The JEE Main is also known as Joint Entrance Examination (Main). It is an entrance examination that is taken by the aspirants who want to carry forward their studies with engineering. Students desiring admission in any B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch, B.Planning, NIT or IIT organizations need to crack the JEE Mains Examination. The Joint Entrance Examination is controlled by the NTA (National Testing Agency), and it follows the CBSE curriculum strictly.

JEE Main Question Paper

The JEE Main Question Paper is one of the leading things that all the aspirants have to follow with care. Here, a candidate can come to know about the leading facts connected to the question paper of the JEE (Main) question paper. Moreover, some mock questions are also stated in this article that will help a candidate to get a clear idea regarding the style of MCQs that come in the examination. 

JEE Main: Pattern of Question Paper

The JEE Main question paper is comprised of three subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The total time a candidate can get is 3 hours to solve each subject mentioned above. Given below, is a small table that will help the candidates to understand the allotted marks:

Subjects Marks Allotted
Physics 25 questions, each of 4 marks
Chemistry 25 questions, each of 4 marks
Mathematics 25 questions, each of 4 marks
Total 75 questions, each of 4 marks

A candidate, during the time of preparation, can always search for the JEE Main question paper with answers. These mock tests can be one of the leading ways one can ensure getting outstanding marks in the exam. When searching on the internet, the candidate should always try to find websites where there is more traffic. There one can get authentic answers. It can improve the candidate’s chances of cracking the JEE (Main) Examination with ease.

JEE Main: Marking Style

Marking style is one of the most important things that the candidates need to keep in mind when appearing for the Joint Entrance Examination Mains. Every candidate must be aware of the following facts while preparing for the JEE:

  • All correct answers carry 4 marks each. 
  • For every wrong answer, ¼ marks are deducted. So, 4 wrong answers can take away 1 mark from the student.
  • No marks are deducted for a question that is unattempted.

As a result, a candidate must always try to leave a question unattempted rather than giving a wrong answer in case of the Joint Entrance Examination. As a wise preparatory measure, they can solve the JEE Mains previous year question paper.

Benefits of Solving JEE Previous Question Papers

There are several benefits of solving JEE Main question papers. So, a candidate must always try to go for the JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers Download from the internet. Here, some benefits are mentioned in details:

  • Time management is enhanced for a candidate who solves the JEE Main question paper
  • Helps in understanding the important chapters as a candidate can chalk out the daily planning of the study. 
  • More practice is ensured when solving the pre-existing question papers. 
  • A candidate can build-up outstanding confidence when it comes to appearing for the JEE Mains. He must always analyze his performance on the verse of the total time taken to solve a specific number of questions. 
  • Timely revision is always ensured when it comes to solving the question papers.

JEE Question Papers and Importance of Mock Test

The JEE Mains question paper helps a candidate to take a mock test. The importance of taking mock tests matches a lot with that of the benefits of solving the question paper. Try to go for the JEE Main question paper PDF download. Candidates can go through the JEE Main Free Mock Test Series for the practice to know the level of the exam on the basis of the previous year questions asked in the exam.

JEE Mains: Score Calculation

The score is calculated in two ways when it comes to the score calculation. For the convenience of every aspiring candidate, the ways are given below in a tabular form:

JEE Marks Calculation Probable Technique
Probable 1 (4x1)-(1x1)-0
Probable 2  (4x1)-0-(1x1)

  With the help of these, the candidates can ensure calculating the score in a better way after they have given the examination.

JEE Mains: Some Important Questions

Here are some important questions that can help the candidates to understand the pattern of the MCQs that come in the JEE Mains. They can go through the questions below as they are sorted according to the subjects.


For a solid and uniform cone, the distance up to the center from the vertex is z0. If the height of the cone is h and the radius is R, What is the value of z0?

  1. 3h^2/8R
  2. 3h/4
  3. 5h/8
  4. 3h/4

 An LED emits red light of 0.1 watts uniformly. What is the electric field amplitude at a distance of 1 m?

  1. 7.75 V/m 
  2. 5.48 V/m
  3. 2.45 V/m
  4. 1.73 V/m

A train is at a speed of 20ms^-1 through a straight track. The frequency at which the train is whistling is 1000 Hz. If the speed of the sound is 320 ms-1, at which rate would the frequency change for a person standing at the track?

  1. 12%
  2. 24%
  3. 18%
  4. 6%


Which of the vitamins given below are soluble in water?

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Vitamin K
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Vitamin E

For which of the metal sulfates the lattice enthalpy is lower than the hydrogen enthalpy?

  1. SrSO4
  2. CaSO4
  3. BeSO4
  4. BaSO4

What will be the percentage of loss for the weight for potassium chlorate when it is boiled?

(Mol weight: 122.5)

  1. 39.18
  2. 49.0
  3. 12.25
  4. 24.50


In a parabola, let O be the vertex and Q denote any point x^2=8Y, What will be the locus of point P if it divides OQ internally in a ratio of 1:3?

  1. y^2=2x
  2. x^2=2y
  3. y^2=x
  4. x^2=y

With both the coordinates as integers, what will be the number of points lying interior of a triangle having the vertices (0,0), (0,41) and (41,0)

  1. 901
  2. 780
  3. 861
  4. 820

Let P and Q be two sets where P has 4 elements and Q has 2 elements. What will be the number of subsets in the case of PxQ where at least three elements are common?

  1. 219
  2. 256
  3. 510
  4. 275

So, these are some of the sample question papers that the students can get in the JEE Main 2020 question papers. It will be safer for the candidates to cover the CBSE books as they can help a student get more questions in the common pattern.

The candidate will be able to find several questions that are found in JEE main previous year question paper which are available on the websites. At times the people providing the training can give the candidates the suggestions regarding the exact sites from where one can get the JEE Main previous year question paperAlways remember to take the JEE examination seriously as an entrance.  At present, every candidate might face competition to get admitted to a good college.

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