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Why choose RBI Grade B Officer as a Career ?

Why choose RBI Grade B Officer as a Career ?

Dear Aspirants,

Why choose RBI Grade B Officer as a Career ?

Well, Choosing a career can be a tricky task at times. With RBI recruiting as a Grade B Officer, aspirants have a great opportunity of joining RBI. In India, competition for any government competitive exam is sky-high and if you wanna join RBI as an officer, you need be an efficient student. You need to plan your study and devote time in preparing for RBI Grade B officer Examination. Well, One need to think about the reason He/She is making any particular career choice and if you have chosen RBI Grade B as your career, Here we bring for you the reasons to join RBI Grade B as an officer;

Things to understand about being a RBI Grade B officer

Salary of RBI Grade B officers:

Recruited RBI Grade B officers will earn a salary of 13 lakhs per annum. The basic pay of Rs. 21,000/-  Per month will be paid . RBI Grade B officers initially earn a monthly salary of Rs. 47,855/- per month. This will have a steady raise after every other promotion.


The Training program is conducted in two modules and it goes on for around 15 weeks covering both Foundational and Functional modules. Selected candidates will be trained in Reserve Bank Staff College, Chennai. After the training gets over, Officers will be posted to various offices across the country.In every batch, around 75 percent of Officers will be posted in Mumbai. Other officers will be posted in various regional offices across the nation, mostly being in State capitals.

Probation :

New officers shall be on probation for a period which shall not be less than one year and more than two years as may be fixed by the Governor at the time of his/her appointment.

Work culture:

To be a RBI Grade B officer, High level of efficiency and competency will be required to work for RBI. You need to work hard if you want to be a Grade B officer. RBI Grade B officer will mostly be working in cities. Work load Varies with varying departments.

Transfer policy:

After completing 3 years at one centre, Any officer can apply for transfer indicating 5 centres of his/her choice ( One can choose a maximum of 3 centres from the same zone ). An officer may spend more than 10 years in Mumbai because of the presence of Central Office. Deferment of Transfer can be requested in below mentioned cases;

Education of Wards:

  • If an Officer’s child is studying in 10th or 12th, then an extension for one year can be granted to the officer.Or
  • If an officer is in the final year of completing any course then he/she may be granted an extension of one year.

Privilege Deferment:

  • An officer may be allowed a deferment of 2 years in his/her entire career as a privilege of  working for RBI.

Extreme Hardship:

  • Bank may defer transferring up to 2 years in case of extreme hardship faced by an officer.
  • In an entire career of an officer, He/She can not use more than one deferment.
  • Only Sport Persons playing at National or International level are exempted from transfers.
  • If you want to join RBI as an officer, you need to follow the hardship because you will be transferred a minimum of 6 times in your entire career of 30-35 years.


Those who want to take better and higher responsibilities, can take departmental examination after 5 years to get promoted to Grade C officers post. One can gradually progress as per the below hierarchy:

Hierarchy of RBI Officers:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief General Manager
  • Principal Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Deputy Governor

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