The Bihar Public Service Commission has issued an advertisement for the 31st Bihar Judicial Services Recruitment of 221 vacancies to the Bihar Civil Judge Junior Division. Thousands of students take part in the Bihar Judicial Services Recruitment Test every year and try their luck, but only a few are chosen. This makes it tough not only to take part in the entrance examinations but also to have an impact when it comes to cracking the Bihar Judiciary Interview Round.

Bihar Judiciary Interview Questions

Applicants should be aware of the fact that this interview test is not about assessing knowledge, it is about assessing one's temperament, etiquette, personality, etc. The basic advice for the interview round is that your thinking should be constructive and straightforward if you head to the interview round, and it should look like you're the best person for that role.

  • They've already checked your law skills through the prelims and mains review, and now it's the final examination of your personality and positivity.
  • They could even give you the wrong clue and place you under pressure, in these situations remain calm and answer questions based on your conceptual skills.
  • They could also place you in an argumental position to test how positively you can manage various circumstances. 

In order to have a better understanding, refer to the most recommended Bihar pcs j interview questions, often asked questions, and key points to note during the interviews given below.

rajasthan Judiciary Online Coaching

rajasthan Judiciary Online Coaching

Bihar Judiciary Interview questions

To excel in the Bihar Judiciary interview, you need to plan for some common questions asked in the Bihar pcs j interview, as this will help you build confidence and give better answers when you're in the interview room. Some of the questions that you should prepare for your Bihar Judiciary interview round are mentioned below.

Law conceptual questions for Bihar Judicial Services Recruitment

  1. If four people went out to kill a man, one of them killed the man by gunshot. According to you, the murder case will be filed on which one of them?
  2. If a man murdered someone and surrendered to the police station with a gun, so will he be punished?
  3. Can a wife take maintenance from his husband against CrPc section 125, if she has a job?
  4. What is the difference between bar and Bench?
  5. If someone dies after being hit by a Governor’s car, will there be a case on Governor?
  6. If a boy proposes to a girl and the girl wants to file a case, then under which section will the case be filed?
  7. If a person’s name is not in FIR, can cognizance be taken against him, if it can be taken, what is its provision?
  8. Can the session court take cognizance of a criminal case on its own?
  9. What is the principle of entitlement?
  10. Whether the witness is entitled to permission to be seated while giving evidence in the Court? If so, under what circumstances? How the witnesses produced by the plaintiff and defendant and the witnesses called and examined by the Court are required to be numbered? Indicate with reference to the relevant provisions of General Rules (Civil) 1986.
  11. Briefly discuss the applicability of the doctrine of severability under Article 13 (1) of the Constitution of India.
  12. Briefly discuss the provisions of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 regarding the examination of parties by the court at the first hearing of the suit.

Personality Based Interview questions for Bihar Judicial Civil Judge Exam

  1. Why do you want to become a judge?
  2. Why have you chosen to pursue this career path for yourself?
  3. Why should we choose you? / what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. What if we don't select you?
  5. How will this selection serve as a bridge between you and your future goals?
  6. What do you believe contributes the most to your success?
  7. How do you see your past efforts?
  8. According to you, what is the difference between hard work and smart work?
  9. How do you manage stress or stress?
  10. Give me an example of when you can be creative at work. What was exciting or challenging about it?
  11. Tell me about the moment when you are not satisfied with your work. What can you do to make it better?

Bihar Judiciary Preparation Tips

In order to excel in the Bihar Judicial Services Examination, candidates are advised to follow the Bihar judiciary preparation tips suggested by experts.

  • Before beginning the preparation, one of the most critical steps is to understand the syllabus of the Bihar Judiciary Syllabus.
  • To get an idea of the kinds of questions asked in the examination, candidates can go through the previous year's Bihar papers.
  • For General & Legal General Knowledge, read the News-Papers, Magazines, and Judgments of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and the Bihar High Court on a daily basis.
  • Take the habit of reading Bare Acts every day.
  • Schedule to attempt at least 20-30 multiple choice questions from the subjects discussed on a regular basis for the pre-examination of the Bihar Judiciary.

bihar Judiciary mock test

Bihar Judiciary mock test

Recommended Books for Bihar civil judge exam

Applicants may seek to refer to the following books in preparation for the Bihar judicial services Exam.

Name of the Book

Name of the Author

Civil Procedure with Limitation Act


Textbook on Indian Penal Code

K.D Gaur

The Code Of Criminal Procedure 1973

Bare Act Paperback

Evidence(Law of Evidence, Law of Evidence, The Law of Evidence)

Vepa P. Sarthi, Batuk Lal, Rattan Lal & Dhiraj Lal

Contract(Textbook on Law Of Contract & Specific Relief, Contract – I and Specific Relief Act)

R.k Bangia, S. K. Kapoor

Hindu Law(Modern Hindu Law, Family Law, Law of Marriage & Divorce)

Paras Diwan, Dr. U.P.D. Kesari

Muslim Law(Outlines of Mohammedan Law, Principles of Mohammadan Law)

Aqil Ahmad, Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla