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What is the Difference Between Advocate, Lawyer, Barrister, Attorney, and More?

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : November 1, 2022


Reader’s Digest: Most law graduates are unaware of the technical meanings and differences between an advocate, lawyer, barrister, attorney, and more. Read the blog post to get complete insights into the job role, definition, dress code, clientage, and more. 

Jharkhand Judiciary Syllabus

Jharkhand Judiciary Syllabus

Difference between Advocate, Lawyer, Barrister, Attorney, and Solicitor

We all know Mahatama Gandhi as the father of our nation. But Bapu was a barrister. No, no, he was a lawyer. Or was he an advocate or an attorney? I think he was a solicitor. 

Clear all your doubts about the vague terms from below. 

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Ask Me Anything About Lawyers

Black's Law Dictionary defines a lawyer as "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, solicitor, or counsel; a person taught to practice law." 

In simple terms, anyone with a law degree or who graduated in law is a lawyer, regardless of 3 year LLB course or 5 year LLM course. He or she is employed in the office of an attorney. He is also a law degree-holder, especially one who has been admitted to the bar.

That's not for lawyers. Read the questions by law aspirants below.

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer is any legal professional who is qualified enough to give legal advice. Most lawyers engage in legal work while inside a law firm or an office setting. Contact and service depend on the type of lawyer.

What is the work of a lawyer?

Working as a lawyer involves applying abstract legal knowledge and theories to solve specific individualized problems or advance the interests of those who retain/ hire lawyers to perform legal services.

Can a lawyer represent in the court?

A lawyer cannot represent in a court of law.

What is the attire of a lawyer?

Attire depends on the type of lawyer. 

Ask Me Anything About Advocates

In a legal context, the word "advocate" means to speak on behalf of another person, especially in a court of law.

It can be said that he represents the knowledge, skill, ability, or standing to speak for them. The broad equivalent in many English law-based jurisdictions is "barrister." He acts for a client and presents the case before a court on their behalf.

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Who is an Advocate?

The advocate is a lawyer who has enrolled himself with the Bar Council of India.

How to become an Advocate?

To become an Advocate, one must appear for the All India Bar Examination. After passing the AIBE, you will enroll at the Bar Council of India. Afterward, you will get a license to practice in the courts in India. 

Can an advocate represent people in court?

An Advocate is authorized to represent and try clients' cases in the courtroom. 

What are the types of advocates?

There are three types of advocates, as mentioned in the following points.

  • Advocates - Designated by the BCI
  • Senior Advocate - Designated by the Supreme Court and High Court
  • Advocate on Record (AOR) - Allowed to file a petition in Supreme Court

Briefly explain the ‘senior advocate.’

An advocate is promoted to senior advocate when he fulfills the requirements below. 

  • Must be 45 years of age
  • Practiced as an advocate for not less than 20 years
  • He/she must have excellent knowledge of the law.

What is the dress code of a Senior Advocate?

A senior advocate wears a gown that has flaps on the shoulders.

What is the Advocate on Record (AOR)?

To save the previous time of the honorable Supreme Court of India, they made a special post of the Advocate on Record. Only an AOR is allowed to file a vakalatnama, petition, affidavit, or any other application on behalf of the party in the Supreme Court.

How to become an AOR?

To become an Advocate on Record, you must qualify for the Supreme Court’s Exam of AOR. You must have 5 years of experience (4 years experience in any court plus 1-year experience under any AOR of the Supreme Court holding 10 years of experience).

Ask Me Anything About Barrister

A barrister is a lawyer representing his or her clients in court. It’s much more than this line! Clear your air of doubts about a barrister.

Get the answers to all your questions about the post of a barrister. A barrister, or "Barrister at Law," is a type of lawyer in common law jurisdictions. In the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other Commonwealth countries, a barrister is a practitioner who specializes in courtroom advocacy.

Who is a barrister?

A barrister is a lawyer who has been called to the bar and is qualified to plead cases in the higher courts.

What is the role of a barrister?

A barrister can be called upon to both advise, defend, and represent clients on their legal rights in both civil and criminal proceedings. A barrister should be happy with the paperwork.

What is the work of a barrister?

A barrister appearing in court is traditionally expected to be dressed in traditional court attire

Ask Me Anything About Solicitors

A solicitor is an attorney who advises clients on legal matters, draws up legal documents, and represents clients in certain lower courts. He prepares cases for barristers to present in the higher courts.

Get the complete details of the ‘wh’ information about the solicitor from below.

Who is a solicitor?

A solicitor is a lawyer who provides clients with legal advice regarding contracts, wills, conveyance, business matters, etc.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a solicitor?

Usually, a solicitor practices as an advocate and represents their clients in court. It is harder to contact and receive the service. The solicitors are accountable for checking if the rules, regulations, and procedures are being observed by the legal firm they work for.

What is the dress code of a solicitor?

There is no specific dress code for a solicitor.

Summing Up - Now, don’t be confused between the advocate, lawyer, barrister, attorney, and even a solicitor. Don’t keep this to yourself and spread this knowledgeable blog post with your friends too. Good Luck with your preparation! Happy Reading!

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Judiciary Mock Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

A lawyer gives legal advice and is less experienced in legal matters. However, an advocate represents a client in a court of law. He is more experienced in legal matters.
A lawyer is a law graduate. And a barrister is a law graduate from England. Just the terms are different in different countries. 
A barrister isn’t allowed to represent any case of the client. 
When a lawyer enrolls himself in the Bar Council, he is known as an Advocate. In India, one must pass the Bar Council of India exam to become an Advocate. 


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