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How to fill out the CUET Self Declaration Form?

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : September 16, 2023


Summary: Unlock the CUET 2024 NTA Self Declaration Form and gain access to an excellent exam experience. Learn why and when it's important, and follow our guidelines for a stress-free examination. Don't ignore this essential step towards academic success. 

In order to stay in line with current health precautions and regulations, CUET, like many other examinations, has included a self-declaration form for candidates. This article delves deeply into the NTA Self Declaration Form for CUET 2024, ensuring that every intending candidate understands its requirements. 

What is the NTA Self Declaration Form for CUET 2024? 

The NTA (National Testing Agency) Self Declaration Form for CUET (Central Universities Entrance Test) 2024 is a document in which candidates confess their current health status and any communicable disease exposure concerns. Candidates must carry and submit this paperwork before taking the CUET Entrance Exam to ensure the safety of all attendees. 

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cuet online coaching

When is CUET Self Declaration Form Required? 

Every candidate taking the CUET 2024 must complete the NTA CUET Self Declaration Form. It behaves as a pre-entry health check, ensuring that those taking the test are not threatening the health of those who are present during the examination. 

The CUET self-declaration form serves as a primary preventative measures assessment to reduce potential health concerns during large gatherings such as exams. It ensures not only the health of the candidates, but also that of the examination personnel and invigilators. The goal is to establish an environment in which every participant feels safe while concentrating on the examination. 

Where to Download the NTA Self Declaration Form? 

  • Access and complete the CUET exam self declaration form on the official website, nta.ac.in, prior to the examination. 
  • The self-declaration form CUET 2024 is also provided along with the admit card, accessible on cuet.samarth.ac.in
  • Candidates can conveniently locate the self declaration form for CUET as an attachment when they download their admit card. 

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CUET Self Declaration Form 2024 Details 

This self-declaration attempts to monitor and prevent the spread of medical issues. Candidates should only complete this form if they have not had symptoms such as fever, cough, or breathing difficulties in the previous days. 

Details to mention in the CUET Declaration Form: 

  • Candidate's Name 
  • Registration Number 
  • Examination Date 
  • Examination Time 
  • Signature 

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What Are the Steps to Fill the CUET Self Declaration Form? 

Candidates can follow the steps to fill CUET Self Declaration Form are mentioned below: 

  • Download the Self Declaration PDF form from the official website. 
  • Fill in the necessary details. 
  • Indicate any symptoms you might have by ticking the appropriate box. 
  • Date and sign the document. 
  • Submit the form at the examination center. 

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cuet mock test

cuet mock test

CUET Self Declaration Form Guidelines 2024 

  • Entry to the CUET examination hall in 2024 mandates the presentation of the admit card, a valid ID proof, and the printout of the NTA self declaration form. 
  • After downloading the admit card and form, ensure you go through all instructions meticulously, as any discrepancies might create issues at the exam center. 
  • Fill in your name and address on the first page. 
  • Indicate any major symptoms you might have experienced recently. Refrain from marking any symptoms unless they have been severe. 
  • Specific sections like pointers b, c, and d require special attention. For instance, you should tick on the 'c' option. 
  • If a section queries about recent travels, such as section D, leave it blank unless instructed otherwise. 
  • Attach a passport-size photo – it should match the one on the admit card. Place your left-hand thumb impression in the designated space. 

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Note: Do not sign the form before the time. The form should be signed in the presence of an invigilator at the exam centre

Furthermore, the NTA Self Declaration Form for CUET 2024 is an essential document that ensures the safety and well-being of all those involved in the examination process. As a responsible candidate, make sure you follow all requirements and correctly complete out the form. Your vigilance and exam preparation can help to ensure that everyone has a pleasant examination experience. 

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