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AILET LLM Syllabus 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 16, 2023



While last year had changes in the exam pattern, there are no significant changes applicable for AILET PG 2023. The syllabus and model of the paper remain the same as the previous year.

With your preparations in full swing, we are here to remind you not to skip any topic from AILET PG 2023 Syllabus article!

NLU conducts the AILET LLM exam annually to offer admission to the PG program in law; the examination is quite challenging to crack, so landing a seat at the top NLU Delhi is most rewarding. 

Typically around 1500-1600 students appear for the exam, which translates to a success rate of 4.5%! To acquire your name in this 4.5% of the students, it is vital to understand the AILET LLM exam pattern and the syllabus.

You mainly have 2 sections in the AILET LLM exam pattern that requires you to cover topics from

  • English
  • Legal Reasoning

This article further breaks down the syllabus and topics for your convenient preparation.

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Type of Questions asked in AILET LLM Exam Syllabus 2023

The type of questions asked in the AILET LLM exam syllabus 2023 are namely:

  • MCQs
  • Descriptive Type Questions

Your evaluation in the AILET LLM exam will broadly be based on two segments:

Section AILET LLM Sections Type of Questions Number of Questions Total Marks
Section A English language and Legal reasoning 50 & 50 MCQ questions     50 & 50
Section B Subjects of law     10 (Only 2 to be attempted) Descriptive Questions     50
Total 150 150

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What are the AILET LLM Syllabus 2023 Topics to Study? 

AILET PG exam constitutes all significant subjects of law. You must prepare the following topics in the AILET syllabus for the LLM exam.

As per the official website, the AILET syllabus includes - Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Contract, Jurisprudence, Law of Tort and International Law, etc.

However, part "etc." has a broad scope described as follows.

Topics within sections A and B, as per the syllabus and AILET PG Exam Pattern, are explained as follows: 

AILET LLM Syllabus 2023 Legal Reasoning Topics

Check out the Legal Reasoning Topics for AILET PG 2023. 

AILET LLM Syllabus 2023

AILET LLM Syllabus 2023 English Language Topics

AILET LLM Syllabus 2023 English Language topics are as follows: 

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Spotting Errors
  • Legal Terms and Maxims
  • Subject Verb Agreement
  • Tenses
  • Parts of Speech 
  • Figure of Speech 
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Rearrangement 

Solve the AILET Test Series to know where you stand with your AILET Preparations. 

AILET LLM Syllabus 2023 Marking Scheme

Once you understand the syllabus, learn how and when you could lose marks attempting questions you are unsure of to avoid it. 

  • The university will prepare a list consisting of three times the number of seats for each category of students, taking into account the reservation policy of the University, based on total marks secured in Section A. Evaluation for Section B will be done only for the candidates covered by this list.
  • The final rank list will be prepared based on a combination of Section A and Section B scores.
  • If two or more candidates get the same marks at the All India Law Entrance Test PG (AILET PG), their merit will be decided as follows based on Senior Age and Computerized draw of lots.

Negative marking: There will be a Negative Marking in Section-A in AILET 2023. The criteria for negative marking will be based on the formula 0.25*4=1, which means that 0.25 marks will be deducted per the wrong answer. Therefore, four wrong answers will lead to a deduction of one (1) mark.

AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Mock Tests

Section A is for 100 Marks

According to the NLU, Section A of the AILET LLM 2023 Syllabus consists of 100 questions separated into two parts.

  • Part 1- English Language 
  • Part 2- Legal Reasoning 

Part 1 and Part 2 of AILET PG 2023 again consist of 50 MCQ questions each, where each question carries one mark.

Section B is for 50 Marks

  • This section consists of eight to ten questions from different branches of law. You will only be required to answer two (2) descriptive questions of your choice.
  • Each of these questions carries 25 marks.
  • This indicates Section B constitutes a total of 50 marks.

Look at the table given below to understand it in a better way:

Sections  Parts Total Questions| Total Marks
Section-A Part 1: English Language 50 Questions| 50 Marks
Part 2: Legal Reasoning 50 Questions| 50 Marks
Section-B Descriptive questions  2 questions| 50 marks

To ace your preparations, solve questions from AILET's previous year's papers

What Topics to study in each section of the AILET PG Syllabus 2023?

You must understand the basics of all the subjects, but if you're having a time crunch, you can focus on the following topics to quickly run through your syllabus. 

  • Criminal law: Study Bare acts and guide for cases
  • Constitutional law: Study Bare act (P.M Bakshi or Universal) and guide for cases
  • Personal Law: Study Bare Act Provisions, latest legal developments, case laws, and guides.
  • Property Law: Study Bare Act provisions and various laws regarding ownership and tenancy in real property and personal property within the common legal system.
  • Intellectual Property Law: Study Main Bare Act provision, special on registration, opposition, infringement, remedy, and penalty, Law of contract
  • Jurisprudence: This subject holds a good weightage in the AILET PG exam. Jurisprudence requires detailed study and revision.
  • Human rights: Study Laws related to the UN charter
  • International Law: Study recent/ongoing laws

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Note that most of these topics are gathered from your undergraduate classes; therefore, grasping the syllabus should be easy. 

Understanding what to prioritize matters. Do not take a lot of time going through the syllabus rather, list and prioritize the important topics and start with your preparation process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

AILET LLM consists of 150 questions divided into A and B sections. 

AILET LLM consists of 102 marks, where section A comprises MCQ questions, 50 questions of 1 mark each, and section B comprises 2 descriptive questions of 25 marks each. This makes 102 questions of 150 marks.

AILET LLM Syllabus broadly includes Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Contract, Jurisprudence, Law of Tort and International Law, etc.

NLU Delhi provides five specializations as mentioned below:

  • Constitutional Law and Environmental Law
  • Constitutional Law and Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law
  • Constitutional Law and Personal Laws
  • Business Laws

The criteria for negative marking will be based on the formula 0.25*4=1 that means per wrong answer 0.25 Marks will be deducted. Therefore, four wrong answers will lead to deduction of one (1) mark.


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