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Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023: Crucial Information for HJS Aspirants!

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : July 11, 2023


Reader's Digest: Attention law enthusiasts and aspiring judges! Exciting news awaits as we delve into the details of the Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023. With numerous positions up for grabs and a golden opportunity to make your mark in the judicial domain, this article is a must-read for those eager to pursue a rewarding career in the legal field.

πŸ“’ Attention to all passionate legal professionals and aspiring judges!

The Haryana Judiciary is on the verge of announcing the much-anticipated Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023. 🌟

This is an extraordinary opportunity that holds the potential to open new doors for talented individuals seeking to contribute to the justice system and leave a lasting impact in the field of law.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore various aspects related to the Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023, including the recruitment process, reservation criteria, factors influencing vacancies, and more.

Let's dive right in!

Coming to the context of this article, we have tried to answer a few queries that students will now have about the Haryana Judiciary Exam 2023.

  • Who can apply for HJS Exam 2023? Students holding a bachelor's degree in law from a university established by the law and approved/recognized by the Bar Council of India can apply for the exam.
  • Is there any age limit for applying to Haryana Civil Judge Exam? Yes. Your minimum age should be 21 years, and your maximum age should be below 42 years to be eligible for the Haryana Civil Judge Exam.
  • I am in my final year of LLB. Am I eligible to apply for the HJS Exam? Absolutely, yes. Students in the final year of graduation can apply for the exam. However, they must have obtained the final year mark sheet before the HCS closing date.

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Haryana PCS J Vacancy 2023

πŸ”Ž The Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) is entrusted with the vital task of recruiting capable individuals for the esteemed Haryana Judicial Services (HJS).

The upcoming Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023 is expected to offer numerous positions for aspiring civil judges. πŸ“

🌐 While the official announcement is yet to be made, reliable sources have hinted at an impressive vacancy count of 197 positions. πŸ“°

These vacancies present an incredible opportunity for diligent candidates to make a meaningful contribution to the judicial system and uphold justice in the state of Haryana.

HJS Vacancy 2023: Eligibility

The Haryana Judiciary offers a remarkable opportunity to become a part of the esteemed legal system. Before you begin preparing, it is essential to understand the eligibility requirements of HJS vacancy 2023. Let's delve into the requirements regarding age, education, and nationality, ensuring you meet the necessary qualifications.

Educational Qualification

  • Possess a Bachelor of Law degree from a recognized institute or university approved by the Bar Council of India.
  • Alternatively, be an Advocate enrolled under the provisions of the Advocate Act, 1961, entitled to practice in the High Court or Courts subordinate to it. πŸŽ“

Age Limit

  • The minimum age requirement is 21 years.
  • The maximum age allowed is 42 years, as per the HJS vacancy notification. ⏳


  • Eligibility for the Haryana Judiciary vacancy 2023 extends to all Indian nationals, irrespective of their state of origin.
  • Additionally, individuals from Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibetan refugees are also eligible to apply. 🌍

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HJS Vacancy 2023: Application Process

To ensure a seamless application process, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Haryana Public Service Commission.
  2. Look for the "Apply Online for Civil Judge (Junior Division) in HCS (judicial branch)" link on the homepage and click on it.
  3. Proceed to the "New Registration" tab and provide the required details.
  4. Click on the "Register" button to create a new account.
  5. You will receive a new User ID and password on your registered mobile number and email address.
  6. Log in using your credentials and access the "Application Form" for the Civil Judge position.
  7. Fill in all the necessary details accurately, and don't forget to upload a recent passport-size photograph and signature as per the specified guidelines.
  8. Complete the application process by making the payment for the application fee based on your category.

Application Fee: According to the HCS Judicial Branch Notification, the application fee varies depending on the candidate's gender:

  • Male candidates are required to pay an application fee of Rs. 1000.
  • Female candidates, on the other hand, have to pay an application fee of Rs. 250.
  • Physically handicapped candidates are exempted from paying any application fee.

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HJS Vacancy 2023: Reservation Criteria

🌈 It is crucial to understand that the Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023 adheres to the reservation criteria set by the government. In line with existing norms, a certain percentage of vacancies are reserved for candidates belonging to scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST), backward classes (BC), and other eligible categories. This ensures equal opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds to participate in the recruitment process. πŸ‘₯

Refer to the following table for Haryana PCS J Vacancy:

Category HJS 2023 Vacancy
General TBA
Women TBA
Total 197

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HJS Vacancy 2023: Factors Affecting Vacancy

πŸ” Several factors influence the determination of the Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023. Let's explore some of the key aspects:

1. Judicial Workload: The volume of pending cases and the need for timely justice delivery play a vital role in determining the number of vacancies. The Haryana Judiciary aims to enhance efficiency by appointing qualified judges to effectively manage the workload.

2. Retirements and Promotions: The retirement of incumbent judges and promotions within the judiciary also impact the number of vacancies. As experienced judges move up the ladder or complete their tenure, new positions become available for deserving candidates.

3. Judicial Reforms: The government's commitment to strengthening the judicial system through reforms and the establishment of new courts may lead to an increased number of vacancies. This ensures that the growing demands of the legal landscape are met adequately.

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HJS Vacancy 2023: The Recruitment Process

✍️ The Haryana Judiciary recruitment process is a rigorous and comprehensive procedure designed to select the most competent individuals for the coveted civil judge positions. While the exact details of the process may vary, the following stages typically constitute the recruitment process:

1. Preliminary Examination (Prelims): The preliminary examination serves as the first screening round. It consists of objective-type questions to test the candidates' knowledge of subjects such as general awareness, English, reasoning, and more.

2. Main Examination (Mains): Candidates who clear the prelims move on to the main examination, which is a written examination designed to evaluate their understanding of various legal subjects, essay writing, and language skills.

3. Viva Voce (Personal Interview): Candidates who qualify in the mains are called for the viva voce, also known as the personal interview. This stage assesses the candidates' personality, communication skills, knowledge of law, and suitability for the role of a judge.

4. Final Merit List: Based on the candidates' performance in the mains and viva voce, a final merit list is prepared. The candidates who secure a place in the merit list are considered for the available vacancies.

πŸ“’ Stay updated with the official notifications and announcements from the Haryana Public Service Commission for detailed information regarding the recruitment process, eligibility criteria, and syllabus.

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✨ The Haryana Judiciary Vacancy 2023 presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals passionate about law and justice to embark on a fulfilling career as civil judges. With an anticipated vacancy count of 197, this opportunity holds immense promise for aspiring candidates seeking to make their mark in the legal profession. πŸ’ΌπŸ”“

βš–οΈ As we eagerly await the official announcement from the Haryana Public Service Commission, it is essential for aspiring candidates to stay updated with the latest notifications, prepare diligently, and equip themselves with comprehensive legal knowledge. Remember, success in the Haryana Judiciary exam demands unwavering dedication, meticulous preparation, and a strong commitment to upholding justice.

🌟 So, gear up, channel your passion for law and justice, and seize this extraordinary opportunity! Prepare diligently, stay focused, and embark on this rewarding journey towards realizing your dream of becoming a part of the esteemed Haryana Judicial Services. 🎯πŸ’ͺ

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