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Boost Your IPM Scores With These Verbal Ability Tips

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Summary: The Verbal Ability section of the IPMAT is one of the highest carriers of marks. The passage-based section alone contains around 12-13 questions. If you want to ace the exam, you need to ace your Verbal ability section first. Here we will be discussing simple tips and tricks to help you ace the Verbal Ability section. Learn all the tricks for verbal ability to boost IPM scores.

What better way to understand the demand for any entrance test than to look at the previous year's paper and gauge its level of difficulty?  IPMAT is already a tough exam with a negative marking for each wrongly answered question.

The verbal ability section is totally related to the English language. Here you will se various kinds of questions, and with only a slight practice with proper strategy, you can easily score higher marks.

Here we will try to understand how to solve the verbal ability to boost ipm score with 100% accuracy. So keep up with the article, and you will get to learn all the tips to help you ace your Verbal Ability.

Types of Questions Asked in Verbal Ability in IPMAT

How to score higher in verbal ability section? This question haunts thousands of minds. Well, if you are here, it won't be a problem anymore. We will help you learn tricks for verbal ability to boost ipm score.

These are very simple and effective verbal ability preparation tips that you will need to follow while preparing for the examination.

The verbal ability section for the previous year's paper for IPMAT consisted of multiple sections, as mentioned below-

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Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension part of verbal ability consist of paragraphs from renowned newspapers like Economics Times or Indian Express. Here is an example from IPMAT 2022 paper-

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Read the following passage and choose the answer that is closest to each of the questions that are based on the passage.

Bananas, apples, and avocados continue to ripen after they are picked. Cherries, blackberries, and grapes do not. The difference between climacteric fruits (the former) and non-climacteric fruits (the latter) matters to fruit growers and greengrocers, who must make sure their wares are in tip-top condition when they arrive at the marketplace. But how those differences originally came about remains unclear.

Two biologists of the University of Tokyo offer a suggestion. Fruits, they observe, exist to solve a problem faced by all plants-how best to spread their progeny around. Wrapping their seeds in a sugary pulp to provide a tasty meal serves as a way to get animals to do this for them. They do, however, need to make sure that their fruits favour the animals most likely to do the distributing. The biologists propose that climacterism, or its absence, is a way to achieve this. If ground-dwelling animals are the main distributors, then the continuing ripening of fallen fruit (i.e., climacterism) is beneficial. If, by contrast, those distributors are arboreal or aerial, and so can feed on unfallen fruit, then non-climacteric fruits will do well.

To test their idea, the two researchers studied 80 varieties of fruits, and noted which animals each depended on for its propagation. 35 of these fruits, eaten by both ground-dwelling animals and arboreal or aerial animals, were non-climacteric. Further, 15 of the 19 varieties eaten principally by ground-dwellers were climacteric, while 21 of the 26 fed on by arboreal or aerial animals were non-climacteric.

That is a suggestively strong correlation. And the authors' hypothesis is fortified by other evidence. They point out that non-climacteric fruits tend to have vivid colours, especially reds and purples. This may help them to stand out amid the foliage of their parent plants, advertising their presence. Climacteric fruits are generally better camouflaged. That makes them harder to spot until they have fallen to the ground.

The main limitation of their work is that they looked at fruits eaten by people. This has probably contaminated the sample, for thousands of years of selective breeding for traits that human beings find appealing may have blurred any signal optimised by natural selection. The next step, therefore, should be the analysis of wild fruits.

Q1- The main point the writer makes is that fruit-bearing plants

  1. of all kinds need to be studied, not just those consumed by humans.
  2. and other plant species' propagation cannot be studied accurately.
  3. are better protected than other plant species and can propagate easily.
  4. have the same problems in propagation as other plants.

Q2- The study has been based on

  1. fruits that are consumed by humans.
  2. fruits available at the University of Tokyo.
  3. wild fruits consumed by animals.
  4. fruits sourced by greengrocers.

Q3- Which one of the following options means "arboreal" and "camouflage"?

  1. tree-dwelling and disguised
  2. ground-dwelling and hidden
  3. protected and fortified
  4. covered and variegated

Q4- The origins of the distinguishing characteristics between the two types of fruits, climacteric and non-climacteric are

  1. nebulous in spite of research.
  2. clear now as a result of this research.
  3. trivial at this stage.
  4. dependent on researcher observation.

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Q5- According to the passage, the interest in the difference between climacteric and non-climacteric fruits is in the

  1. commercial context.
  2. environmental context.
  3. gastronomical context.
  4. public health context.

Consider the following two Findings:

(i) Non-climacteric fruits tend to have vivid colours.
(ii) Thirty-six varieties of climacteric and non-climacteric fruits were eaten predominantly either by ground-dwellers, or by arboreal or aerial animals respectively.

According to the passage,

  1. Finding (i) provides main evidence and Finding (ii) provides supplementary evidence confirming the hypothesis of the biologists.
  2. Both Findings (i) and (ii) provide supplementary evidence confirming the hypothesis of the biologists.
  3. Both Findings (i) and (ii) provide main evidence confirming the hypothesis of the biologists.
  4. Finding (i) provides supplementary evidence and Finding (ii) provides main evidence confirming the hypothesis of the biologists.

Those students who have a habit of reading have better chances of scoring higher marks. Apart from that, a proper strategy and practicing mocks will easily help you ace this part.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching


In this section, most of the questions are based on Idioms and Phrases. You will also get to see different kinds of questions in the vocabulary section. Here is an example of Idiom and phrase questions from the IPMAT 2022 paper-

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Complete the following sentences by choosing the most appropriate word/phrase from the options given below.

Some of the best spies take the guise of innocuous secretaries or researchers and are able to send large amounts of information to their heads of espionage, as they are ________________________.

  1. hiding in plain sight
  2. hiding documents very craftily
  3. hiding from watchful eyes
  4. hiding within everyone's sight

Here is an example of four-filler questions from the IPMAT 2022 paper-

The sentences below have words that are missing. Choose the best option from those given below to complete the sentence.

The beauty of ______________ is that it poses thought-provoking questions and inspires us to think deeply about _____________ and life in general. Further, ______________ about the ideas and perspectives outlined by different thinkers can help us to gain a better _______________ of the world we live in.

  1. philosophy; ourselves; pondering; understanding
  2. orthography; writing; speaking; perspective
  3. linguistics; language; cogitating; picture
  4. history; animals; mulling; acquaintance

Here is an example of pointing out the incorrect option questions from the IPMAT 2022 paper-

One of the statements below contains a word used incorrectly. Choose the option which has the incorrect or inappropriate usage of the word.

  1. There was a scenic spot not very far from our cottage where we used to go for picnics.
  2. Such a spot on his career was difficult to ignore when deciding promotions.
  3. He was unsure if he could respond to the question asked; fortunately, his answer was spot on.
  4. She wanted to make a good impression but, at the last moment, she discovered a spot of ink on her collar.

To ace this section, all you need to do is be consistent in practicing as many questions as possible.

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In this section, the questions are based on incorrect sentences, and it could be anything ranging from parts of speech and parallelism to notifiers and tense of speech. Here is an example from IPMAT 2022 paper-

In each of the following sentences, the incorrect part of the sentence is underlined. Choose an alternative from the four given options so that the sentence is rendered correct.

If I had known that you needed to go to the airport yesterday, I could drive you there.

  1. should have driven you there.
  2. would have driven you there.
  3. would drive you there.
  4. should drive you there.

To ace this section, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the basics of grammar and have to practice a lot of mocks.

Para Completion

In this section, most of the questions are based on logical reasoning abilities. Here is an example from IPMAT 2022 paper-

Each of the paragraphs given below has a sentence missing which is indicated by a blank. From the choices given below each paragraph, choose the sentence that seems most logically appropriate to complete the paragraph.

This winter, I wish to go to the beaches for a holiday. I think I will go to Goa, India's most well-known beach holiday destination. It is about 600 km away from Mumbai, so reaching there is not a major problem. ___________________________. The major Goan beaches are tourist attractions and have some good beach-view hotels and plenty of shops selling touristy things such as beach robes, hats, jewellery, bags, and more.

  1. There are buses that ply at night, there are both day and night trains, and one can always hire a car and reach there in comfort in about 10 hours.
  2. A great getaway place, it offers an interesting variety of food, sightseeing options, flea markets, and some wonderful Indo-Portuguese buildings.
  3. One of the great things about a holiday in Goa is that we can be as lazy as we want, relaxing all day, sunbathing, sipping juice, and trying out different Goan tidbits.
  4. Some major beaches are Baga, Bogmalo, Candolim, Calangute, and Dona Paula, where adventure sports activities like water skiing and scuba diving are organized.

Mostly the students who are able readers will find it easier comparatively, as non-readers find it hard to figure out the answers. So make a habit of reading frequently and also practice a lot of mock tests.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Para Jumbles

In this section, most of the questions are based on arranging the sentences. This is one of the toughest sections of all, and most students fail to score in this section. Here is an example from IPMAT 2022 paper-

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The sentences given below, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a number. Decide on the most logical order and enter the sequence of numbers in the space provided. Only numbers are to be entered in the space provided for the answer, and no other letters or characters should be entered. For example, a response such as 3412 or 25143 is valid, and a response such as 3412. or 25143. is invalid.
1. A sub-par monsoon cuts farm yields, output, and farm incomes, increasing the country's dependence on food imports.
2. A robust monsoon will help put a lid on food inflation by increasing domestic output of a variety of goods and commodities.
3. This is because half the Indian population depends upon farm-derived income.
4. The June-to-September rain-bearing system is often called the lifeblood of the country's economy.
5. Unfortunately, however, nearly 40% of India's net sown area does not have access to irrigation.

If you are willing to score higher in this section, you need to have good control over the vocabulary and grammar. You need to have very good reading skills to catch the sequence of the jumble.

This table will inform you of all the types of questions, and how many of them are asked in the paper-

Section Type of Question No of Questions Total Marks
Reading Comprehension Passage-Based (2 passages) 12-13 48-52
Vocabulary Idioms and phrases 8 32
Vocabulary Fill in the blanks 6 24
Vocabulary Words that often confuse 6 24
Grammar Spot the error 4 16
Para Completion Logical and reasoning abilities 4 16
Para Jumbles Sentence rearranging 5 20

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The IIMs do not want a superhuman for their course; they want students who are willing to get into IIM. Hard work and consistency are the only way to get through.

The verbal ability is the only section that you can easily ace without having to grind a lot. With a combination of hard work and smart work, you can achieve numbers that others in this section find hard to reach. Make sure to solve as many mocks as you come across, and also practice reading on a daily basis. These simple tips for verbal ability to boost ipm score will help you to get the highest marks possible. Follow these verbal ability preparation tips to ace any entrance exam. Hopefully, you will crack the IPMAT exam and get into the next batch of IPM.

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