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What is the best way to prepare for SBI bank PO while working as an IT employee?

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you for taking up the decision of preparing for SBI bank PO while working as an IT employee. It is a great decision to choose to expand your horizon towards Bank PO jobs while being in IT field. Adding to your efforts, we would like to suggest you how to prepare for SBI bank PO while working as an IT employee.

SBI PO Prelims Mock Test Series

Tips to crack SBI PO for IT Professional

Even if you have a busy schedule, you can start preparing for bank PO exams like SBI bank PO.  We present you some incredible tips to crack SBI PO for IT Professionals:

  • Initially, take a mock test so that you get an idea of your ranking in bank PO preparation. You can then figure out your weak areas and start working on it. You can also figure out your strong areas and enhance them.
  • Prepare a short routine consisting of all sections in accordance to your work hours (we would recommend for 4- 5 hours daily). Make sure that you manage to cover all possible sections on a daily basis. Moreover, make sure you read a newspaper every day.
  • Start searching for study materials and resources which will help you prepare for the SBI bank PO exam. Your primary focus should be on the topics in which you are weak and focus on those.  While preparing, keep an eye on your rate of improvement.
  • Keep a track of amount of time you devote to each section. Revise repeatedly and work on most of the questions you come across.
  • Be consistent with your practice. Don’t miss out practice sessions and make sure you follow the routine.

Tips to crack SBI PO for IT Professional: Points to Remember

  • Focus on weak areas: Try to focus on the weak areas more than the areas in which you are strong at. That will make your performance 100 percent.
  • Prioritize the important ones: Make a note of the important topics asked in SBI PO exams and focus mostly on those topics. 
  • Revise: Try to revise what you study as it will make you remember what you read. Or else, you will forget what you read.
  • Take up mock tests: Attempt mock tests on a regular basis. This practice will give you a virtual exam environment to practice.

We hope that this article helps in how to prepare for SBI PO while working as an IT employee. Stay tuned for more updates. All the best

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