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How to Prepare for DU JAT in one month?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 30, 2022


Are you worried about how to crack DU JAT in a month? A lot of queries might be arising when there is a month left for the examination. This post has a curation of clever tips that can help you ace the upcoming DU JAT 2021 with a high score. 

Key Take-Aways: This post shall provide you with tricks and techniques to follow during your DU JAT One Month Preparation. Subject mentors from SuperGrads have guided strategies to plan your preparation for DU JAT in a month. Read through the detailed post to know more.

Can I Clear DU JAT with just One Month of Preparation?

Based on the previous year's analysis of DU JAT, you can prepare for the exam in one month. The level of difficulty is between easy to moderate. With the right preparation strategy, you can clear the exam with one month of preparation. 

You need to note that being dedicated to your goal can help in achieving it. Are you confident that you can clear the exam in one month? If not, you will be convinced of the one-month preparation strategies by the end of this post. 

DU JAT mock test

DU JAT mock test

What must be my Key Focus During DU JAT Preparation?

Understanding DU JAT question paper: First and foremost, familiarise yourself with the DU JAT 2021 pattern and curriculum. The question paper for DU JAT is divided into as follows:

DU JAT Section Number of Questions Marks Per Section
Quantitative Aptitude 25 100
Reasoning and Analytical Ability 25 100
General English 25 100
Business and General Awareness 25 100
Total 100 400

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You will get four marks for each correct answer, while for each wrong answer, you lose one mark. So, remember not to attempt the question if you are not sure about the answer.

The syllabus of DU JAT includes various topics as tabulated below: 

Sections Important Topics
Quantitative Ability Numbers, Profit & loss, Fractions and Decimals, Ratio & Proportion, Geometry: Lines, Angles & Triangles, Polygons, Circles & Mensuration, Permutations & Combinations, Probability and Determinants
Reasoning and Analytical Ability Coding & Decoding, Symbol Based Logic, Family Tree & Directions, Arrangements: Linear, Circular, Matrix Arrangements, Groups & Conditionality, and Logical Series
General English Reading Comprehension, Synonyms & Antonyms, Fill in the Blanks, Subject-Verb Agreement, Analogies, and Etymology
General Awareness Business, Economics, History, Politics, Current Affairs, Science and Computers

So, now are you clear about what exactly to study? Try not to waste time reading unwanted topics. 

What should be my Study Plan for One Month of DU JAT Preparation?

As you are now aware of the topics, you might be wondering where to start? What to study? You might be confused about the preparation plan. 

Here is the detailed one-month study plan for the entrance exam that helps cover the DU JAT syllabus and has enough time for revision. 

Note that a minimum of 6-8 hours every day must be spent studying for DU JAT. You are left with just one month; you need to grasp the concepts and understand them quickly.

Week 1 Preparation

  • The first week can be a roller coaster as you have just started the preparation. You might feel complex, hectic, and confused. But be patient.
  • Create a properly structured study plan for DU JAT that covers all subjects. Each of your preparation strategies may vary; hence you can alter this plan at your convenience.
  • Begin your day by studying one topic from each subject. Divide the day into four separate time durations for four subjects.
  • If you pick a tricky topic from one subject, select an easy one from the next subject. 
  • This builds interest to study more and doesn't makes you feel bored. 
  • Follow this method for the first week, and you can complete half of the portions in a week. 

Week 2 Preparation

  • You can repeat the previous week's preparation strategy here. 
  • Try noting essential terms, formulas while studying as it can help in last-minute preparation. 
  • Ensure to complete studying all the topics this week to have the next two weeks for revision.
  • Don't forget to read Daily Current Affairs to know the latest issues happening across the globe. 

Week 3 Preparation

  • Begin solving previous year's question papers to know the difficulty level of questions and different types of questions asked.
  • Make sure you solve as many question papers as you are confident to take up the real examination.
  • Start revising the topics you have studied earlier. Give a glance at all topics so that you are well prepared.
  • Also, attempt DU JAT Mock Tests to test your preparation levels. You can experience the real-time exam environment through this activity. 
  • You can also utilize this week for studying any leftover topics. 

Week 4 Preparation

  • The last week is generally for revision. But one central point to remember is not to get tensed and worried about the exam.
  • Be calm and revise whatever you have studied. 
  • Also, note that not to study any new topics in the last week. This may lead to forgetting previously studied topics and end up in a lot of confusion.
  • Revise the notes you have prepared and learn shortcuts for solving the problems quickly.

How to Prepare for DU JAT in One Month?

Hope you have got complete insight on how to plan your preparation for DU JAT. Now let us understand the tips and tricks for better preparation and enhancing your preparation.

  1. Firstly it is definitely preparing a proper and structured study plan that is as per your convenience. 
  2. Segregate each topic or subject with an estimated time so that you know when to study what.
  3. Work more on your strong areas. As there is just a month left for the exam, know your strength and start working on them. Learn shortcuts to solve the trickiest problems in less time with high accuracy. 
  4. Practice as many mock tests as you can. This way, you are checking your preparation levels and come over your errors. You will also learn time management by attempting the tests.
  5. Revision is the key to remember tough topics. With just one-time preparation, you might not be fully confident about the topics. So, it is suggested to revise again and again for better preparation. 

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