  • Read the sections repeatedly to remember.
  • Prepare mnemonics of sections to remember them for the long term. 
  • Write the section and article names in a notebook and practise them multiple times till the completion of the exam.

Practice Answer Writing

  • Develop the habit of writing Mains answers regularly right from the beginning.
  • The time-bound practise of Answer Writing in Judiciary Mains Exam can immensely help you not only with writing speed but can also equip you with the habit of thinking on your feet.
  • You can note down the questions from the previous year's papers and start writing the answers.
  • Decide your own word limit by considering the length of the exam, your writing speed, and the amount of content you have for any particular answer.

Practice Question Papers

Practising the previous year's Question Papers of Judiciary Exams is one of the best preparation methods to clear the Mains Exam.

  • With the help of the previous year's papers, you can improve your time management skills and speed.
  • Also, it will help you know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Solve at least 1-2 question papers weekly to build your confidence levels and perform well in the exam.

How to deal with the huge syllabus for Judicial Service Exam Mains Preparation?

It is important to go through the Mains Syllabus for Judiciary Exams of your targeted state to better understand all the subjects you have to prepare.

If you wish to appear for multiple state judiciaries, knowing the syllabus of all will help you know the common subjects to all those states, and hence you can dive right into preparing all those common subjects first.

Also, it will help you know the important topics from the exam point of view.

Understand the Exam Pattern

Before starting the Judicial Service Mains Preparation, you must be aware of the detailed exam pattern of your targeted state as the exam pattern varies for each state.

With the help of the Judiciary Exam Pattern, you will get an idea about the pattern of the question paper, the marking scheme, the number of questions asked from each section, etc.

Also, it will give you clarity on the exam on which subjects the more weightage is allocated.


  • Revise all the topics that you studied earlier.
  • Make sure to allocate at least 1 hour for revision at the end of the day.
  • Keep at least two months for revision.


We hope that you got a detailed insight as to how to prepare for your Judicial Service mains examination from day one. Start early, start slow, pick up your pace and alays stay in touch with your mentors and teachers.


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