NTA CUET Central University of Kerala Exam Pattern 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 12, 2023


Summary: Very few central universities offer certification courses. If you are interested in holding a certificate program in an innovative specialization like "Life Skills", take the CUET test and join CUK Kerala! The article walks you through the NTA CUET Central University of Kerala Exam Pattern 2024 for B.A. International Relations and Certificate Program Certificate in Life Skills.

CUK Kerala is one of the 54 central universities in India and belongs to the top central universities in south India, striving to offer academic excellence.

The Central University of Kerala was coined in 2009 and adopted the CUET UG admission process last year. 

  • With the CUET admission process in place, the syllabus and exam pattern has changed as the NTA prescribes for CUET-participating universities
  • NTA CUET Central University of Kerala exam pattern 2024 is different for every undergraduate program offered at the college. Thus, making it very important to go through the exam pattern carefully. 
  • You must check the NTA CUET Central University of Kerala Exam Pattern 2024 for the desired course to complete the application form. Here is another reason to check the exam pattern

Check the list of UG programs at Kerala University and their respective NTA CUET Central University of Kerala exam pattern 2024. 

NTA CUET Central University of Kerala Exam Pattern 2024 Prerequisites

  • Satisfy the eligibility requirements: Visit the official website of Kerala University to understand if you meet the eligibility requirements, without which your CUET application is likely to be cancelled. 
  • Different courses, different exam patterns: Check the CUET Exam Pattern and syllabus for the UG program you wish to apply to at the Central University of Kerala. The syllabus and exam pattern are different for every UG program. 
  • Domain Subjects: The CUET application has to be filled with the correct language and domain subject information. Once you are sure of the exam pattern, you can complete the application for CUET

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

List of Kerala University UG Programs 2024

The Central University of Kerala offers the following undergraduate programs through CUET

The college offers one bachelor's program and a certification program which are as follows: 

  • B.A. International Relations
  • Certificate in Life Skills

As the article continues below, let’s check the exam pattern for the above courses offered at Kerala University. 

Check: CUET Online Coaching 2024

CUET 2024 General Exam Pattern

The Ministry of education (MoE) has concluded the Common University Entrance Test 2024, and it includes four sections listed below: 

  • Section I A: 13 Languages
  • Section I B: 19 Languages
  • Section 2: Domain-specific test
  • Section 3: General  test

The CUET exam 2024 is conducted in computer-based test mode, i.e., online and in 13 different languages.

According to the CUET 2024 Exam Pattern, Section 1 is divided into two sections:

  • Sections 1A
  • Section 1B
Mode of Test CBT
Test Pattern Objective Type with MCQs
Syllabus Section 1A and 1B: Languages to be tested through Reading Comprehension (based on different types of passages-factual, literal and narrative (literary aptitude and vocabulary)
Section 2: As per the NCERT model syllabus for class 12
Section 3: General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical and Analytical Reasoning

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

NTA CUET Central University of Kerala Exam Pattern 2024

Check the list of UG programs and their exam pattern in the table below:  

Degree UG Course offered CUET Exam Pattern 2024
Bachelor B.A. International Relations If you are interested in studying the BA International Relations program, choose Section 1A: English as Language, Domain: Political Science, and General Test.
Certificate Programme Certificate Programme Certificate in Life Skills If you are interested in studying Certificate Programme Certificate in Life Skills, choose General Test only.

The Political Science and General Test syllabus can be referred to from CUET Syllabus


The CUET exam pattern changes primarily change for most UG programs for every CUET participating university. With the exam pattern's help, you complete your application correctly and prepare in advance to crack the CUET exam 2024. 

If there are any changes to the existing exam pattern, NTA will officially notify you online. 

Check: CUET Mock Test 2024

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