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How To Prepare For AILET PG 2024

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : June 3, 2023


Summary: The date has been announced for the AILET PG 2024 exam. You compete with thousands of law PG aspirants for just 81 seatsThere is no time to waste! Get going and expedite your AILET PG 2024 preparations.

Since no changes have been made to the AILET PG 2024 exam pattern, you can blindly refer to and prepare concepts based on AILET PG's previous year's paper.

Last year with the change in exam pattern, AILET PG's overall difficulty level was relatively high. There is nothing wrong with hoping to have a relatively easy paper this year, but it's always wise to be prepared for the tough. 

Isn't it strange that AILET PG Syllabus and exam date are the same for all, yet some students outrun the rest in this competition? The significant difference is based on two parameters - 

  • Preparation Time 
  • Preparation Strategies 

Although there is no going back in time to start your preparations early, you can still use your time efficiently to exercise good AILET LLM preparation strategies from today. 

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Glance through your AILET PG Exam Pattern 2024

AILET PG comprises two sections. Section A and Section B.

Section A consists of English and Legal Reasoning MCQs.

Section A is again divided into two parts: 

  • Part 1: English language
  • Part 2: Legal reasoning

In section A, there will be 50 multiple-choice questions for 75 marks. 

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Section B consists of descriptive questions from different branches of law.

  • Section B will have eight to ten descriptive questions from different branches of law. However, you will have to answer only two descriptive questions.
  • Section B is evaluated for 75 marks.

Refer to AILET LLM Exam Pattern 2024 for a detailed explanation.

Knowing AILET PG 2024 Mark Distribution helps.

Know the mark distribution for AILET PG 2024 from the table below. 

Section Name of the Section  Number of Questions Number of Marks
Section A English Language 25 75
Legal Reasoning 25
Section B Subjects of Law 10 (only 2 to be attempted) 75
Total 52 150

There will be a negative 0.25 mark for each wrongly answered question in section A only. Each correct answer in section A will grant you 1 mark. 

Similarly, for section B, you must write answers for 25 marks each. 

Concepts to Study for AILET PG 2024 Syllabus

AILET LLM Syllabus is designed to evaluate your concept, awareness, and memory. Knowing what to study is extremely important based on the exam pattern. 

Let's check the syllabus and topics to prepare.

Section A

English Legal Reasoning
Foreign Phrases Constitutional law 
Synonyms Jurisprudence/ legal theory 
Antonyms Contract law and specific relief act
Reading comprehension  Family law
Vocabulary Criminal law
Legal Terms and Maxims Environment law
Subject-verb agreement Tort and CPA
Tenses Public international law
Spotting errors Administrative Law
Choose the appropriate words  IT Act and Tax Law
Parts of speech Copyright Act and Evidence Act
Idioms and Phrases Indian Constitution and Penal Code
Figures of speech Indian Contract Act 
Parts of Speech Company Law
Punctuation Property Law
Sentence rearrangement Intellectual Property law and IPR Law

Legal reasoning is concept based, so practice reading ability with the interpretation of principles, sticking to the basic principles, and applying them quickly. 

Be prepared for questions related to facts and principles, murder, Counterfeiting currency, Negligence, Assault, Constitution, Agency, Offer Acceptance, and necessity. 

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Section B

What to study for subjective-type questions?

Section B will be evaluated only on clearing section A. Ensure you score a minimum passing mark in Section A to evaluate your next section. 

This section is descriptive and consists of 8-10 questions, of which 2 are to be answered.

Remember, the type of questions is based on Law/ Legal reasoning. Questions can also include recent case laws and analytical questions to test your knowledge of concepts.

  • Recent case laws are also among the favourites of NLU Delhi. Learn and revise all the current case laws thoroughly. 
  • Previous year analysis of the paper indicates that Criminal law (CrPc and IPC) carries maximum weightage. Check the detailed article on Criminal Law Questions for CLAT PG and AILET LLM.
  • Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence are other subjects in AILET PG that hold good weightage. Be thorough with all its concepts, as there will be analytical questions in the LLM exam.
  • Work on your foundation. That is Polity? and related questions. Many of you must wonder how it is relevant to the PG entrance exam. 

Here is why: You will get questions through passages where the direct or indirect question could be asked regarding any law or amendment or the president's powers.

In such cases, the foundation would help you get through it. Practice it further from the previous year's question paper.

Prepare for the topics listed below:

  • Privacy
  • Sedition
  • Consideration
  • Defamation
  • UN and its working
  • Biodiversity Act 2002
  • Mediation Bill, 2021

How to answer the subjective-type questions?

  • You don't have to prioritize the subjective section over the objection section. The rest will not be evaluated if you fail to clear the first section. 
  • The subjective part carries 50 marks, for which reading the newspaper daily adds to your preparations. 
  • When writing your answers, make sure you include precedent, principles, and provisions increasing the weightage of your answers. 
  • The objective is to write quality answers over quantity. 

Check: AILET LLM Answer Key

AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Mock Tests

How To Prepare For AILET PG 2024

How can you effectively prepare all these concepts in such a short period of time? 

1. Stick to a routine 

  • Read the newspaper daily; this will help you with English vocabulary, reading speed, and all legal developments in the country.
  • Learn 20 new words every day. 
  • Read 10 idioms and phrases. 
  • Memorize 10 legal maximums. 
  • Practice 3 reading comprehension daily 
  • Practice facts and principle type of questions every day. 
  • Purchase the LLM guide and refer to case laws, landmark judgments, and recent judgments 
  • Read legal editorial 
  • List and practice important topics in fundamental rights, essentials of contract, specific torts, etc. 

2. Get your Basics right for English.

  • Last year, the English section was relatively moderate in difficulty level. With direct questions being asked from foreign phrases, some phrases were a part of English, and the rest were based on Legal Reasoning. 
  • Direct questions based on phases and their resonance were asked. 
  • RC can be prepared best by taking many mocks. 
  • Learn 5 synonyms and antonyms. 
  • Get your basic concepts of grammar right. Applying them will be easy. 

3. Understand the Basic Principles of Legal Reasoning

  • Legal Reasoning paper is concept-based, and you must practice reading comprehension. 
  • Understand the basics because you will have to apply the interpretation of the principle in a very short period of time and achieve the right answer.
  • Last year in the legal reasoning section, many fact and principle-based questions were asked. The question paper can be lengthy, so get your basics thorough, and practice mocks thoroughly. 
  • In the 2022 paper, questions were asked about Murder, Counterfeiting currency from IPC, Negligence from Torts, Assault, Constitution, Agency, offer acceptance, and necessity. 
  • Most reading comprehension questions can be formed majorly from the constitution, IPC, Torts, Criminal Law, and contracts sections.

Check: AILET PG Exam Analysis

4. Mocks are everything for your AILET PG preparations

  • How to apply the interpretation of the principle in less time determines your capability to attempt a maximum number of correct answers in the paper. 
  • And this is possible only by solving mocks. 

5. Revision and Practise 

Preparing notes can be a saviour during your revisions. 

Make it a habit to write points and short phrases of essential concepts. Use mind mapping to prepare for concepts you believe needs to be memorized. 

Collect as many previous years, sample papers, and solve a few questions daily. Practice and revision help you get accurate answers within a short period of time. Time plays an important role any every competitive entrance exam.

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

6. Track your progress

  • Make a graph to track your performance to know your learning growth. 
  • Preparing a graph will motivate you to understand how far you have come with your preparations. 
  • At times when you don't feel confident, you can always check your progress and keep your preparations going. 

"Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation" - Brian Tracy.


With the exam soon approaching, planning your studies is crucial. 

Devote your time for revision and solving mock papers. 

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