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How Topper Writes MPCJ Mains Answers? Answer Writing Tips

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : August 18, 2023


The Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Exam will take place on 27 August 2022 and 28 August 2022.

As the Mains exam is nearing, the cloud of doubts becomes thicker. Many law aspirants might be stuck in the never-ending doubt cycle of how to write MPCJ Mains answers like a pro.

Read this blog to learn the art of Mains answering writing in MPCJ by Priya Rathi - Rank 1.

MPCJ Mains Answer Writing Tips

Answer writing is an important aspect of exam preparation for the MPCJ exam

Go through the following answer writing tips by the topper.

Write in Legible Handwriting

  • Your answer copy of MPCJ Mains should have readable handwriting.
  • You are not expected to write in a fair and cursive manner.
  • Don’t use slang.
  • Avoid texting words such as bcoz, guys, ol, iz, etc.

Write the Definition of Keywords

  • You may start with the introduction. 
  • If you are in lack of time, you may skip the intro part. 
  • No marks are deducted for skipping the introduction.
  • Rather, it is just a way of beautifying your answer. 

Underline Important Keywords

  • Simply underline the important keywords such as Sections, laws, codes, etc.
  • Don’t make curvy/wave lines, double underline, square, or rectangular boxes.
  • If the exam notification prohibits the candidate from underlining, strictly avoid it.
  • Underlining highlights the important content of the answer. 
  • Also, it simplifies the task of the copy checker. 
  • Only underline important content/pointers. 
  • Do not write the definitions randomly.
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Use the Keywords of Bare Acts

  • Add the keywords of the Bare Act to show resemblance to the Bare Act.
  • The answer can have a different language than that of the Bare Act.
  • It gives a good impression to the examiner that the candidate is well-versed with the legal or technical keywords.
  • Cover all the necessary information asked in the question.

Write According to the Marks Allotted

  • Understand the questions properly.
  • Frame the answer within the marks allotted.
  • Narrow down as per the demand of the question
  • Briefly describe the minor topic
  • Describe the major topics in depth. 
  • Do not get overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the question.

Use Single Colors Pen

  • Do not use multiple coloured pens.
  • Write with a single pen; either blue or black for the entire paper.
  • Do not switch the colour of the pen in between the exam.
  • Different colours make your copy easily identifiable, and liable for the cancellation of your candidature.
  • The single colour code displays uniformity throughout the paper.

Make the Answer Presentable

  • Leave the lines after each paragraph.
  • Proper spacing makes the answer copy more readable.
  • All the essential pointers get reflected easily.

Outline of Sample Question of MPCJ Mains Exam

Writing answers for the Judiciary Mains exam is often a task that comes with practise. 

Refer to the following sample question and outline for the upcoming Mains exam. 

Sample Question - Tell the difference between Culpable Homicide and Murder. 

Answer Outline

  • Introduce the answer briefly.
  • Explain the definition of Culpable Homicide under Section 299.
  • Briefly write the expectations of Culpable Homicide.
  • Discuss important details of cases related to Culpable Homicide.
  • Explain the definition of murder under Section 300.
  • Briefly write the expectations of Murder.
  • Discuss important details of cases related to Murder.
  • Differentiate Culpable Homicide and Murder.
  • Add a column of the basis of differentiating to make it distinct.
  • Write relevant illustrations for both Culpable Homicide and Murder.

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