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How to prepare for Judiciary Exams at Home?

Author : Yogricha

Updated On : September 20, 2023


As a Law student at times, it becomes difficult for any student to manage their judiciary preparation along with college and your internships, hence most law students opt to prepare for judiciary at home. 

Once you are determined to choose judicial services and you want to start your preparation at home, start with making a strategy for yourself. 

People normally presume that preparing for Judiciary at home is easy, however, it might be extremely difficult to maintain the pace and to also stay motivated. Therefore, we are here to make your judiciary preparation journey easy.  

Read through the article to learn about how to study for judicial exams at home. 

In this article we will cover: 

  • When to Start Preparing for Judiciary Exams at Home? 
  • How to Start Preparing for Judiciary Exams at Home? 
  • How to Prepare for Judiciary Interview at Home? 

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When to Start Preparing for Judiciary Exams at Home?

When to Start Preparing for Judiciary Exams at Home? 

If you are confused about the right time to start preparing for the Upcoming Judiciary Exams for the latest Vacancy? So to earse your confusion here is everything you need around preparing for judiciary exams at home. It is suggested to begin the preparation at least 1 year before the expected date of prelims examination. 

Every student has a different way of studying and has a different environment around them for preparation. Every student also has a different grasping power and ability to learn during their judiciary preparation at home. So, it is best that you as an induvial, plan your preparation according to your schedule, your other professional and academic commitments.  

If you are preparing for a state that has a lot of weightages for current affairs and GK, it is advised to start with reading the newspaper daily while making notes of all the important current affairs and legal updates. Current Affairs cannot be left to be prepared during the final days of the preparation. 

So, start your preparation as soon as you can. There is no best time to start your preparation if you are about to face the examination within 365 days. The best time is today. 

For the Students who are in their 2nd and 3rd year of your 5-year Law School, you can wait for a year before you start, meanwhile, you must work on making your concepts strong and make notes for yourself that can eventually help you in your preparation. 

Given below are tips on how you can start and proceed with your Judiciary preparation at home.

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How to Start Preparing for Judiciary Exams at Home?

The main Judiciary examination preparation strategy is to focus on preparing a planned framework to crack judiciary. 

Start early and maintain your pace, this is the best way to prepare for your judiciary exams at home. 

  1. Start your preparation as Early as Possible 

If you aim to appear for judiciary exams, this is your time. Whether you are a law student or a working professional, starting as early as possible will always keep you one step ahead in your preparation. 

  1. Take benefit of Online Coaching Classes 

You can crack judiciary exams with self-study, however, getting guidance from experts in judiciary preparation can always be helpful. There are a lot of, online classes for judiciary preparation  available for you. Online classes can we attended at the comfort of your homes and according to your schedule. 

Online classes can also be fruitful in saving your time while giving a daily dose of motivation to keep you going. 

Due to the advent of this new online education era, you can study from the best faculty in the field, irrespective of your geographical limitations. You can also get help from the faculties at Toprankers.  

  1. Shortlist the states that you wish to appear for 

Once you have decided to prepare for the Judiciary, decide on the states for which you want to take your judiciary exam. Start with knowing everything about the examination cycle and what kind of questions are asked. 

This will immensely help you streamline your preparation, right from the beginning and will also help you in overall comprehensive preparation. Especially when you are preparing for your judiciary exams at home you must ensure that you have a proper approach. 

judiciary online coaching

judiciary online coaching

  1. Go through the Syllabus 

Go through the syllabus for the Judiciary Exam of your targeted state, understand the vastness of your syllabus and make a blueprint of your preparation accordingly. While preparing for Judiciary at home you must ensure that your prep plan is very detailed and has small achievable goals. 

If you wish to appear for multiple state judiciaries, knowing the syllabus of all the states will help you know the common subjects snd for the state specific subjects you can make separate study plans. 

  1. Understand the structure of your targeted judiciary exam 

Besides the syllabus, another important prerequisite is understanding the structure of the Judiciary Exam that you are targeting. 

When preparing from home, you might lack guidance on the structure and stages of examination, hence you should go through the recent official notification of the state judiciary exam and check the exam pattern. Understanding the pattern means, you should know the kind of questions that are asked in all three stages of the selection process, i.e., Preliminary, Mains, and Personal Interviews. 

For this, you must analyze previous year's question papers and understand the exam pattern while focusing on the weightage of different subjects at different stages and then make your prep strategy accordingly. 

  1. Don't Skip Online Classes 

If you are serious about your exam and you are preparing from home while taking some online classes, you should not skip any of your lectures. Because that is one way for you to clear your doubts and also gain utmost clarity on your concepts. 

So, by skipping, you will lose the connection between classes, so your concept clarity will definitely take a hit. 

  1. Attend online classes with due diligence 

While preparing for judiciary at home and during your online classes, it is a must to maintain a high level of attentiveness throughout. Additionally, ensure that during your classes your bare act and your class notes are readily accessible, they will help you prepare for judiciary exams better. 

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

  1. Read Bare Acts and Class Notes Regularly 

All State judicial exams pose significant competition and require a strong hold on all legal concepts. The best method to achieve this is through revising your bare acts and your notes. 

With each revision, your command on the provisions will improve, and you will get a deeper understanding of the law. 

  1. Understand the Language of the bare act well 

During your preparation at home, the bare act serves as the fundamental guide, the bible for every aspiring judiciary aspirant, making it an indispensable resource that cannot be overlooked. Understanding your concepts directly from the bareact will help you with getting used to the language used in the bare act and will prove advantageous during the prelims and Mains examination. 

It is essential to develop the ability to read between the lines and to understand practical applications of law.  

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  1. Opt for Smart Study 

Undoubtedly there is no substitute for hard work in preparations for judiciary exams; however, like every competitive exam, this also requires smart study. 

This means that you should know what areas are important and what are not. Especially during your preparation at home when, if you do not know what areas to exactly focus on, you might end up wasting a lot of time and energy. 

Smart study helps you not only cover the syllabus but also to score better in exams. 

Keep practising with the previous year's papers to get the look and feel of the exam and evaluate your growth.  

  1. Keep track of landmark and recent Judgements 

Judgments hold immense importance in all stages of selection. While almost all preliminary exams ask questions about case laws and landmark judgement. However, in mains when you are writing an answer it is important for you to write case laws in support of your answer. When you are preparing for judiciary at home, make sure that you make proper notes of landmark judgments and case laws as well. 

  1. Avoid studying from Multiple Sources 

One common mistake committed by many aspirants is the approach of studying from too many sources. You have to pick the best 2-3 sources to study from for every subject. You can divide your resources into three parts; one for concepts, second; bare acts for learning and third practice books for your regular practice. Using too many sources can waste a lot of your time and then eventually affect your score in the exam. Use proper reference books for Judiciary Exam so that whatever you study is correct.  

Through this, you can invest more time in concept clarity and revision. 

  1. Make brief Notes 

Note-making is the ‘brahmastra’ in the process of preparation for judiciary examinations. Ensure that your notes are crisp and wholesome. Making long notes will waste a lot of time and will serve no purpose when you are revising for your judiciary exams in the last few days of your preparation. 

You can also make flow charts, diagrams, etc., to make them interesting for every revision. 

  1. Start the practice of answer writing right from the beginning 

It is strongly recommended that you do not wait till mains to practice answer writing. Your concepts are tested to the depth in mains exam and between prelims and mains you do not have a lot of time to prepare exclusively for mains, therefore, to ensure you selection in mains prepare for prelims and mains together and practice answer writing from day 1. Read More: Short Tricks to write answers in Judiciary Mains Exams 

  1. Do not just memorize wihtout understanding the concepts 

The belief that ‘judiciary exams can be cracked by cramming’ is a myth. Recent trends in judiciary exam patterns show that High Courts and State PSCs ask more conceptual questions. Therefore, while preparing for mains make sure that you learn as well as understand the concepts too. 

  1. Practice the Previous Year's Papers 

Solving previous years' Question Papers for Judiciary Exams is a must to improve your time management skill and speed. Often when you prepare from home, you do not understand the competition level as you do not see too many aspirants on a daily basis. This can eventually affect your confidence level. So, practicing previous year questions will help you build your confidence levels and help you perform well in the exam. 

Make sure to solve previous year's papers every week, in order get an idea about the type of questions and the difficulty level of the paper. 

  1. Revise regularly 

The syllabus of judiciary is vast and if not revised regularly you will forget all the concepts and sections. So, plan your study routines in such a way that you devote some time during the day and the week to revise all that you have studied in that duration. 

It shall increase your retention many folds and help you crack the exam. 

  1. Attempt Mock Tests 

During your judiciary preparation at home, you may not be able to get the feel of the exam as you are not taking regular offline classes, therefore solving online mock tests would definitely help improve your speed and accuracy on the final exam day exam and help you score good marks. 

By taking up Mock Tests for Judiciary Exams, you can know your strong and weak areas and try to overcome them. 

How to Prepare for Judiciary Interview at Home? 

  • Firstly, you should remember that the interview round is not only to check your knowledge regarding the law. It is also to check your personality, manners, and behavior. 

  • Attending mock interviews will clear all your doubts and will eliminate the fear of an actual interview. Also, you can follow Tips for Judiciary Interview provided by experts to understand better how to give a short yet apt answer to the questions put up by the interview board. 

  • During the preparation of judiciary at home you can practice speaking and presenting yourself in front of the mirror. You should always be ready with your greetings and a brief introduction about yourself, which examiners usually ask as a first question. 

  • Every time you are asked a question, you should pause for a few seconds, formulate an answer in your mind, and only then answer it. This will minimize the possibility of error and will also convey a good impression. 

  • You can prepare a list of commonly asked FAQs in the interview and revise them regularly. 

  • For a comprehensive guide, do read How To Prepare English For Judiciary Exams. 

  • You can seek help from your seniors and mentors while preparing at home. You can connect with them regularly and resolve your doubts. 


It is true that self-study can be difficult for any judiciary aspirant, and preparation for judiciary at home can be challenging however this is also true that a lot of toppers have cleared judiciary with self-study and self-motivation. And if you are a serious aspirant no one can stop you from becoming a judicial officer by preparing for your judiciary exam from home. 

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