SLAT Personal Interview Topics 2024

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : July 11, 2023


Have you completed your SLAT exams and waiting to be called in for the interview? Taking a look at the question curated in the article will be helpful. 

To begin with, confidence and being yourself is the key to feeling comfortable during the interview process.

This post will help ease your preparations and give you an idea of the type of questions and the personal interview process.

You must clear the entrance test, written ability test and personal interview to study at the Symbiosis International University for both UG and PG programs. 

What is a Personal Interview in SLAT?

The aim of a personal interview is to test whether you are suitable for a law career or not. Based on your SLAT score, you will be called for the interview. Make sure to secure a score about the minimum qualifying marks.

The Personal Interview for SLAT is mainly a personality test. Apart from answering the questions asked by the interview panel, you need to possess good body language and be confident and genuine. 

Documents to be carried for SLAT Personal Interview

You must prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and carry it to the interview round. Along with your CV, you need to carry a few documents like

  1. Your SLAT ID and score
  2. Marks sheet of 10th and 12th standard
  3. Any achievements or certificates

Important Topics for SLAT Personal Interview 2024

Here is the table of the important interview topics for SLAT:

S.No. Important Topics for SLAT Personal Interview Answers Guide
1 Self-introduction and background Share relevant personal and educational details, highlight achievements, and discuss future aspirations. Emphasize skills, experiences, and values that make you a strong candidate for the program.
2 Motivation to pursue law and SLAT selection Discuss your passion for the legal field, reasons for choosing law as a career, and how SLAT aligns with your goals. Highlight experiences, events, or individuals that influenced your decision.
3 Awareness of current legal and social issues Stay updated with recent legal developments, landmark cases, and social issues. Express your understanding, opinions, and possible solutions for addressing these matters.
4 Knowledge about the Symbiosis Law School Research the law school thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with its history, programs, faculty, achievements, and unique features. Demonstrate your interest and why you believe it is the right fit for you.
5 Strengths and weaknesses Identify your strengths relevant to the legal profession, such as analytical thinking, communication skills, or problem-solving abilities. Address weaknesses positively, showing your willingness to learn and improve.
6 Extracurricular activities and leadership Highlight involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, community service, or internships that demonstrate your diverse skills and abilities outside academics. Explain how these experiences have shaped you.
7 Ethical and moral dilemmas Discuss ethical situations you have encountered and the principles that guided your decision-making. Demonstrate your understanding of ethical implications in legal scenarios.
8 Case study analysis Prepare by analyzing landmark cases, legal controversies, or hypothetical scenarios. Practice critical thinking, logical reasoning, and applying legal principles to reach conclusions.
9 Communication skills Showcase your ability to articulate thoughts clearly, listen actively, and respond thoughtfully. Practice effective communication, maintaining a confident and professional demeanor.
10 Questions for the interview panel Prepare relevant and thoughtful questions about the law school, curriculum, faculty, student life, career opportunities, or any specific areas of interest to demonstrate your enthusiasm and curiosity.

Important Questions for SLAT Personal Interview

As mentioned above, this is a personality test, so be prepared for all questions related to your education and career.

Here are a few frequently asked questions in the personal interview of SLAT, which are as follows: 

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to pursue law?
  3. Why should we select you?
  4. What are your major strengths? Give example.
  5. What are your weaknesses?
  6. Would you prefer SLS over the other National Law Schools?
  7. What are Human rights? Why are they important to us?
  8. What do you understand by Intellectual properties, right?
  9. What is the Fundamental right in the context of the Indian Constitution?
  10. What do you understand by Environmental laws?
  11. Reasons for choosing a particular law programme and SLS?
  12. What are your long-term career goals?

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How to Clear SLAT Personal Interview?

You must remember a few points before you proceed with the personal interview preparation. 

  • It is important to be prepared with the above set of questions.
  • Be prepared for all the above questions frequently asked in SLAT Personal Interviews.
  • Know about your field and be clear about why you would like to pursue a career in law.
  • Be thorough with the recent current affairs and know about the latest happenings across the globe.
  • Know about your academic subjects thoroughly.
  • Be clear with the subjects you studied in 11th and 12th. 
  • You can be questioned on speaking about your favourite subject or any generic subject.

Do's & Don'ts to Clear SLAT Personal Interview 2024

Do's Don'ts
1. Dress professionally and maintain good posture 1. Don't be late for the interview
2. Research the law school and its programs 2. Don't memorize answers, be genuine and authentic
3. Practice mock interviews to build confidence 3. Don't interrupt or dominate the conversation
4. Listen attentively and clarify questions, if needed 4. Don't provide vague or incomplete answers
5. Express your passion for the legal field 5. Don't criticize or speak negatively about others
6. Provide examples and real-life experiences 6. Don't rush through answers, take time to think
7. Maintain eye contact and engage with the interviewers 7. Don't make up information or exaggerate your achievements
8. Show enthusiasm, positivity, and confidence 8. Don't use slang or inappropriate language
9. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses 9. Don't appear disinterested or unprepared
10. Follow up with a thank-you note after the interview 10. Don't be overly casual or informal

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