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IBPS PO 2016: Tips for efficient time management

Time and tide waits for none”. Managing time is a crucial part of any examination. It can decide your factor of success or can also prove to be the reason of your failure. It depends on how wisely and judiciously you use it. Time management is one of the frequently faced challenges in any examination and it has to be taken care of wisely when it comes to IBPS PO Mains 2016 examination.

The IBPS PO Mains paper has five sections (total of 200 marks):

  • Quantitative Aptitude

  • Reasoning Ability

  • English language

  • Computer Awareness

  • General Awareness (with special reference to banking industry)

The total time alloted is 140 minutes. Please note that you have score the sectional cut off individually to pass the examination. You need to manage time very well because proper time management will help you attempt all the four sections. Divide the total time into four time slots i.e. Try to save time in the English and general awareness section and devote this saved time to Quant and Reasoning sections as they are time consuming.


Ideal time allocation (Section wise): The following table gives you the ideal amount of time which should be spent on every section in order to accomplish “Proper time management”.


Time Allotted (in mins)

Quantitative Aptitude


Reasoning Ability


English Language


Computer Awareness


General Awareness (with special reference to banking industry)



Quick tips for efficient “time management”:

  • Give importance to each and every section: This should be kept in mind that every section is equally important. Never skip any of these sections and try to secure the cut- offs of each section.

  • Speed up your calculations: Try to speed up your calculation speed as it can save a lot of your time. Use tricks for speeding up the calculations.

  • Avoid sticking to questions: Make sure that you spend not more than a minute on each question. Do not stick to a particular question and waste your time on it. Rather than wasting your time, you can go forward and solve the questions you are comfortable with.

  • Get comfortable with online platform: Try to get handy with the online platform. It will make your hands faster and enable you to finish off your written test within the time limit.

We hope this article will prove helpful and will enhance your caliber. Stay tuned for more updates. Good luck!

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