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How to Score Good Marks in English CBSE Class 12: Section-wise Prep Strategy

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : September 14, 2023


Reader's Digest: Do you want to know how to score 100 in English class 12 CBSE? Read this blog for the insider English preparation strategies to score good in English CBSE Class 12. 

Scoring good marks in English CBSE Class 12 might seem challenging, but it's entirely achievable with the right strategies and preparation.

English is the highest-scoring subject in which you can get above 85 marks with proven strategies. Therefore, it can significantly impact your overall percentage, and mastering it is crucial.

Now, let's delve into the key points we'll be discussing in this blog:

  • Best Strategy to Attempt English CBSE Class 12 Question Paper: Discover the most effective techniques for approaching and answering questions to maximize your scores.
  • Section-wise Strategy to Score Good Marks in English CBSE Class 12: Break down the English paper and learn how to excel in each, including Reading, Writing, and Literature.
  • Strategy to Prepare English for CBSE Class 12: Explore comprehensive tips and resources for your English Class 12 preparation, time management, and practice strategies.

What is the Best Strategy to Attempt English CBSE Class 12 Question Paper?

The strategy outlined below for attempting the CBSE Class 12 English question paper is generally a good one, but it ultimately depends on your strengths and weaknesses. Here's a more detailed breakdown of the suggested strategy:

Section A: Reading Section (20 marks):

Start with the reading section. This section typically includes passages and questions based on comprehension, vocabulary, and inference.

Allocate a specific amount of time to each passage and its related questions to ensure you manage your time effectively. Don't get stuck on a single passage.

Section B: Writing Section (30 marks):

After completing the reading section, move on to the writing section. This section usually includes creative writing tasks like essays, letters, and reports.

Read the instructions carefully and plan your responses. Organize your thoughts before you start writing.

Section C: Literature Section (30 marks):

Finally, attempt the literature section. This section may include questions about the prescribed novels, poems, or plays.

Focus on questions that you are most confident in answering. Don't spend too much time on a question if you're unsure.

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How to Score Good Marks in English CBSE Class 12 [Reading Section]?

Scoring well in the Reading Section of the CBSE Class 12 English paper requires good reading skills, comprehension, and effective time management. Here are some specific tips to help you excel in this section:

Tip 1: Read Questions Before Reading the Passage

  • This is an excellent strategy to save time and focus your reading. Knowing what questions to expect allows you to actively search for answers as you read the passage.
  • Pay attention to keywords in the questions that will help you identify relevant information in the text.

Tip 2: Regular Practice of Reading Comprehension

  • Consistent practice is crucial for improving your reading comprehension skills. Try to practice at least one or two reading comprehension passages every day in the days leading up to the exam.
  • Use various sources, such as textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and online resources, to practice different types of passages and writing styles.

Tip 3: Practice Note-Making and Summary Writing

  • In Class 12, note-making and summary writing are essential skills for the Reading Section. Practice these regularly, especially by working on the previous year's questions.
  • Focus on identifying the main ideas, supporting details, and the logical structure of the passage while making notes.
  • Develop the ability to write concise and well-structured summaries that capture the essence of the passage.

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How to Score Good Marks in English CBSE Class 12 [Writing & Grammar Section]?

Scoring well in the Writing and Grammar Section of the CBSE Class 12 English paper is essential, as it requires good writing skills, grammar proficiency, and adherence to prescribed formats. Here are some tips to help you excel in this section:

Tip 1: Revise Formats Thoroughly

  • Familiarize yourself with the formats for different types of writing, such as essays, letters, articles, and speeches. Revise them multiple times before the exam.
  • Pay attention to the specific format requirements, such as the salutation and closing in letters or the structure of an essay.

Tip 2: Beginnings and Endings

  • Strong beginnings and endings leave a lasting impression on the examiner. Craft engaging introductions that grab the reader's attention.
  • Conclude your pieces effectively, summarizing the main points and leaving the reader with a thought-provoking or memorable ending.

Tip 3: Adhere to the Word Limit

  • The word limit is crucial in the CBSE English paper. Exceeding the word limit can lead to deductions. Practice writing within the specified word count to ensure you can convey your ideas concisely.

Tip 4: Divide and Conquer

  • For essay writing, articles, debates, and speeches, the "divide and conquer" approach is highly effective. Divide your content into clear and well-structured paragraphs.
  • Use a five-paragraph format for essays, with an introduction, three body paragraphs (each presenting a different point), and a conclusion.
  • Maintain a logical flow of ideas between paragraphs. Each paragraph should contribute to the overall argument or theme.

Additional Tips

  • Plan and Outline: Before writing, plan your content for a few minutes. Create a rough outline to organize your thoughts and ideas.
  • Proofread and Edit: After completing your writing, take some time to proofread and edit. Check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Make necessary corrections.

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How to Score Good Marks in English CBSE Class 12 [Literature Section]?

Scoring well in the Literature Section (Section C) of the CBSE Class 12 English paper is essential to secure good marks overall. This section typically includes questions about the prescribed novels, poems, or plays. Here are some tips to help you excel in this section:

Tip 1: Read All Chapters/Works Thoroughly

  • Reading all the chapters or works included in the syllabus is crucial. Make sure you have a solid understanding of the content, themes, characters, and important events.
  • Don't skip any chapter or work; examiners can set questions from any part of the prescribed material.

Tip 2: Attempt Long Answers First

  • In the literature section, long answer questions often require more detailed responses. Start with these questions, which carry more marks and allow you to showcase your knowledge and analysis skills.
  • Allocate enough time to craft well-structured and comprehensive answers.

Tip 3: Focus on Plot, Theme, and Character Sketch

  • Pay special attention to the plot, themes, and character sketches for novels, poems, or plays. These are recurring elements in literature questions.
  • Understand the central themes and motifs in the literary work. Be prepared to discuss how these themes are developed and their significance.
  • When writing character sketches, highlight the central characters' key characteristics, roles, and development. Use relevant quotations to support your analysis.

Additional Tips

  • Analyze Literary Devices: Understand and be prepared to discuss literary devices such as symbolism, imagery, foreshadowing, and irony. Examiners often ask questions that require you to identify and analyze these elements in the text.
  • Practice Past Questions: Review past years' question papers to understand the types of questions asked and the level of detail expected in your responses.
  • Support Your Answers with Quotations: Use quotations from the text to support your analysis and arguments. These quotations provide evidence of your understanding and interpretation of the text.
  • Write Clearly and Coherently: Ensure your answers are well-structured and written in clear, concise language. Organize your thoughts logically and use proper grammar and punctuation.

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How to Prepare English for CBSE Class 12?

Preparing for the CBSE Class 12 English exam requires a well-structured study plan, effective time management, and attention to presentation. The tips mentioned below are valuable for enhancing the presentation of your answers.

Here's a step-by-step on how to study English Class 12 CBSE 

1. Create a Study Schedule:

  • Plan your study schedule well in advance of the exam. Allocate specific time slots for each section of the paper: Reading, Writing and grammar, and Literature.

2. Comprehensive Reading:

  • Read and understand all the chapters, poems, or plays included in the syllabus. Take notes while reading to capture important themes, characters, and literary devices.

3. Regular Practice:

  • Practice writing essays, letters, articles, and speeches regularly to improve your writing skills. Review and revise your work to identify and correct mistakes.

4. Grammar and Vocabulary:

  • Strengthen your grammar skills by practising exercises and solving worksheets. Pay attention to common grammatical errors.
  • Expand your vocabulary by reading widely and noting down unfamiliar words. Try to use these words in your writing.

5. Sample Papers and Past Questions:

  • Solve previous years' question papers and sample papers to understand the exam pattern and types of questions asked.

6. Time Management:

  • Follow the suggested time allocation: 50 minutes for each section and 15 minutes for revision. Stick to your schedule during practice tests to build your time management skills.

7. Presentation Tips:

  • Use a black pen to write keywords or essential points. This can make your answers stand out.
  • Maintain proper spacing between lines and paragraphs to enhance readability.
  • Underline or highlight important points to draw the examiner's attention.
  • Write headings with a black pen and underline subheadings to create a clear and organized structure for your answers.

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In conclusion, scoring a perfect 100 in CBSE Class 12 English is achievable with the right strategies and diligent preparation. This blog has provided valuable insights and key takeaways to help you excel in each section of the English paper:

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective time management is crucial; allocate time wisely to each section.
  • Read questions before the passage in the Reading Section, practice comprehension regularly, and master note-making and summary writing.
  • For the Writing & Grammar Section, revise writing formats, focus on strong beginnings and endings, adhere to word limits, and adopt the "divide and conquer" approach.
  • In the Literature Section, thoroughly read all prescribed chapters, prioritize long-answer questions, and delve into plot, themes, and character sketches.
  • Create a well-structured study plan, practice regularly, work on grammar and vocabulary, solve sample papers, and master time management and presentation skills.

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