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How to prepare Logical Reasoning for Christ University 2024?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 3, 2023


Summary: Christ University reasoning questions are crucial if you want to score higher in the examination. Here you will get all the logical reasoning questions for Christ University to aid your preparations. Get all the important tips and tricks to prepare for the Logical Reasoning questions. Here we are going to discuss preparation tips, reference books, and how to solve Christ University reasoning questions.

Like other entrance exams, the logical reasoning section plays a vital role in the Christ University Entrance Exam.

In the Christ University entrance exam, 20 questions will be asked from logical reasoning, and the questions are designed to test your logical thinking and reasoning ability.

Knowing fundamentals alone is not enough to clear this section unless good practice. It is easy to attempt maximum questions and score full marks in the reasoning section with good preparation and hard work.

Read through the post that will give you a complete insight into preparing logical reasoning for the Christ University exam, essential topics, short tricks to attempt reasoning questions, and more.

Top 5 Tricks to Prepare Logical Reasoning for Christ University Exam 2024

Logical reasoning is something that you can't learn in one day. But It is something that you can only develop with regular practice.

Most of you might think that this section consumes more time in the exam. However, you can score good marks in this section if you have a good hold on this topic.

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You can follow the following tips to score good marks in the logical reasoning section.

  • You must develop a mental checklist of strategies to comprehend the logical reasoning questions, including shapes, sizes, numbers, etc.
  • Jot down the topics in which you are strong and weak and allocate extra time for the topics you feel are difficult.
  • Make sure to prepare your notes for each topic of logical reasoning, as this will help during your revision time.
  • Try regularly practising as many reasoning questions as possible from the previous year's Question Papers. In this way, you can enhance your problem-solving skills and speed.
  • You can also solve puzzle-related problems that demand more logic and attempt mock tests every week to improve your speed and accuracy.

What are the Important Topics under Christ University Logical Reasoning Syllabus 2024?

The logical reasoning syllabus is divided into analytical, critical, and non-verbal reasoning.

Hence, being aware of the Important topics for the Christ University Exam will help you plan your preparation in a better way. 

Analytical Reasoning Syllogisms Puzzles
Directions Seating Arrangement
Blood Relations Coding-Decoding
Order & Ranking Clocks
Calendar Data Sufficiency
Critical Reasoning Statement & Assumptions Statement & Conclusions
Statement & Arguments Assertion & Reason
Non-verbal Reasoning Cubes & Dices Venn Diagram
Figure Series Figure Analogy
Figure Classification Figure Completion

Best Books for Christ University 2024 Logical Reasoning Section

There are many books available in the market for logical reasoning preparation. However, opting for the best books is most important to perform well in the exam.

Don't know which books to refer to You can refer to the following books while preparing for the logical reasoning as these books cover all the top as per the syllabus.

  • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT by Arun Sharma
  • A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R S Aggarwal

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What is the Best Preparation Strategy for Christ University Logical Reasoning 2024?

You can easily prepare for the logical reasoning section with a proper preparation strategy and a lot of practice.

To ease out your preparation, we have curated the best Preparation tips for Christ University Exam provided by our experts at Super Grads (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for all management-related entrance exams).

Following these tips would definitely help clear all your concepts and solve problems in less time.

  • Firstly, acquaint yourself with commonly known topics such as coding, directions, blood relations, syllogisms, 
  • Make sure to learn short tricks while preparing each topic of logical reasoning.
  • You must develop a mental checklist of strategies to comprehend the logical reasoning questions.
  • Solve as many questions as possible from previous papers, as this will help you know the difficulty level of questions.
  • Apart from papers, try solving puzzles, sudoku, and crosswords in your free time. In this way, you can develop your logical thought process.
  • Remember, with enough practice; you will be in a position to solve the problem to the best of your ability.

How to Attempt Logical Reasoning Questions in the Christ University 2024 Exam?

Your performance in the logical reasoning section depends on your analytical, logical, and decision-making skills. Therefore, you should be very careful while answering the question.

  • Firstly, you must read the question carefully and note down all the information you obtain from it.
  • To solve questions faster, you can draw Venn diagrams, tables, or charts.
  • Analyze the question first and then try to infer the right option without referring to the available options.
  • Make sure to read all the options carefully before eliminating or choosing any one of them.
  • Try to think of all the possible solutions.
  • Also, compare the answer obtained with other possibilities.

Which Type of Questions are Asked from Logical Reasoning in Christ University 2024 Exam?

Taking up Christ University Mock Tests is one of the best techniques to know the different types of questions and the difficulty level of questions.

We have provided a few sample questions here to help you get an idea about the type of questions that will be asked in the exam.

Q) Complete the series by replacing the "?"

G4T, J9R, M20P, P43N, S90L, ?

A) S90L

B) V185J

C) M20P

D) P43N

Q) Find the odd word/letters/number from the given alternatives

A) Tomcat

B) Baby

C) Fawn 

D) Cub

Q) Select the number that will come next in the following series?

2, 6, 14, 30, 62, ?

A) 98

B) 134

C) 122

D) 126

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Q) In a certain code language, 'COPIED' is coded as 'DNQHFC', and 'LETTER' is coded as 'MDUFSQ'. How will be 'DOCTOR' coded in that code language?





Q) Select the related word/letter/number from the given alternatives

24 : 60 :: 210 : ?

A) 348

B) 336

C) 340

D) 326


There are many students having their own reasons for cracking the Christ University exams. Reasoning questions are tough, and having someone to help you out is a blessing. Here we have listed all the possible tips for you to help solve the reasoning questions for the Chrisy University exam. 

If you need any help with your preparations, feel free to get to SuperGrads. SuperGrads is one of the best online coaching institutes, providing the best preparations for all management examinations, including Christ University entrance test.

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