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What Is Remote Proctored Test? Why It is Implemented in SET Exam

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 2, 2023


Due to the ongoing situation across the country, the entrance examinations are conducted in Remote Proctored mode. Even Symbiosis International University is conducting all their examinations in this mode. 

So, what is Remote Proctored Test? A lot of you might be wondering how is this conducted? Why is it implemented? And many such doubts.

To help you get a complete understanding of the mode of the SET examination, this post shall provide detailed information. Know in-depth details about the Remote Proctored Test.

Remote Proctored Test enables students to take up the examination in a remote location while maintaining the exam's integrity. Throughout the test, students will be monitored through a webcam. 

The recorded video shall help examiners to check any suspicious activity or behaviour. 

Along with the RPT, you need to be aware of the exam day instructions for SET announced by the exam conducting authorities. 

Why is Remote Proctored Test Implemented for SET?

As you all know, the situation across the country is devastating. Thus, with the help of RPT mode, you can appear for the test from your home without travel inconvenience.

The overall process of RPT is designed with utmost security that provides a seamless experience. 

The main objective of introducing RPT in the SET Exam is to ensure a real-time exam environment and avoid travelling. 

Do you have more doubts about RPT for Symbiosis Exam? We have enlisted the most possible questions regarding Remote Proctored Test for SET Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on RPT

1. What is the recommended screen resolution for Remote Proctored Test?

You need to have a screen resolution of 1024*720 to take up RPT.

2. Which are the Browsers compatible with Remote Proctored Test and what should be the zoom % of the screen?

Remote Proctored Test is compatible with most of the popular browsers except safari. Hence, you need to have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox installed with the latest version. 

Your screen zoom % must be set to 100% for clear vision and easy navigation. Also, note that the test is not supported on iPhone or iPad.

3. Which operating systems are supported for launcher based Remote Proctored tests?

The operating systems that are supported for Leon App-based Launcher RPT are:

  • Windows 7 (with latest Service Pack installed)
  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu 14
  • Ubuntu 16

4. Is it recommended to enable cookies and pop-ups for the assessments?

Yes, you need to enable cookies and pop-ups before proceeding with the assessment.

5. What should be the ideal bandwidth for the system?

 Your system needs to have a minimum of 2 Mbps bandwidth for the smooth functioning of the test.

6. Can I take up the RPT on Mac OS?

No, the test cannot be taken on Mac OS or iOS.

7. Do I need to keep the camera on until the completion of the test?

Yes, a camera or webcam is mandatory to take up the exam. The test shall not begin if the camera is not detected by the launcher. 

8. Is a PDF reader required for the test?

Yes, a PDF reader has to be installed on a PC.

9. Can I use Mac or Apple laptops with Ubuntu OS?

No, it is not recommended for the RPT.

10. Does anti-virus software running in the background affect the test performance or user experience?

Yes, due to anti-virus software running in the background necessary pop-ups or alerts could be generated which will impact the test or even stop the test. Hence, it is advised to disable the apps temporarily for smooth conduction of the exam.

Read more FAQs on Remote Proctored Test

What to do if something goes wrong with the test window? Check out the queries on troubleshooting if anything happens while taking up the test.

1. After I log in, I am unable to see any assessment in the window

  • Check your system date and time is set to the current date and time
  • Check Assessment date and time, you have received in the mail communication
  • Check the Planned Assessment tab.

2. I was in the mid of the test, suddenly my system crashed. What should I do?

  • Do not panic – all your responses till the point of system crash will be saved.
  • Reboot your system
  • Open the browser window
  • Navigate to the URL already provided to you
  • Log in and click the Launch button
  • Complete Camera-check
  • Note the new Key generated


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