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SuperGrads IIM IPM Alumni Interview

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 4, 2023


Many of you would be dreaming of studying at IIM to pursue Integrated Management courses but having so many doubts and queries. Wondering how the journey of the IPM course at IIM is? 

Well, know about the IPM course from the Alumni of IIM Indore. Get a complete insight about the course, college life, coaching, internships, fee structures, placements, and more in this post. 

Scroll through the complete post to check out the IPM Students Journey. 

Rahul Vaswani, Product Head at SuperGrads, discussed with the students who completed the IPM Course at IIM Indore and currently working in reputed companies. 

So, let us know what Navya Singhal, Manik Thakur, and Anusha Soni have said about the course and how was SuperGrads part of their success. 

The discussion began with a brief introduction from each one of them. Rahul asked to introduce themselves to the audience.

Navya: Hello, Guys. I have recently completed the IPM course at IIM Indore and stepped into the corporate world. Currently, I am working at Goldman Sachs in Equity Research. So, this is a small introduction about me. I'll talk more about my IPM journey further. 

Manik: I am Manik Thakur. I am also from the 2016-2021 batch of the IPM program at IIM Indore. Currently, I am working as an Investment Banking Associate at ICICI Securities. 

Anusha: We are all from the same batch of the IIM IPM Program. We have just graduated from college. I am yet to join the company Bajaj Auto as a Marketing Sales Manager. 

This is just a small introduction to the Alumni. Let us begin the chit-chat with the three alumni. Get the proper direction for your success to complete the IPM program from IIM.

Rahul: The first question is to Anusha. How has IIM Indore changed your lives till now?

Anusha: The IPM course has offered me professional skills that can be used in corporate life. You get to know a lot of stuff that you were not aware of before. I have learnt a sense of securities as I can sail through whatever difficulties I come across by putting in a little extra effort. 

Rahul: Now I'll ask a similar question to Manik. IPM Program from the IIM Indore is the best course. What are your views on this?

Manik: Yes, it is definitely a revolutionary course. I joined IPM for its curriculum, subject-based study, diversity of the courses, social learning. hence it makes the best course across IIM. There may not be major differences with other courses, but you learn a lot of soft skills like communication, presentation. 

Rahul: We have heard from many students that it's not just IIM Indore but Planet I. What is this Planet I?

Navya: I would like to reiterate Manik and Anusha. We all cleared 12th and came all the way to IIM Indore which was not explored before. There are various students coming from across India to pursue their dream careers. The program is so well structured that matures you in a way that can't be explained. Everyone is so helpful in the entire journey of IPM. The peer environment is very supportive. This is definitely Planet I for anyone who is just coming out of school and finding new friends in the journey of achieving their careers. 

Rahul: How was the start at IIM Indore as you were just out of the school and joining such a huge residential campus?

Navya: In 2016, it was still a new course. Everyone is from a different place and interact with you easily as you need to put in the extra effort. There are various extracurricular activities like clubs, meet like-minded people. 

Rahul: We have been listening for a long time that the IPM program is made for rich kids. They are going to take lots of money and it's not made for middle-class families. So, is it going to be tough for them to join IIM IPM?

Navya: It's a misconception. The institute offers MBA as a primary program hence, it is the same infrastructure, same top-class faculties, so the cost of the program is well sorted. But when it comes to affordability, there is financial assistance provided by IIM Indore. If your annual income is below a certain level you can claim it. 

Many of my batch mates including myself had taken Educational Loans and there are IIM favourable loans. There is not much problem in this case. 

Rahul: I heard that you have travelled to countries through Student Exchange Program. So, explain what is this Student Exchange Program and how did you get into this? 

Anusha: The student exchange program was introduced when I was in my third year for the first time. This program is based on grades and academic performance throughout the program. You can experience guest lectures from different parts of the world.

It was an overwhelming experience for me in my IPM journey. I had been to the University of France for 5 months. You get to interact with people who are so different yet similar to you. 

Manik: You get to meet different people across the world. You learn their culture and it is also an add on advantage as you get to mingle with different people. 

Rahul: How was your campus life?

Manik: Apart from academics, there is a lot of things you experience like sports, intellectual, fun time, and more. There is an open auditorium where you get to watch movies every week. So, the IPM program is definitely filled with academics, fun, and much more. 

Rahul: There are companies coming to Institutes with their business problems and whoever gives a solution to that will receive the pre-placement offer. So, how is this process done?

Anusha: During summers, companies come to the Institute with their business problem and later you can get a chance for a pre-placement offer. I had participated in one of these competitions and I was a finalist. Later I got an interview with Bajaj Auto Excel and did my Internship. I got through the interview and didn't have to attend the final interview. This was my placement experience.

Rahul: Navya can you explain about the regular placements?

Navya: Placement time is generally a hectic time but there is a committee that is supportive. There are various mock interviews conducted by the campus. Seniors also help in spreading the knowledge about the rounds of interviews and what are you tested mainly on. 

There is a lot of processes done before the replacement week begins. There are aptitude tests, resume preparation, multiple company ppts. Coming to the criteria of selection, if academics is the first barrier, then comes the personal presentation, interest in the domain. 

In case you don't have a clue about which domain to choose, it is ok as you get immense support from the campus to choose the best one. I did my internship at Goldman Sachs and based on the performance I was given a pre-placement offer. 

Questions asked by IPMAT Aspirants

Rahul: Can a student prepare for the IPM Aptitude Test in the period of 2 months?

Anusha: Yes, one can definitely prepare for the entrance test in 2 months. As the exam says it is an aptitude test, you need to polish that skill. Work on your speed to get the answers right. You are mainly tested on how quickly you can solve the questions. Basic knowledge of verbal is enough to crack this section. Just 2 months of focused preparation can help in cracking the exam. 

Rahul: How was life at IIM Indore apart from studies?

Manik: It is very chill and you have the freedom to do what you want. If you like sports then you have the freedom to focus on only sports. There is no barrier for only academics. You can explore various domains. 

Rahul: IPM was started in 2011, and it got its popularity because of its diversified courses. There was a new educational policy introduced. Do you think more IIMs will introduce the IPM program in the coming days and it will become the course of the future?

Navya: Yes, I definitely agree. For students interested in management in longer-term, then I would suggest this is the best course. You get to learn the basics and fundamentals of the program which can help on a larger scale. 

Hope this interview was an eye-opener for all IPMAT aspirants. So begin your preparation for the IPM Aptitude Test well in advance to secure good marks and get admission at IIMs. 

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