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CUET Sociology Syllabus 2024: Important Chapters and Topics

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 24, 2023


Summary: If you are curious to learn about the reasons for social differences and understanding of social behaviour, B. A (Hons) Sociology program is a good choice for you. B. A (Hons) Sociology is offered at central universities through CUET. This calls you to learn about the CUET Sociology Syllabus 2024 to clear the central university entrance test.

B. A (Hons) Sociology is offered at colleges like Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, DU etc., through a central university entrance test, and the test has a dedicated syllabus and exam pattern for every course offered. 

The NTA will officially issue the CUET Sociology Syllabus 2024 as the exam is expected to be conducted in the month of March next year.

The syllabus can be accessed in pdf format on the official website, which is ideally based on the curriculum of the 12th grade. 

The CUET Sociology Syllabus 2024 covers topics such as Continuity and Change, Social Inequality and Exclusion, Structure of Indian Society, etc., all of which are gathered from the class 12 textbooks. Therefore, passing the test and grasping these concepts won't be very challenging.

Download the Syllabus Pdf Here

CUET Sociology Syllabus 2024 Highlights

Section II of the Central University Entrance Test curriculum includes 27 domain-specific topics, one of which is Sociology. Covering the syllabus from NCERT textbooks will suffice your preparations. 

Not many colleges offer Sociology specialisation, so we can expect high competition for seats. 

The following information gives a full outline of the Central University Entrance Test exam 2024 format:

  • The National Testing Agency (NTA) has published that the Sociology curriculum will be based on 12th-level topics.
  • There will be one question paper with a total of 50 questions; you only need to answer 40.
  • The highest possible score is 200, and you will lose one point for every response that is incorrect.
  • The examination will last for a total of 45 minutes and will be objective multiple-choice questions.
  • The examination format will be a Computer-Based Test (CBT), which will be taken online in the exam centres. 

Marking Scheme for Sociology CUET 2024

The candidates are graded as follows by NTA:

  • The correct answer will receive 5 points.
  • Incorrect response:1 mark will be deducted
  • No Answer: Zero points awarded/ subtracted

Choose to answer the questions wisely to avoid negative markings. 

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CUET Sociology Syllabus 2024

Note: There will be a single-question paper consisting of 50 questions, of which 40 must be answered.

Unit I: Structure of Indian Society

  • Introducing Indian Society: Colonialism, Nationalism, Class, and Community
  • Demographic Structure
  • Rural-Urban Linkages and Divisions

Unit II: Social InstitutionsContinuity and Change includes the following topics

  • Family and kinship
  • The caste system
  • Tribal society
  • The market is a social institution.

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Unit III: Social Inequality and Exclusion 

  • Caste Prejudice, Scheduled Castes, and Other Backward Classes 
  • The Marginalization of Tribal Communities
  • Discrimination Against Transgender Individuals
  • The Fight for Women's Equality 
  • The Protection of Religious Minorities
  • Caring for Individuals with Disabilities

Unit IV: The Challenges of Unity in Diversity

  • Problems of Communalism, Regionalism, Casteism, and Patriarchy
  • Role of the State in a Plural and Unequal Society
  • What We Share

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Unit V: The Social Change Process in India

  • Process of Structural Change: Colonialism, Industrialisation, Urbanization
  • Process of Cultural Change: Modernization, Westernisation, Sanskritisation, Secularization
  • Social Reform Movements and Laws

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Unit VI: Social Transformation and Politics

  • The Constitution as a Tool for Social Transformation
  • Parties, Pressure Groups, and Democratic Politics
  • Panchayati Raj and the Challenges of Social Transformation

Unit VII: Social Change and the Economy

  • Land Reforms, the Green Revolution, and Agrarian Society
  • From Planned Industrialisation to Liberalization
  • Class Structure Alterations

Unit VIII: Social Change Environments

  • The Media and Social Change
  • Globalization and Social Change

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Unit IX: New Social Change Arenas

  • Globalization and Social Change
  • Media and Social Change

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Unity X: Social Movements

  • Class-Based Movements: Workers, Peasants
  • Caste-Based Movements: Dalit Movement, Backward Castes, Upper Caste Response Trends 
  • Women's Movements in Independent India
  • Tribal Movements
  • Environmental Movements

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Section II of the CUET exam consists of 27 domain-specific subjects, with sociology being one of them.

To adequately study for the Sociology test, students must thoroughly understand the Sociology syllabus and exam format and refer to the NCERT books. 

Start solving the Sociology Test Mocks after you complete studying each unit. 

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