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JEE Main Preparation Strategy

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 10, 2022


If you aim to get admission to top Architecture colleges to pursue B. Arch and B. Planning courses, it is crucial to crack the highly competitive JEE Main Paper 2 Examination.

Many queries might be running in your mind about preparing for JEE Main Paper 2, which books to refer to crack the entrance exam, and many more. Well, don't worry!! You can get expert-curated JEE Main Paper 2 Preparation Strategies in this post. 

So, go through the entire post to crack the JEE Main Paper 2 2023 exam with a high score. 

Key Take-Away: This post will provide you with detailed preparation tips and tricks to crack the JEE Main Paper 2 Exam 2023. Know how to begin your preparation, what materials to refer and how to study the entire syllabus. Also, learn quick tips to gear up your revision preparation. 

How to Prepare for JEE Main in 1 year?

Let's get started with this one-year study plan for JEE Advanced:

  • First and foremost, convince yourself that JEE is not a complicated exam. Instead of focusing on problem-solving, consider actual circumstances.
  • Long-term planning is essential. Only then will you be able to prepare thoroughly, devise a workable study strategy, and achieve your target score or rank.
  • There are a lot of numerical issues in JEE Advanced exam papers. So, never ignore them because if you are good at solving numerical questions in all three subjects—physics, chemistry, and mathematics—you are more likely to pass the cut-off.
  • Keep track of how quickly you solve problems. Continue practising so that by the time you take the exam, you'll have mastered the ability to recognise the sort of issue merely by glancing at it.

Download JEE Main Paper 2 Question and Answer (Free)

 JEE Main Study Tactics 

  • Having a thorough understanding of your syllabus may greatly aid your preparation.
  • Get a clear analysis of which topics require special attention and set aside for later examination. The key subjects to study if you wish to finish the IIT JEE (Main and Advanced) programme in a year.
  • Every year, it has become apparent that NCERT books and NCERT answers have the ability to help you achieve a high score in the IIT JEE Main and Advanced exams; hence it is recommended that you complete your NCERT books.

How to Prepare for JEE Main in 6 months?

This is a demanding entrance test for admission to Architecture courses at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Most of you are probably studying for JEE Main paper 2 and the board test simultaneously. Some of you, on the other hand, might be having trouble compensating for both syllabi. To crack, you'll need a well-thought-out strategy.

You may be surprised to learn that you may prepare for JEE Main Paper 2 in only 6 months. Are you curious as to how? So, our Creative Edge experts will guide you through some of their best ideas and tactics in this piece.

JEE Main Paper 2 Mock Tests

How to Prepare for JEE Main in 1 month?

Since the JEE Main exam syllabus is so extensive, applicants should plan on spending at least seven months studying for the exam. However, we have mentioned below the strategies to assist applicants with their study approach for the JEE Main exam preparation within a month. 

  • Divisions the Syllabus: Before beginning your JEE Main test preparation, you should review the exam curriculum and divide it to get the total number of units in each subject. This will aid you in creating a schedule for studying for the JEE Main test.
  • Make Study Timetable: The most challenging aspect of studying for the JEE Main test is managing your time between Class 12th board examinations and JEE Main exam preparation. As you begin to prepare, establish your timetable. The JEE Main syllabus is straightforward, and studying for the test is not tough. However, you need to have a proper approach to improve your JEE score.
  • JEE Mains Weekly Study Plan: You can prioritise the units after splitting the curriculum and determining the units to cover for the JEE Main test. You may either go through the subjects in sequence or choose units at random from any of them. However, you will need to devote at least two days to each lesson to understand the subject thoroughly.

JEE Main Paper 2 Revision Tips 2022

Here are some of the great JEE Main revision tips:

  • Prepare Short Notes: As JEE Main Arch questions are MCQ/objective-based, making short notes on relevant topics is essential. Making quick notes can also boost your memory strength in terms of the themes. When preparing for the short note, it's good to list all the essential formulas in each subject. These notes will assist you with last-minute preparation for the entrance exam.
  • Learn Essential Formulae: When revising, it's critical to study important formulae. This will assist you in completing the exam questions promptly. Because most of the questions in Physics/Math will be formula-based, it is critical to remain on top of them to achieve a higher test score.
  • Please focus on the Most Major Topics: In physics, mathematics, and chemistry, it is critical to concentrate on the most important chapters like Iconic Buildings and their Architect, from where you have to compile a list of crucial topics for JEE preparation based on past year's papers.
  • Set a Goal: Last but not least, before beginning to prepare for the entrance test. It is critical first to set a goal. You'll need to calculate how many days you'll need for revision. Experts say that students benefit the most from a 30-day revision approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to crack the JEE Main Paper 2 exam, candidates have to design a well-structured plan to study all the topics. Follow the expert preparation tips to enhance your preparation levels.

Before starting your preparation, know the complete JEE Main Paper 2 exam pattern and syllabus.

Improve your time management skills by solving previous year's question papers.

First focus on important topics as per the examination point of view.

Take Mock tests after the completion of every concept.

Revise all the important formulas on a regular basis.

Try to solve previous year papers as many as possible, so that you can improve your speed and helps to know the difficulty level of paper and marking scheme.

Let us have a look at the table below to know the best books for the preparation of Mathematics:

Maths XI and XII by R.D. Sharma

Plane Trigonometry by S. L. Loney

Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight

IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta

Problems of Calculus in One Variable by A. Maron

Yes. There is negative marking in of -1 marks for every incorrect answer. There is no negative marking for unattempted questions & numerical value-based questions.
Paper 2A -BArch will comprise of 82 questions and Paper 2B (B.Planning) will contain 105 questions in total.
Mathematics for Class 11 & Class 12 by R. D. Sharma
Vector by Shanti Nayaran
Higher Algebra by Barnard and Child
Yes, with a proper study plan you can prepare for JEE Main Paper 2 in 6 months. 
R D Sharma provides a basic foundation for JEE Mains. You can be thorough with all the basic concepts from this book. Also, it includes varieties of problems for each concept. 
Yes. The aptitude test syllabus is the same for B. Arch and B. Planning programs.

That's the part about planning your preparation process and knowing what to study that cannot be skipped.

No. It is not mandatory to appear for the JEE Main Paper 2 Exam. If you are interested in BArch/Bplanning program, then only you can appear for the paper 2 exam.

As per the previous year's paper from the last few years, the exam is easy to moderate level of difficulty. In the first stage of the exam, there are 3 sections- Aptitude, Mathematics, and Drawing. Those who clear the Online Written Exam are eligible for the next selection process.

There are three sections in the B.Arch Exam: Mathematics, General Aptitude, and Drawing.

Here is the list of a few best colleges for admission for B. Arch,

Department of Architecture and Planning Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Roorkee)
School of Planning and Architecture (SPA)
Sir J.J College of Architecture
Department of Architecture Birla Institute of Technology Mesra
Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
School of Planning and Architecture University of Mysore

There is a negative marking in the JEE Main Paper 2 Exam, You have to give the penalty of 1 mark for each wrong answer marked in the exam.

After completion of the 5-year course of B.Arch, students can either opt for a 2-year course of Post Graduation in Architecture M.Arch (Masters in Architecture) or search for a job in various government and private sectors. Get the list of the B Arch Salary below,

Bachelor's Degree INR 1,60,000 to 10,00,3000 Lakhs

Bachelor's of Architecture INR 1,60,000 to 10,00,3000 Lakhs
Master of Architecture (M.Arch) INR 4,60,000 to 16,60,000 Lakhs

List of the industries in the Architecture Industry 
Ministry of Defense
National Institute of Urban Affairs
Public Sector Undertakings
Town and Country Planning Organization
Departments of Railways
Post and Telegraphs
National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.
Housing and Urban Development Corporation
The Archaeological Department
Public Works Department
National Building Organization

You need to study mathematics, general aptitude, and drawing skills to appear for the JEE Main Paper 2 Exam for B.Arch Program.


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