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Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Exam Analysis 2023 - Difficulty Level, Number of Attempts

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : July 14, 2023


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The highly anticipated preliminary examination was conducted on 9th July 2023, and we are here to provide you with a detailed analysis of the exam.

From the difficulty level of the questions to the key topics covered, we have gathered all the essential information you need to know.

The candidates who appeared for the HP Judiciary Prelims Exam, plus those who are willing to appear in the near future, must have a look at the HP Judiciary Exam Analysis.

The Himachal Judiciary Judiciary exam analysis gives the candidates a detailed insight into the following: 

  • Topic-wise difficulty level 
  • Overall difficulty level of the paper 
  • Total number of good attempts 
  • HP PCS J cut-off  

Whether you are an aspiring candidate looking to gauge your performance or simply curious about the examination process, this analysis will offer valuable insights. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of the Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Prelims Exam 2023! 

Watch the following video for a full comprehensive paper analysis for Himachal Pradesh Judiciary 2023!

Himachal Judiciary Prelims Exam Analysis 2023 [Overview] 

The Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Exam witnessed diverse questions from the subjects of Civil Law-I, Civil Law II, and Criminal Law. According to the candidates' feedback, the paper's overall difficulty level was deemed easy to moderate. Now, let's delve into the subject-wise analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding:

Civil Law-I:

  • The questions covered various aspects of civil law, including contract law, property law, and family law.
  • Candidates found the questions reasonably straightforward, testing their foundational knowledge of the subject.

Civil Law II:

  • This section explored advanced topics in civil law, such as specific relief, torts, and consumer protection.
  • Candidates felt the questions required a deeper understanding of the subject and critical thinking skills.

Criminal Law:

  • The questions in this section focused on criminal offences, the Indian Penal Code, and procedural aspects of criminal law.
  • Candidates perceived the difficulty level as moderate, combining theoretical and practical scenarios.

Overall, the Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Exam showcased a balanced distribution of questions across the subjects of Civil Law-I, Civil Law II, and Criminal Law. The analysis emphasizes the need for a strong grasp of foundational concepts and an in-depth understanding of advanced topics to excel in the examination.

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

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Himachal Pradesh Overall Exam Analysis 2023

The Himachal Pradesh judicial service examination for the civil judge post in the Himachal Pradesh High Court and the Himachal Pradesh state judiciary department will be the most comprehensive (versatility-wise).

In the Himachal Pradesh judiciary civil judge examination 2023, students from all over the country will register themselves and appear for the most awaited and prestigious recruitment examination.

We have started the live analysis by our expert teachers and professors based on the latest exam pattern of the Himachal Pradesh Judicial Service Examination. The Himachal Pradesh judiciary examination has been completed successfully. 

  1. Factors Affecting Cutoff: The cutoff for the Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Examination is influenced by several factors, including the difficulty level of the paper and the attendance of students.

  2. Difficulty Level: The difficulty level of the examination varied across different sections. Paper 1 was reported to be very easy, with many direct questions that candidates had previously encountered. Paper 2 was moderate, with a mix of easy and lengthy conceptual questions. Paper 3 was considered moderately tough due to the significant number of case law-based questions.

  3. Time-Taking Questions: Certain questions, such as those based on assertion and reasoning or match the columns, were time-consuming and tested the candidates' comprehending skills. The pressure of these questions, combined with their conceptual nature, increased the overall difficulty level of the paper.

  4. Case Laws: Paper 3 included a substantial number of case law-related questions, which required knowledge of specific judgments, including details like the quorum or the judge who delivered a particular judgment. This added to the difficulty of the paper.

  5. Vague Questions: Some candidates reported encountering a few vague questions, which caused confusion and consumed additional time. However, it is important to note that overall, the paper was not considered extremely tough.

  6. Expected Scores: Based on discussions with candidates, the expected scores varied across the papers. For paper 1 and paper 2, candidates were confident of scoring around 40+ correct answers. Paper 3, with its emphasis on case laws, led to a range of expectations, with candidates aiming for 30-35 correct answers.

  7. Attendance and Cutoff: The overall attendance of students varied across different examination halls, ranging from 30% to 40-45%. The lower attendance may impact the cutoff to some extent. However, when comparing the difficulty level of this year's papers to previous years, paper 1 and paper 2 were relatively easier, while paper 3 was considered moderate to tough.

  8. Cutoff Prediction: Predicting the cutoff is a subjective task due to various factors involved, including individual performance, number of candidates, and the subjective nature of cutoff determination. It is advised to consider these factors along with the number of correct answers to estimate one's chances of qualifying.

  9. Safe Score: A safe score to secure a place in the examination is considered to be around 225+. Achieving an overall score of approximately 120 correct answers indicates a good chance of qualifying for the next stage.

  10. Preparation for Mains: Candidates scoring 115-120 correct answers should start preparing for the main examination. Although the paper was relatively easy, the reduced attendance may affect the cutoff. Therefore, it is advisable to begin preparations for the main examination if the score falls within this range. Prepare to ace the exam and wait for the Himachal Pradesh judiciary Result.

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In conclusion, the Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Exam analysis provides valuable insights into the examination process and its outcomes. The following key takeaways can be identified:

  • The Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Exam requires a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and their practical application.
  • The exam assesses candidates' knowledge in various areas of law, including civil law, criminal law, and constitutional law.
  • You must have strong analytical and reasoning skills to excel in the exam.
  • Adequate preparation and time management are crucial for success in the examination.
  • Continuous learning and staying updated with the latest legal developments are essential for aspiring candidates.

Overall, the Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Exam Analysis highlights the importance of thorough preparation, strong subject knowledge, and a strategic approach to excel in the examination and pursue a successful career in the judiciary field.

judiciary online coaching
judiciary online coaching

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