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CUET Syllabus for General Test 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : January 16, 2023


The National Testing Agency (NTA) CUET 2023 test has participation from 66 central institutions; hence, the level of competitiveness is quite high.

The completion of their undergraduate, integrated, and graduate studies at a prestigious central university and the subsequent launch into a successful profession is a goal that many students want to achieve.

The number of completed CUET application forms received in 2023 is greater than the available spots in the program.

In order to win the race against the other pupils, having strategic planning is really necessary.

There are a total of four parts to the CUET NTA 2023 test.

  • Section 1 is broken up into two parts: 1A and 1B, which comprise the language exam. Section 2 focuses on a subject that is particular to a given domain.
  • Section 3 is the overall test.
  • The first two components of the test are not insurmountable, but the overall test might be a challenging obstacle to overcome.

Your familiarity with contemporary events and general awareness are evaluated during the general test. The level of unfamiliarity is higher due to the fact that queries might originate from any media story. You have a chance of doing well on the general exam portion of the CUET 2023 if they put some thought into strategy and planning.

Continue reading in order to gain knowledge of the techniques, methods, and approaches that can help you succeed on the cuet general test pattern for the CUET 2023.

Some students also question ' is general test compulsory in cuet ?'. Well, yes, it is very important as it is a mandatory subjects for all the applicants.

And if you are unware of what is general test in cuet, then you should know that general test comprises of- 

  • General Knowledge & Current Affairs
  • General Mental Ability
  • Numerical Ability
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning

How to prepare for the Quantitative Reasoning section?

As was just said, the quantitative reasoning portion of the test evaluates a student's capacity to arrive at an appropriate conclusion through the use of suitable reasoning. The degree of mathematical proficiency required to complete the problems in this part is comparable to that of mathematics taught in elementary school. 

The following is a list of some of the advice that may be used to prepare for quantitative reasoning properly:

Exercising your quantitative reasoning skills is the most effective way to improve your score on that exam portion. Everyone knows that practice makes perfect.

In order for you to enhance your reasoning abilities, they are required to complete 40–50 questions from this part daily.

After finishing each topic, you will better understand where you stand in terms of your preparation by working through CUET sample exam questions.

You need to analyze the mistakes you made while solving the tasks, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and focus on improving those areas in order to understand the ideas better. You will be able to learn difficult topics more easily if you keep a record of your mistakes and revise them.

You have to thoroughly understand these subtopics since the cubes and squares of the numbers section are where the majority of the significant questions come from. To be able to answer more questions in a shorter amount of time, you need to enhance your calculating speed.

It is necessary to review the equations and formulae to succeed in the quantitative reasoning phase.

You need to be familiar with the fundamental BODMAS, multiplication tables, percentage formulae, and simplification formulas to answer the problems based on these concepts.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Preparation for logical and Analytical Reasoning

In this part of the test, the student's logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities are evaluated. The majority of questions in the logical and analytical sections of the test will be based on concepts as specified in the CUET exam pattern.

The following is a list of several methods a student might prepare for this area of the exam.

You need to get plenty of practice answering logical and analytical questions from the sections on:

  • Classification
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Analogy
  • Logical Venn diagrams
  • Mathematical operations
  • Sitting arrangements
  • Letter and symbol series
  • Alphabet test
  • Time and ranking sequence test
  • Insert the missing character section.

Find the answers to 40 to 50 of the puzzle problems, then do an analysis of the problem regions. Ask them questions based on challenging subjects so you can evaluate how well they are preparing for the overall exam.

They should work the puzzles in the newspaper and on websites to strengthen their logical and analytical abilities. Learn how to become an expert in your areas of weakness by checking the correct answers for each error.

Inequalities and syllogisms are likely to be covered in logical and analytical subjects. Thus, it is important to familiarize yourself with these concepts. For proper logical and analytical skills preparation, you should work through the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 problems.

You are required to identify the incorrect replies in situations where obtaining the proper solution is challenging. You, for example, can locate the incorrect responses among the alternatives that are provided and then reject those choices to arrive at the one answer that is accurate.

Participate in the practice exams and become familiar with the types of logical and analytical questions that could be on the real examination. Before taking the test, ensure you've gone over the essential ideas again.

Examine the question paper from the previous year's Class 10 exam to familiarize yourself with the kind of issues that could come up in the logical and analytical parts of the exam.

You can download the cuet general test sample paper or get the cuet general test syllabus pdf for free. All you need to do is prepare with dedication and score the best possible marks.

Preparation For General Knowledge

The component on general knowledge accounts for a sizeable amount of the total score for the general test section 3 cuet syllabus.

It is essential to have broad awareness and information in addition to what is taught in school. The cuet general test syllabus can be vast and you must be prepared from all around the topics covered in it.

When the CUET application form 2023 is sent in, students are required to begin preparing for this portion of the test.

The following are some strategies that can help you earn high grades on the general knowledge component of the exam:

  • Reading is the single most effective strategy for maximizing your score on the general knowledge component of the CUET 2023 section 3 – general test.
  • To improve their overall knowledge, students should study scholarly works such as journals, books, newspapers, and magazines (either online or offline).
  • The most important thing you can do to improve your general awareness and understanding is read these publications daily.

Developing broad awareness can also be accomplished by engaging in social activities.

Applicants can have a better understanding of the critical problems that are taking place in and around the country by engaging in social conversation with their contemporaries and friends.

You might improve your ability to recall the most important aspects of the material and prepare for the examination by taking notes on everything.

In order for you to effectively cover the general knowledge topics, you need to have an understanding of Indian history, science and technology, important days, CUET Books and authors, countries and capitals, general polity, inventions and discoveries, awards and honors, sports, and topics related to the Indian National Movement.

cuet mock tests

cuet mock tests

Exercises to Improve Your Numerical Abilities

The authorities administer the test of the student's numerical ability to understand the student's degree of mathematical aptitude and competency while solving numerical problems. They evaluate the student's capacity to interpret numerical sequences and extract significant information from various texts.

The following are some pointers that you may use to improve their results on the numerical ability component of the test and demonstrate to the administrators that you are capable in the area of mathematics.

Making a study schedule and adhering to it is the most efficient strategy to prepare for the CUET. For the students to be able to keep up with the preparation for their numerical ability, they need to set aside a specific amount of time every day to work on the problems from this area.

For the students to be able to cover the numerical ability CUET syllabus 2023, they need to practice the common questions that will be on the CUET 2023 examination.

These questions will come from the non-verbal series, analogies, analytical reasoning, mirror and water images, statement and argument, coding and decoding, direction test, judgment and reasoning, blood relations, statement and conclusion, analogies, and classification topics.

In order for students to improve their level of readiness, it is imperative that they apply the mathematical principles they have learned to real-world or everyday scenarios.

In order to improve their level of preparation for the numerical ability segment, applicants are required to work through practice problems and examinations contained inside NCERT books.

Preparation for Current Affairs 

In the CUET 2023 part 3 - the general exam segment - you may expect to see a lot of questions relating to current events. In order for you to be able to answer all of the questions that pertain to current events, you need to remain current on what's going on in the world.

The following are some crucial steps to take in order to prepare for questions based on current events adequately:

  • You are required to remain up-to-date on current events by watching the news on a daily basis. This will ensure that they are aware of what is occurring in the world. You are expected to be knowledgeable about a variety of topics, including national and international defense, art and culture, significant events, and current issues relating to science and technology.
  • It is essential to keep up-to-current on all of the recent happenings in the world that occurred 365 days prior to the date of the test.
  • The applicants are required to take part in several quiz competitions so that we can evaluate their level of preparedness.
  • There is a multitude of websites that hold quizzes relating to current events on the internet.
  • The quiz sessions are available for the students to participate in so that they may gauge how well prepared they are.
  • To improve their preparedness for current affairs, you need to examine the incorrect responses and get insights into the proper solution.
  • Your preparations are incomplete without taking many CUET mock tests.
  • The curriculum for CUET 2023 part 3 – general test is extensive and difficult to understand.
  • To succeed in this segment and earn excellent marks, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the CUET curriculum.
  • Although it can appear difficult, achieving a passing score on the general exam segment is not an unachievable goal. If you need help with understanding what to study you can always check for the best online coaching classes for CUET to guide you through your preparation journey. 

Syllabus for Section 3 General Test

Note: There will be one Question Paper that will have 75 questions, out of which 60 questions need to be attempted.

The Question Paper will contain questions from the following topics:

General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra\geometry/mensuration/statistics taught till Grade 8), Logical and Analytical Reasoning. 

The solutions to the questions found in Part 3 of the CUET 2023 General Test and some helpful hints for maximizing your score in that section are presented here.

Students who wish to succeed in the CUET 2023 test with flying colors may consult the preparation plans organized section-by-section.

After successfully registering for the CUET, you can strengthen your preparation for the CUET 2023 part 3 – general test according to the aforementioned guidelines.

You will find that these hints are helpful in enhancing their essential abilities, which will allow you to compete well in the CUET 2023 general test section examination and surpass their rivals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 3 of the CUET 2023 general test has five-point questions. Each erroneous response is worth 1 point, while no answers earn 0 points. This portion has 75 questions and 60 minutes. 60 of 75 questions must be answered. Final CUET score is 300. For the general test, students must answer 25 questions correctly.
CUET 2023 section 3 general test questions are objective-type. General exam questions aren't subjective or descriptive. Each question has many answers. You must think your way to the correct answer for each question. Each question has 60 seconds.

Yes, with careful study and preparation, you may prepare for CUET part 3 a month before the exam. You must establish a timetable and designate time for each general exam topic.

CUET 2023 part 3 – general exam preparation post-registration – requires 8 hours each day for a month.

Yes, NCERT Solutions cover all CUET section 3 general test subjects.

Students must read NCERT books to explain vital ideas for CUET section 3 – general test issues. NCERT books provide logical, aptitude, general knowledge, reasoning, quantitative, and problem-solving problems for CUET 2023.

No, however most college recommends that the students take the GT.


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