Are you an aspirant of DU JAT Exam or SET Exam? Then, practising previous year business GK questions will help enhance your preparation. To help candidates, we have provided Current Business GK Questions in DU JAT and SET Exam in this post. 

Current Business GK Questions in DU JAT and SET Exam

In both DU JAT and SET exam, the questions from GK section are asked from topics like current affairs, static GK, and general awareness. Hence, candidates must be aware of all happenings around the world to score good marks in this section. 

  • Many students feel that the GK section is one of the toughest section in DU JAT and SET exams. However, having knowledge of current affairs from past 8-12 months would definitely help candidates to crack the GK section easily in the exam.
  • Candidates are advised to make a habit of reading newspaper daily and monthly magazines to improve their general awareness of the business.
  • Solving SET or DU JAT Sample Papers will help candidates to know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • In this post, candidates will get the PDF of Business GK questions DU JAT and Set Exam. Candidates can view or download the PDF and start preparing for the exam.
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Business Related GK Questions DU JAT

Here are the few important business GK questions for DU JAT exam. Candiadtes can go through the business general awareness questions with answers provided below and enhance their preparation of GK section.

Q) Which of the following represents the percentage of equity that will be retained by the Government after the disinvestment of HPCL and BPCL, respectively?

a) 34% and 35%

b) 12% and 26%

c) 35% and 34%

d) 26% and 12%

Ans: b

Q) Which Indian Enterprise used the slogan - Improving the quality of Life.

a) Reliance


c) Birla

d) ITC

Ans: b

Q) The ministry of HRD recently launched which among the following?

a) Samadhan Challenge

b) Bharat Pade Online

c) Web Portal Yukti

d) Saksgam

e) All of these

Ans: d

Q) Which newspaper says You needn't read us to understand us?

a) Times of India

b) The Hindu

c) Indian Express

d) Malyalam Manorama

Ans: d

Q) Recently, the world bank estimated India's GDP in the FY 2020-21 is?

a) 2.5%

b) 2.8%

c) 5%

d) 4%

Ans: b

Q) What is the name of the mobile company which was acquired by Sony?

a) Nokia

b) DoCoMo

c) Erricson 

d) CellOne

Ans: c

Q) Louie Philippe is the brand name of a

a) shirt

b) paper

c) car

d) luggage ware

Ans: a

Q) On which international day of Human Space Flight is observed globally?

a) 10 April

b) 11 April

C) 12 April

d) 13 April

Ans: c

Q) Carrier is a leading name in the field of

a) Air Cooling

b) Air Conditioning

c) Refrigeration

d) Icing

Ans: c

Q) Which car gives you - Fun on the Run

a) Alto

b) Icon

c) Lancer

d) City

Ans: a

Q) Which practitioner is credited with coining the term public relations counsel?

a) Carl Byoir

b) Edward Bernays

c) Ivy Lee

d) John W. Hill

Ans: b

Q) Oman India Joint Investment Fund Acquired how much percentage of stake in DCB Bank?

a) 1.63%

b) 1.33%

c) 1.50%

d) 2.00%

Ans: a

Q) Who is the MD & CEO of ICICI Lombard?

a) Bhargav Das Gupta

b) Kamlesh Goyal

c) Bhanu Pratap Sharma

d) Ajay Kanwal

Ans: a

Q) Which company uses the tagline "Drive your way"?

a) Yamaha

b) Toyota

c) Erickson

d) Hyundai

Ans: d

Q) Rahul Dravid is associated with the advertising campaign of which bank?

a) Bank of Baroda

b) Bank of India



Ans: a

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Business Related GK Questions SET Exam

Attempting the SET Mock Tests will help the candidate to test their business GK preparation and improve the weak areas. Let us have a look at the current business GK Questions with answers for SET Exam.

Q) Which Indian State/UT launched the mobile app NAADI?

a) Delhi

b) Jammu & Kashmir

c) Puducherry

d) Chandigarh

Ans: c

Q) What are the types of activity within demand management?

a) Activity-based, Business activity patterns and user profiles

b) Analytical based, Shaping user behaviour

c) Activity-based, Access Management

d) Analytical based, Business activity patterns and user profiles

Ans: a

Q) Who is the Director-General of Bharat Biotech?

a) Krishan M Eila

b) Rishikesh T Krishnan

c) Dr. Balaram Bhargava

d) None of these

Ans: a

Q) Which Company has launched 'Citizen First' advertisement campaign?

a) Infosys

b) NGC

c) ITC

d) Reliance

Ans: c

Q) Sagem, which has launched mobile phones in India, is a company from?

a) China

b) Korea

c) Italy

d) France

Ans: d

Q) Name the Brand that advertises itself with the slogan 'The Vision Of Sound'?

a) Samsung Tv's

b) Thomson Tv's

c) Sansui Tv's

d) BPL TV's

Ans: a

Q) Which newspaper has the motto - Journalism of Courage?

a) The Hindustan Times

b) Washington Post

c) The Indian Express

d) The Guardian

Ans: c

Q) Name the first Indian businessman who found a place in the cover story of Forbes magazine?

a) Anil Ambani

b) Azim Hasham Premji

c) Dr Reddy

d) Narayan Murthy

Ans: b

Q) Grand Vitara XV-7 is a vehicle launched by

a) Maruti Suzuki

b) Ford

c) GM

d) Hyundai

Ans: a

Q) Boost and Crocin brands are owned by which company?

a) Pfizer

b) GalaxoSmithKline

c) Henz

d) ParasPharma

Ans: b

Q) Who owns the rights for Pizza Hut, Cream Bell and Costa Coffee in India?

a) Ashok Chauhan

b) Anu Agha

c) Ravi Jaipuria

d) Nikhil Meswani

Ans: c

Q) Two Mega confectionery brands - Maha Lacto and Eclairs are owned by which company?

a) Parry's

b) Lotte

c) Nutrine

d) Cadbury

Ans: d

Q) Which of the following BPO companies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polaris software?

a) WNS

b) Progeon

c) Optimus

d) Spectramind

Ans: c

Q) Name the new Business Area which Sahara India Parivar has entered into:

a) Software

b) Cement

c) Advertising

d) Travel & Tourism

Ans: d