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Himachal Pradesh Judiciary Vacancy 2023

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : April 24, 2023


Reader's DigestAre you curious about the latest Himachal Pradesh Judiciary vacancies? Let's dive into the exciting opportunities awaiting aspiring legal professionals in this picturesque region!

Have you ever thought about working as a Civil Judge in the enchanting land of Himachal Pradesh? If you haven't, then this might just be the perfect time to start considering it.

Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission has announced 17 vacancies for post of Civil Judge (Junior Division). 

So, are you ready to embark on a journey towards fulfilling job prospects in the land of snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and vibrant culture? Let's get started by solving your doubts! 

Himachal Pradesh Vacancy 2023

In its official notification, the HP PSC has announced a list of civil judge vacancies mentioned below.

Category Vacancy Anticipated Posts
Unreserved 7 4
SC of Himachal 3 1
ST of Himachal 3 2
OBC of Himachal 4 3
Total Vacancy 17 -
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judiciary online coaching

Eligibility Requirements for Himachal Pradesh Judiciary

Every state has its prerequisites for certain Vacancies and job postings. Similarly, the government has set parameters to fulfil in Himachal Pradesh before you claim your spot as a judge. So what are they? Let's know them in detail. 


  • To be eligible to apply for/compete in the exam, you must be between the ages of 21 and 35. 
  • You must be under age 35 at the time of appointment/acceptance of your position as PCS J (Civil Judge). This condition also applies to all categories.
  • The Government of India has set age-related concessions for candidates from the designated class.

Please keep in mind that SC/ST prospects may be qualified for a 5-year relaxation. Although not required, it is carried out by state and federal law.

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Once you fit into the age limit requirement, the next segment you need to qualify for is your Education and experience. It would be best if you acquired an LLB degree from a recognized university (by the BCI - Bar Council of India). You must enrol as an advocate and acquire a minimum of 7 years of experience. Only then will you be considered a potential contender for this role. 

Nationality (Domicile) 

The position will be offered only to you when you are a verified citizen of Indian Nationality.

On top of that, the preferred candidates are those with the Domicile in Himachal Pradesh and practising in the District Courts of Himachal. Because there is a priority provision for the Domicile candidates over others who hail from states other than HP.

So, make sure you have both to climb up in the suitable candidate list for the PCS J Civil Judge post. 

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What do you need to prepare to acquire the HP Judiciary Post?

Before you rack your brain for the preparatory syllabus, you need to know the examination pattern. We have curated this table below describing the stages of examination alongside the number of papers you must face. 

The Preliminary Stage (MCQ) - 300 marks  The Mains Stage (Subjective/Descriptive paper) - 850 Interview Round- 150 marks
Civil law - 1 Civil - 2 Criminal Law - 1
Personal interviews will be taken with the candidates who have qualified for both rounds. 
N/A English language 
N/A Hindi language 

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Syllabus for HP Judiciary Examination

Now that you know the number of papers you need to qualify before you step up to the judge position. You also must be wondering about the syllabus for the same. To solve this issue, we have created a tablet below.

Subjects  The Preliminary Stage (MCQ) - 300 marks  The Mains Stage (Subjective/Descriptive paper) - 850 marks Interview Round - 150 marks
Civil law 1
  • Code of civil procedure.
  • Specific relief Act.
  • Indian Evidence Act.
  • Indian Stamp Act.
  • Himachal Pradesh Court Act 1976.

No prescribed Syllabus for the PI round. 
Civil law 2
  • Indian Contract Act.
  • Hindu Law.
  • Limitations Act.
  • Transfer of Property Act 
  • Himachal Pradesh Urban Rent.
  • Control Act.
Criminal law
  • Indian penal code.
  • Code of criminal procedure.
  • Negotiable Instrument Act (Chapter 17).
  • Himachal Pradesh Excise Act (2011).
  • Wildlife Protection Act.
  • Indian Forest Act. 
Descriptive Essays and Translations. 


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Now that we have Encapsulated all the information on the vacancies, examination, syllabus, and preparation in Himachal Pradesh Judiciary recruitment. You must have no questions or doubts left in your mind. It is important to have accurate information before you set out to do something in your career. And we have created his blog with the same Intention. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Himachal Pradesh has published a cluster of notifications announcing the opening of different Vacancies. Alongside this, they also opened Vacancies for judges in Himachal Pradesh. The notification was released on 31/08/2022.

There are a total of 13 Vacancies officially announced by the Information and Public Relations Department in Himachal Pradesh. 

There are 3 things you need to fulfil. It would be best if you were of Indian Nationality and must be based in Himachal Pradesh. Also, you should not exceed the age of 35 years and how can you forget having an LLB degree with minimal experience of 2 years? 

No, it is a stark no. You need to have a minimum of 2 years to 7 years of experience before you enthrone yourself as a Judge in Himachal Pradesh. 

 There are 3 stages in the recruitment process of a judge. The first two stages involved brainstorming and excellence with text (they are written examinations) and the final round includes the PI, where you will be interviewed by a panel of interviewers based on your experience.


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