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Tamil Nadu Judiciary Sample Question Paper With Answers[ PDF Download]

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : April 20, 2023


Reader's Digest Tamil Nadu is one of the most important states in India when it comes to the judiciary. This is why the Tamil Nadu Judicial Exam Question Paper is so important. It is the gateway to becoming a judicial officer in the state and one of India's most challenging exams. This blog post will provide insight into the question paper and what to expect when attempting it. So, if you want to take the Tamil Nadu Judicial Exam, this is the blog post for you!

Independent variables impact the outcome of any competitor initiation phase journey. Some are counselling, strategies, and elements, but one prodigy is the questions from the previous year.

Yes, you have read that correctly. The questions from the immediately preceding year are among the most appealing aspects of this voyage. This is because it does more than just give you an understanding of the difference between questions.

It guides you through the relevant themes, allocates weightage to your marks, and allows you to illustrate specific questions throughout the exam, making preparation easier.

This blog contains a collection of questions from previous years ( Prelims and Mains). Students always read it to help them prepare for the Tamil Nadu Judicial Service Examination.

So, why not use the same tool throughout your preparatory work for better results? This idea is appealing and practical, so read on to get a complete image of Tamil Nadu Judicial Service Exam Questions.

Overview of the Tamil Nadu Judicial Exam

Refer to the table for the complete details on the Tamil Nadu judiciary:

An Overview of Judicial Service Exam Tamil Nadu 
Responsible Authority  Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission 
Website for official notification  tnps.gov.in
Job Role Civil Judge 
Number of Openings  176 (Tentative)
Release of official notification  To Be Notified
Application acceptance for screening round  To Be Notified
End date for Applying  To Be Notified
Release of Admit Card To Be Notified
Screening Test Schedule  To Be Notified
Release of Screening Results  To Be Notified
Process post-screening round  Pen and paper-based Preliminary Examination (Screening Exam) /Written Examination (Offline) /Viva Voce
Conducting State  Government Jobs by States of Tamil Nadu 
Minimum Qualification  LLB (Law Graduate) 
judiciary online coaching
judiciary online coaching

Tamil Nadu Judiciary Sample Question Papers

For your convenience, let's go over a few question papers from the preceding FY, selected from 2018 (Preliminary) and, 2012 & 2019 (Law Paper).

Tamil Nadu Judiciary Sample Question Papers - Preliminary Exam  

Which conditions are not essential for a valid gift of immovable property?

  1. Voluntariness.
  2. Without Consideration.
  3. Handing over possession.
  4. Acceptance. 

Suit of specific Performance is maintainable

  1. To enforce the contract for sale:
  2. To enforce the agreement for lease.
  3. Either (A) or (B).
  4. Both (A) & (B).

Which of the following documents is required by law to be attested:

  1. Sale deed of immovable property of the value of Rs 100 and Above. 
  2. Exchange deed of immovable property of the value of Rs 100 and Above. 
  3. Registered sales agreement. 
  4. None of the above. 

Termination of a lease of immovable property other than for agricultural and manufacturing purposes is required: 

  1. Six months notice.
  2. Three months' notice.
  3. Fifteen days' notice. 
  4. Thirty days' notice. 

The term "bailment" means delivery of a thing entrusted for:

  1. Some special purpose or object upon a contract.
  2. Delivery of goods free of cost. 
  3. Delivery of goods free of cost or for public welfare.
  4. None of the above. 

A contract is interpreted as an agreement enforceable by law vide section ______________ of the Indian Contract Act 1872

  1. Section 2(e)
  2. Section 2(f)
  3. Section 2(h)
  4. Section 2(i)

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Section 31 of the Specific Relief Act deals with the following:

  1. Rectification of the instruments.
  2. The recession of Contract.
  3. Cancellation of instruments.
  4. Performance of Contract. 

In the Indian Constitution:

  1. Fundamental rights and fundamental duties are enumerated. 
  2. Fundamental rights alone are enumerated. 
  3. Fundamental rights alone are not enumerated. 
  4. Fundamental duties alone are enumerated. 

Judicial review means:

  1. To review the judgment of one High Court Judge by another High Court Judge. 
  2. To review one's judgment.
  3. Testing the judgment of the High Court by the Supreme Court. 
  4. Testing the action of the Executive by the Judiciary. 

In which of the following decrees, no appeal shall lie:

  1. Passed under Rule 5 of order XXXVI.
  2. Passed under Rule 5 of Order XXIII.
  3. (A) & (B). 
  4. None of the above. 

Which among the following can the court not consider for farming issues:

  1. Pleading the parties.
  2. Allegations made on oath. 
  3. The answer is given to interrogatories.
  4. Statement of third-party witness in a previous case. 

A confession to a Church priest is:

  1. Irrelevant.
  2. Inadmissible in evidence. 
  3. An admission under section 21 of the Indian Evidence Act. 
  4. Privileged Communication. 

Inquiry as defined in the Cr. P. C 1973 is conducted by:

  1. Police officer.
  2. Police Station and Magistrate.
  3. Magistrate and Court.
  4. Court or police officer. 

In which 2016 Olympics Game, how many medals did India win:

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 6

Which of the following cases is popularly known as "The Mandal Case"?

  1. TMA Pai Foundation vs Union of India.
  2. Ashok Kumar Thakur vs Union of India.
  3. Indira Sawhney vs Union of India.
  4. None of the above. 

Privy purses were abolished by inserting

  1. Article 363 - A
  2. Article 395 - A
  3. Article 336 - A
  4. Article 370

Tamil Nadu Judiciary Sample Question Papers - Mains Papers 2012

When preparing for the Judiciary Mains paper, keep your explanations within the word limit. Answers may exceed 25 words, but doing so will result in a score depreciation.

Also, create your essay, compellingly summarise its assertion, and we will organize it. Only then will you achieve a perfect score during this round.

Tamil Nadu Judiciary Sample Question Papers - Law Paper 1

  1. What is transferred malice? Explain it as culpable homicide. With the help of illustration and explanation offered under the Indian Penal Code?
  2. "Subject to very limited exception. Drunkenness is no defence in criminal charges." (Lord Denning). How far is this dictum true under the Indian Penal Code? 
  3. Explain the law of Inchoate Crimes. 
  4. Explain the charge. Explain in brief the provisions relating to the form of a charge under the Criminal Procedure Code. 
  5. Explain Counterfeiting currency notes. 
  6. Write Short notes on the Screening of offenders. 
  7. Explain the principles laid down in the following cases:
  • Barendra Kumar Ghosh vs King Emperor AIR 1925 PCI (7).
  • Kehar Singh vs State (Delhi Admn.) AIR 1988, SC 1883. 

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Tamil Nadu Judiciary Sample Question Papers - Law Paper 2 part A (2019) 

  1. Discuss in detail the right of private defence against a person as provided under the Indian Penal Code. 
  2. What is misappropriation, and which set of people are vulnerable to committing such an offence? 
  3. Distinguish between the offences of causing hurt and grievous hurt. 
  4. Discuss the law relating to an attempt to commit a crime and point out the scope and nature of attempts u/s 307 and 511 of the Indian Penal Code. 
  5. Explain the principles laid down in the following case:
  • M'Naghten Case
  • T. V Vaitheeswaran vs State of Tamil Nadu AIR 1983, SC 361.

      6. Write short notes on any two of the following 

  • Common Intention and abetment.
  • Public Tranquillity.
  • Preparation and attempting an offence

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Tamil Nadu Judiciary Sample Question Papers - Part B 

  1. Discuss the case of Vishaka vs the States of Rajasthan (AIR 1997, S C 3011)
  2. Explain Self - incrimination. 
  3. Discuss the powers of the State Human Rights Commission relating to Investigation. 
  4. Explain the organization of the Tamil Nadu State Legal Service Authority. 
  5. State the provisions relating to an appeal to the High Court from an award of Claims Tribunal. 

Where to Download Tamil Nadu Judiciary Question Papers

The best place to get the previous year’s questions is the official website of the Tamil Nadu Judicial Service.

It is accessible in pdf format and is free of cost. It means that you can access the best resource without paying a single penny.

Also, it will help you understand the difficulty level of the questions. Hence, make sure to access it before your prepare for Civil Judge Examination

Steps to Download Tamil Nadu Judiciary Question Papers

Downloading a PDF of the previous year’s questions for the judiciary exam is not a very hard thing to do; you just have to follow a few steps, and you will be able to download it easily. Here's how. 

  1. Begin the process by visiting the official website of the Tamil Nadu Judicial Service Exam. 
  2. You have to select the Examination name for which you want to download the question papers. 
  3. Once the portal opens, enlist the previous year's questions. Select the year for which you want to download the Question paper (e.g., 2018, 2019, 2012, etc.) 
  4. As soon as you select it, a copy will get downloaded on your device, which you can save for later. 
  5. You can even get that printed if you want a hard copy of those questions. 

Judiciary Mock Tests

Judiciary Mock Tests

Preparation Tips for Tamil Nadu Judicial Exam

Every assessment has a unique set of tactics that can either help or hinder the outcome. You will also be unable to deliver an incredible display in your Prelims, Mains, and Interviews if you do not have a clear strategy. So, take a close look because recommendations are an underappreciated rare gem.

  1. Practice the previous year’s questions so that you don’t remain unaware of the different aspects of questions, like their type, weightage, and common areas. 
  2. Always make sure to go through sample questions. Though they are not picked from the previous year’s questions, they still give ample ideas about questions, patterns, etc. 
  3. Practice judiciary mock tests as much as possible because they will prepare you for the exam, help you evaluate your performance, and work on it accordingly. 
  4. Learn to fit your essays in the given word limit because if you exceed too much or fail to meet the word limit, you are likely to receive fewer scores than others. 
  5. Different research incidents and judgments are made under civil law, criminal law, farm law, and so on to make your response extra influential and effective. Backed up by evidence. It will make you appear knowledgeable. Also, your writing will become more impactful. 

Summary - As previously stated, prior year's questionnaires can be useful in preparing for the Tamil Nadu Judicial Service Exam. So, get your hands on these treasures and integrate them into your planning and preparation to boost your score to the next level. You can practice with the E-format or the paperback version. It depends on your choice. So make sure not to miss it. 

“The earlier you start working on something, the earlier you will see results.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, model papers are replicas of examination papers and carry expected questions. Therefore, they are the proven tool for preparation.
You can find it at any bookshop or online store selling Model Questions.
Of course, these questions are available in E-format/Pdf on the official website, and you can download them and save them for later use.
Sample Papers are the best source of making you habituated with the Questions’ format and other aspects of Questions. So yes, it helps in increasing the score.


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