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How to Start Judiciary Exam Preparation at Beginner Level?

Author : Yogricha Verma

Updated On : September 20, 2023


Are you aspiring to appear for Judicial Services Examination? If yes, then this article shall provide you with a road map for clearing state-wise Judiciary Exams. 

Our Faculties from Judiciary Gold have spent a lot of time in understanding what could a beginner's guide to judiciary exam preparation look like and how to start judiciary examination preparation from scratch and here we have explained in-depth Judiciary Exam preparation strategies for beginners.

In this article we will cover all the aspects needed for a beginner's guide to judiciary exam preparation:

  • Understanding Judiciary and its stages.
  • How to start Judiciary preparation from scratch?
  • How to select the target states for Judiciary?
  • How to Complete Revision for Judiciary Exams 2023?

Read through the entire article carefully to know how to begin preparation for Judicial Services Exam from scratch.

Pre-requisites for Judiciary Exam Preparation 2023 (The stages of Judiciary examination)

To begin with the preparation for any state Judiciary, you need to have a few prerequisites essential for smooth practice. Divide your preparation into three levels:

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Prelims (The initial screening examination)

  • Start your preparation for Prelims by reading and making notes directly from Bare Acts.
  • Bare Act is the primary preparation material for all Judiciary Aspirants.
  • Do not overload yourself with too many resources for starting your preparation, rely on your notes that you will make from your classes and your Bare Act.
  • Most of the questions in the Prelims are asked directly from the Bare Acts.
  • Solve as many bare-act based (direct) questions as possible from the previous year's Judiciary Exam Question Papers to test your preparation level.
  • Clearing the prelims exam is essential to get shortlisted for Mains.

Mains (Intermediate level, essential to clear for Personal Interview)

  • The preparation for Judicial Services Examination is mains exam focused because it is the most important step in the entire process.
  • Your Mains preparation can include reference books and getting into depth because Mains will test your concepts, Answer Writing skills and knowledge depth.
  • As you have a basic understanding of Bare acts, you can boost your preparation by studying from reference books.
  • You can improve conceptual knowledge by referring to the best Judiciary Exam Books

Personal Interview (Interview or Viva-Voce)

  • As a beginner you will always worry of the interview as well but understand interview is the last stage, you must focus on clearing other stages before that.
  • This level will test your knowledge and confidence.
  • You have to start working on your personality from day one in order to clear this level.
  • Interviewers will test your knowledge, presence of mind, your personality and decision making skills.
  • You must be presentable, clam yet very attentive during the entire interview process.
  • Having a good command on your communication skills will be extremely advantageous during this stage of examination.
  • The aspirants who clear this stage are selected as Judicial Officers. It is very important from day one to keep in mind the importance of this stage and develop your personality accordingly.

judiciary online coaching

judiciary online coaching

How to Start Preparation for Judiciary Exam as a Beginner?

Of you have just started you judiciary preparation as a beginner, following suggestions for the preparation will help you a lot in your exam:

  • The first and foremost step to starting civil judge exam preparation is starting the preparation collectively. Prepare for Prelims and Mains exam together. In case you leave mains exam in isolation, then it might be difficult to catch up with your preparation once your clear Prelims, as there is very less time between prelims and mains for majority of states. 
  • Remember to begin with the a blend of Major and Minor subjects like preparing the Constitution of India with the state's land revenue code.
  • Consider your Bare Act as your gita, quran and bible and memorise everything using your Bare Act and it's index.
  • Prepare index notes and ready reckoners - they'll help you catch up with a large amount of syllabus, hours before the examination.
  • Prepare notes for your own reference, it will help you in memorising better. Make sure you make short notes that help you in quick revision during the last few days of your preparation. You can refer to expert-curated tips on how to prepare notes for Judiciary Exams
  • Do not leave procedural laws behind. Procedural laws can be difficult and boring but are of utmost importance.
  • Make a habit of preparing notes for procedural subjects as well. It can help a lot in the last-minute preparation for the Judiciary Examination.

What are the Important Aspects of Judiciary Exams 2023?

As a beginner it a must for you to know that apart from judiciary-related topics or subjects, there are other essential concepts that you need to be well-prepared for better results.

Here is the beginner's guide to judiciary exam preparation and given below are the important subjects that you need to give importance to, along with law subjects.

General Knowledge and Language

  • GK includes static GK, which involves various sub-topics like science, history, and geography and also includes State level GK for a few states.
  • Follow the model of the state Previous Year Papers to get an idea about GK questions. 
  • You can refer to Judiciary Exam GK Preparation Tips by experts to know what to study and prepare. 

Current Affairs

  • This is yet another important topic in the GK section.
  • Along with static GK, you need to be well-prepared for Current Affairs
  • Reading newspapers is one of the best-suggested methods to stay updated about the latest issues happening across the globe. 

Judgement Writing

  • For judgement writing in the examination, some states follow a set pattern, while some states don't.
  • Hence, go through the respective state judiciary carefully and prepare accordingly. 
  • Follow expert-designed tips on how to prepare for Judgement Writing in Judiciary Exam


  • This is also state-specific. So, make sure to know if your state is asking for translation in the examination or not and prepare accordingly. 

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

What should be my Target State for Judiciary Exam Preparation?

Before you prepare for the examination, as a beginner, make sure you fix a target State and stick to it. Every state has a different pattern, syllabus and by fixing a target state, you will have confidence in clearing the examination. 

  • State-Specific Approach - Target 2-3 states and prepare only for that. Don't go by the number of vacancies. Focus on clearing any of the targeted state-specific examinations.
  • Preparing for State-Specific Law - Some states have specific laws. If you are preparing for a particular state, make sure you know the local and specific laws you must prepare for. 

Hence, these shall be your methods to prepare. Ensure to focus on reaching the target with the right strategy. 

How to Complete Revision for Judiciary Exams 2023?

The last stage to success is revision. It plays a vital role as you can glance at all topics you have studied earlier. 

It would help if you revised each subject at least 3 to 4 times. Try to complete your first round of studying the topics at least 2 or 3 months before the examination so that you are left with more time. Use your notes and bare-acts for your revision during your Judiciary Exam Preparation


Utilise your time for revising every concept from each subject. Also, most importantly, you need to solve previous year's papers regularly as this will help boost your confidence and know which type of questions could be asked in the exam. Practice as much as possible, solve at least 300-400 questions daily in the last 45 days of your preparation.

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