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Will 12th Marks be Considered for CUET 2023?

Author : Muskaan Jain

Updated On : May 26, 2023


Summary: The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a national exam for undergraduate admissions in India. CUET 2023 has confirmed the participation of over 200 universities, including 47 central universities. The eligibility criteria state that there is no age limit, and candidates who have passed or will be appearing for the 12th standard examination in 2023 can apply. However, the consideration of 12th marks varies among universities, as they have the autonomy to determine its weightage. Candidates should check university websites for specific admission policies and requirements. 

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a significant step towards streamlining undergraduate admissions in India. With over 200 universities, including 47 central universities, confirming their participation in CUET 2023, it is crucial for aspiring candidates to understand the eligibility criteria and admission process. One common question that arises is whether 12th marks will be considered for CUET 2023. In this article, we will explore this topic in detail and shed light on the factors that impact the admission process. 

CUET 2023 Exam Analysis by SuperGrads

CUET Eligibility Criteria 

According to the official notification of CUET 2023, there is no age limit for candidates appearing in the CUET (UG) exam. This means that individuals who have passed the 12th standard or its equivalent examination in 2023, regardless of their age, can appear for CUET 2023 (UG). However, it is important to note that each participating university may have its own eligibility criteria for UG admissions, including any specific requirements related to age. 


Each of the participating universities are free to decide its own parameters of eligibility for UG admissions. The weightage of the CUET scores will be at the sole discretion of admission into any participating university of CUET 2023.

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Importance of 12th Marks 

While the CUET eligibility criteria do not explicitly mention the consideration of 12th marks, it is essential to understand that the participating universities hold the authority to determine the weightage given to CUET scores. The weightage assigned to 12th marks in the admission process may vary depending on the policies of individual universities, including the reservation policies. Therefore, it is advisable for candidates to visit the respective university websites to gain clarity on the significance of 12th marks in CUET 2023.  

Clarifying Doubts 

Candidates must keep in mind that merely appearing in the CUET and obtaining passing marks does not guarantee admission to a program. Fulfilling the university's eligibility conditions and meeting the specific program requirements are crucial for securing admission. It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure they satisfy the eligibility criteria established by the university they are applying to.

Important Factor

What happens when 2 candidates tie for the same seat? In this case, the metrics that will be used to decide who gets it is their 12th grade marks. This is because the 12th grade marks are a good indicator of a candidate's academic ability and potential for success in college.

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Candidates should thoroughly research the admission policies of the universities they are interested in to understand the role of 12th marks in the selection process. By staying informed and fulfilling the eligibility criteria CUET 2023, candidates can maximise their chances of securing admission through CUET 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Each participating university will have its own eligibility criteria. Candidates are advised to visit the respective university websites to check their eligibility criteria for CUET 2023. 
The weightage of CUET scores in the admission process is determined by each participating university. The significance of CUET scores may vary among institutions. 
It is important to satisfy the eligibility criteria set by the university you are applying to. Fulfilling the university's requirements and meeting program-specific conditions are crucial for securing admission through CUET 2023. 
For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding CUET 2023, including eligibility criteria and admission details, it is recommended to refer to the official notifications and visit the respective university websites. CUET official website- cuet.samarth.ac.in


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