Are you preparing for Judicial Services Examination? Along with subjects related to law, there is an important section for Judiciary Exam that is General Knowledge. You might be thinking this is an easy section and can score full marks by just studying topics from GK books.

But, is that enough? Do you think just studying from GK books can fetch you full marks? No, that's not true. You need to have a proper preparation strategy to crack the GK section in Judiciary Exam with a high score. 

This post shall walk you through detailed tips and tricks on how to prepare GK for Judiciary Exams? Our subject mentor from LegalEdge will explain strategies to study various topics in the GK section. 

Importance of GK Section

  • You need to know that GK plays an important role in all judiciary exams.
  • Especially in UP and Bihar Judiciary exams, you can expect more questions from the GK section. For other states, there are fewer questions in this section. 

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Do Smart Study

  • You might think "I should focus on law subjects and study GK at the end" but it is very important as other subjects. 
  • With the right preparation getting full marks in this section is easy.
  • Try to study the important topics than wasting time on unnecessary topics. 

Important Topics

  • Mainly in the GK section are classified into two categories: Static and Current Affairs. 
  • By analysing previous year examinations, most of the questions appear from Indian Economy, Geography, History, Current Affairs, art and culture, the person in news. 
  • In UP state Judiciary Exam, you can expect more questions from the science category. 

Recommended Books

  • Now you know what to study but wondering where to study these topics. 
  • For static GK you can study from Ghatnachakra or Lucent GK which are highly recommended Judiciary Books for GK section. 
  • Ghatnachakra provides a set of questions from each topic clearly. You can also find GK questions asked in previous year judiciary exams.
  • Lucent GK provides a variety of questions from all the topics of the GK section. Remember that when you studying from Lucent you need to focus more on Modern History than Ancient and Medival. 
  • You can highlight important questions and most commonly asked questions. 

Newspaper Reading

  • Newspapers play an important role in preparing for the GK section as you can be aware of Daily Current Affairs
  • There are many newspapers however most recommended are The Hindu and The Indian Express.
  • You cannot just read the newspapers randomly but you need to pick important news. Don't read irrelevant news or political news. 
  • You can note down important issues or news like government schemes, important person death, an agreement between countries, and more. 

Current Affairs Quiz

  • By taking up Current Affairs Quizzes you can build confidence and analyse your preparation levels. 
  • Make a habit of solving or practising the questions regularly to boost your preparation. 

Importance of Science in GK

  • As said before, Science is important for UP and Bihar Judiciary Exams. 
  • You need to study and solve questions from Lucent GK to get an idea about the type of questions. 

Previous Year Paper Analysis

  • By going through the previous year Judiciary exam question papers or exam analysis you will get an idea about the difficulty level of questions. 
  • You can check what type of questions are asked and from which topics they have asked. 
  • You can also estimate which topics are prominent in the GK section and focus on them more. 

Preparing Notes for GK

  • While you are studying any topic in the GK section, try to note down important terms or highlight important issues. 
  • This helps a lot during your revision. You can glance at the important topics rather than reading the entire subject again. 
  • You can use placards as well for the interactive methods of remembering concepts.