How to read a Newspaper for Judiciary Exams Preparation?

Have you ever thought about how “reading newspapers” plays an important role in Judicial Examination Preparation and how did one plan to go about it? This is a question that every student asks and to be honest it is really not their fault because reading the newspaper is something every student finds very boring and a waste of time as well.

It has been in trend to come across students who are of the opinion that instead of “wasting time” on reading a newspaper, they would prefer reading one of their Law Books. (After all, it's a LAW EXAM they will be appearing for, right!).

So, there is no need to blame yourself if you have such a lethargic attitude towards newspapers because every student finds it to be taxing as well as a lengthy process. It must be kept in mind that while preparing for your Judicial Services Examination, GK and Current Affairs becomes a “deciding factor” to decide the fate of your name in the merit list.

It said so because many states are there like MP, UP, Bihar, Delhi, etc. which gives a great amount of importance to GK and Current Affairs in their Mains.

It is important to understand  how to prepare for Judiciary Exams and how to read newspapers efficiently as well as effectively in order to save your time which can be of utmost importance for any judicial aspirant.

Here are some tips that can develop your interest in reading the newspaper.

Why Newspaper Reading is Important for Judiciary Exams?

  • Keeping the Judicial aspect of reading a newspaper completely aside, a student or any individual should develop a habit of reading newspapers. It is said so because it really helps in adding to your knowledge and you would have a say in any group discussion, be it a formal one with your colleagues or seniors in your office or an informal one among your friends.
  • The newspaper also helps in improving your vocabulary as you read new words on a daily basis which actually proves to be a great aid in improving your writing skills as well. If you read a newspaper carefully, you will definitely be able to learn how to form sentences in passive as well as active tone which adds great value to the essence to your viewpoints you would want to convey.
  • With your vocabulary and writing skills being enhanced, it will lead to a ‘ripple effect’ and certainly improve your communication skills as well. You will be able to communicate with more confidence as you will have a good command over your language which will be supported by strong factual data.
  • All of this helps in writing a good fact based Essay in Judicial Exams.
  • Being well-versed with all happenings around the world proves to be a great aid to Judicial aspirants as it helps them while preparing for their Mains, where judgment writing and translation constitutes one of the most important areas to be dealt with.

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Primary Focus While Reading Newspapers for Judiciary Exams 

  • In order to save time for all judicial aspirants while reading the newspaper, it should be kept in mind that what kind of news or which article is to be read will prove to be an informative one that would add to your facts.
  • Judiciary Gold has always stressed a lot on making notes of whatever you study and since we are talking about reading newspapers, notes become all the more important to be made as it helps in maintaining a record of various events happening in the nation during various months and specific dates of that particular month. This proves to be beneficial for students while doing a revision. Not to forget, you should make your notes by ‘YOURSELF’ because that visual of you writing something is imprinted in your brain and you are able to relate to it in a much better manner.
  • Now, talking about the areas to focus on, students need to keep in mind that the first and foremost step for them to start with their journey in the newspaper department is to go through previous year’s Judicial Services examination question papers of their respective state/states they are planning to appear for. This becomes really important as the student gets an idea as to what are the key areas pertaining to which the news are to be read.
  • News related to science, static GK, International Laws, etc. are some of the important areas upon which students have to pay attention. Moreover, Judiciary Gold has also said that it is very important for you to be well-versed with the Provisions of the state you are planning to appear for as well as any news related to their amendments or new judgments should be given attention.

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Strategy to Read Newspapers for Judicial Service Exams

  • So here we are going to talk about the strategies to be followed while reading newspapers effectively as well as efficiently i.e. we are able to grasp the maximum amount of knowledge in a time-effective manner.
  • First things first, a student while reading the newspaper, must give a thorough read to the ‘HEADLINES’ or should read the ‘Front Page’ in order to get an idea as to what are those “important events” that are of utmost importance which should be read with due diligence. You should also read those small boxes on the left of the front page. Therefore, the first page of any newspaper is very essential to focus on as it gives an overview of what is there in the newspaper.
  • Judiciary Gold has always has always advised its students to select TARGET STATE first as it proves to be the foundation of Judicial preparation. You will be able to focus on the topics and subjects that are covered more in that particular state exam. Same holds true for newspaper reading exercises as well. While reading newspapers it is always recommended to ignore those news or articles referring to a particular state. For example; if you are preparing for UP Judicial Services, then you may not spend time reading any news pertaining to MP or any other states as every second is precious.
  • Moving on, the most important part of any newspaper is the “EDITORIAL SECTION” The editorial section helps in giving different points of view about a topic that has been in the news for quite some time pertaining to the country or your target state. This not only helps in increasing your vocabulary and command over language but also presents to you the other side of the story. These different view-points surely prove to be a great aid in your interview round.
  • Also, reading newspapers actually has a positive effect on your translation as well as judgment writing which is something every student dreads while preparing for Judicial Service Examination.
  • Now if we talk about what to ignore during this exercise, is the core financial or political news. Any news related to stock markets where it has been mentioned about the price of a stock or increase or decrease in value of SENSEX or NIFTY, should completely be avoided. Further, any news related to core politics such as a leader saying something about someone or changing party should not be given much of a heed.
  • International news is an area which requires attention on a student's part as it is something which comprises numerous developments and happenings around the world. Questions pertaining to international news can be in interview rounds as well.
  • Also, be sure to refer to various books such as GK Today or Pratiyogita Darpan at the end of the month. This will not only help you in revising your current affairs but also certainly aid in adding points related to a particular which you may have missed.
  • Last but not the Least, a RIGOROUS REVISION is the most important thing one has to ensure before giving any examination.

The “strategy” to read the newspaper has been written at the last or else you would not bother to read all that has been written above. As rightly said by Abraham Lincoln :

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and

I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”