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NPAT Exam Analysis 2021

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 7, 2023


Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies has successfully conducted the first session on 27th June, while the next session shall be conducted on July 2nd and 3rd, 2021. 

You can appear twice for NPAT Exam and the best out of two shall be considered for final selection. To get an idea about the difficulty level of the exam, the type of questions asked in the exam and the number of good attempts, this post provides a detailed exam review. 

Scroll down to know about the NPAT  Examination and also the previous year exam review. You can get a complete insight into the examination by going through the NPAT Exam Analysis. 

NPAT 2021 Exam Analysis

  • There were three sections included in the exam. Each section included 40 questions. 
  • You will have 100 minutes to attempt 120 questions. So, it is important to manage time while appearing for NPAT Exam. 
  • Take a look at the difficulty level and good attempts of the examination below.

July 02, 2021

  • In today's exam, English was easy to moderate level of difficulty. 
  • No questions were asked from Time, work, geometry in the Quant section which was surprising. 
  • Based on the review, the cut off is expected around 65 marks.

June 27, 2021

  • The examination was conducted in online, remote proctored mode. 
  • The question paper of NPAT comprised of 3 sections: Verbal, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. 
  • There was no option for choosing the order of sections. The first section was Verbal, followed by Reasoning and quantitative aptitude. 
  • There was no sectional timing, hence you could move to the next section after completing one.
  • Also, there was no negative marking.
Exam Date Good Attempts Difficulty Level
June 27, 2021 75-78 Moderate to Difficult
July 2, 2021 78-82 Moderate
July 3, 2021

Subject-wise NPAT Exam Review 2021

Go through the subject-wise analysis of NPAT 2021 below. Know how many questions were asked from various topics in each subject. As per the analysis of the first session, the cut off marks for NPAT 2021 is expected to be in the range of 72-75. 

NPAT Exam Analysis of July 02 2021

Verbal Ability

  • The verbal section was easy to moderate.
Topic Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension: 2 passages of 100-150 words each 10
Fill in the blanks 15
Spot the Errors 5
Para jumbles 5
Total 40
Good Attempt 30-34

Logical Reasoning

  • There were 3 sets of DI. The questions were moderate level. 
  • The key to crack this section was the selection of sets.
Topic Number of Questions
DI case lets – Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables 12
Seating Arrangement (3 sets) 12
Data Sufficiency & Blood Relation 5
Syllogism & Statement Conclusion 5
Venn Diagram & Order 12
Total 40
Good Attempt 30 – 32

Quantitative Aptitude

  • This section was moderate. All the questions were doable.  
Topic Number of Questions
Statistics/ Median, deviation 6
Functions, Progression, Equations, Identity-based, log 10
Set Theory 6
Arithmetic 7
Total 40
Good Attempt 26-28

NPAT Exam Analysis of June 27 2021

Verbal Ability

  • The majority of the questions appeared from grammar and reading comprehension.
  • Compared other two sections, the Verbal Ability section was easy. 
  • One of the Reading Comprehension was tricky. So, practice more and more questions to attempt any type of question easily. 
Topic Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension: 3 passages of 100-150 words each 15
Fill in the blanks 10
Idioms and Phrases 6
Sentence Correction 5
Para jumbles 4
Total 40
Good Attempt 30-34

Logical Reasoning

  • This section was time-consuming due to calculation based questions. 
  • The level of difficulty was moderate. 
  • Most of the questions were based on pie charts which were doable. 
Topic Number of Questions
DI case lets – Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables 10
Selection Criteria 2
Data Sufficiency 3
Syllogism 3
Logical Inequalities 2
Visual Reasoning 3
Venn Diagram 5
Mathematical Operations 4
Family Tree 2
Ranking 2
Circular Arrangement 1
Statement Argument, Statement Assumption 3
Total 40
Good Attempt 30 – 32

Quantitative Aptitude

  • This was the lengthiest section compared to others. Make sure to improve your time management skill in order to complete the section quickly.
  • The level of difficulty was moderate to difficult. 
  • The questions were based on quadratic equations, probability, linear equations, percentage, and trigonometry, etc.
Topic Number of Questions
Statistics 5
Trigonometry 5
Functions 4
Quadratic Equations 3
Set Theory 3
Percentages 2
Profit & loss 2
AP - GP 2
Linear Equations 2
Probability 2
Number applications 2
Time, Speed and Distance 1
Venn Diagram 1
Total 40
Good Attempt 26-28

NMIMS NPAT 2019 Exam Analysis

There are three sections in the NPAT Exam: Quantitative & Numerical Ability, Reasoning & General Intelligence, Proficiency in the English Language. Go through the table below to know the number of questions from each topic in the NPAT Exam 2019.

Topics Number of Questions Marks
Quantitative & Numerical Ability 40 40
Reasoning & General Intelligence 40 40
Proficiency in English Language 40 40
Total 120 120

NPAT Section-wise Exam Analysis 2019

Here is the detailed section-wise analysis if NPAT 2019 Exam. Check the analysis and know the number of questions asked from each topic.

Quantitative & Numerical Ability

As per the previous year exam analysis, the questions asked in the Quantitative section are a little bit tricky and lengthy compared to other sections. Time management is very important to solve the questions from this section. The difficulty level of the Quant section is moderate to difficult in 2019.

Topics Number of Questions
Statistics 6
Trigonometry 5
Set Theory 5
Sequence/Series 4
Functions 3
Fractions 2
Quadratic Equations 2
Profit & Loss 2
Ratio-Proportion 2
Surds & Indices 2
Time-Speed-Distance 1
Simple & Compound Interest 1
Income and Expenditure 1
Algebraic Expressions 1
Linear Equations 1
Mensuration 1
BODMAS based 1
Total 40

Reasoning & General Intelligence

Reasoning and General Intelligence section test the candidate's knowledge and analytical skills. To score more marks in this section, candidates must have a through understands of all the concepts. In 2019, most of the questions are asked from topics like Analytical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Syllogisms, Visual Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. As per the 2019 Exam analysis, this section is of moderate difficulty.

Topics Number of Questions
3 DI Caselets (Pie Chart, Line Graph, Bar Graph) 10
Selection Criteria 5
Data Sufficiency 5
Visual Reasoning (Analogy, Odd Man Out) 4
Venn Diagram Based 3
Symbol Based Logic 3
Statement- Conclusion 2
Groups-Conditionality 2
Syllogisms 1
Statement-Argument 1
Statement-Assumption 1
Circular Arrangement 1
Order-Ranking 1
Family Tree 1
Total 40

Proficiency in the English Language

As per the 2019 exam analysis, the difficulty level of this section is easy to moderate. To score more marks in this section, candidates must have good knowledge of English grammar, which will help analyze the questions easily in the exam.

Topics Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension (3 passages, 350-400 words, mostly direct questions) 15
Fill in the blanks (Part of Speech, Prepositions) 6
Fill in the blanks (Sentence completion) 6
Error identification within the sentence 5
Para Jumbles 4
Word meaning in the context of the sentence 3
Idiom Meaning 1
Total 40

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