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NID Bangalore Placements 2023

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : July 14, 2023


Summary: NID Bangalore's major focus on placements, combined with its comprehensive education, produces favourable conditions for students to secure future employment in the design sector. The placement process at NID Bangalore is meant to provide students with several opportunities, while internships further improve their employability. This article will go about NID Bangalore placements, including  

  • placement procedure 
  • placement statistics 
  • participating firms 
  • placement fields 
  • the role of internships in achieving job 
  • alumni network, etc. 

The National Institute of Design Bangalore is one of India's top design schools. NID Bangalore has established itself as a top institution in the area due to its great design education, rigorous curriculum, and high placement standards. NID Bangalore recognises the importance of internships in developing students' careers, in addition to its emphasis on creativity and innovation.   

NID Bangalore attracts creative students from all over the world. The institute encourages creativity and critical thinking in its students through its broad approach and world-class professors. The journey, however, does not end with education; placements are critical in allowing students to convert their abilities into successful employment. 

NID Bangalore Placement Process  

At the NID Bangalore campus, the placement procedure is divided into two stages. The institute conducts the first step, which is a campus placement drive. The second stage is an off-campus placement campaign led by the students themselves. 

Students can apply for jobs at any company during the off-campus placement drive. Students can use their own networks to find jobs, or they can seek assistance from the NID placement cell. 

The institute maintains close contacts with industry leaders, allowing for a smooth transition from education to employment. The following steps are often involved in the placement process: 




  • NID Bangalore prepares students for the placement process by conducting workshops, mock interviews, and resume-building sessions.  
  • These activities equip students with the necessary skills and confidence to showcase their talents to potential employers. 

Industry Interaction 

  • NID Bangalore fosters close ties with the industry, inviting professionals and design experts for guest lectures, seminars, and workshops.  
  • This interaction allows students to gain insights into the industry's expectations and trends, helping them align their skills accordingly. 


  • NID Bangalore emphasizes the importance of internships in bridging the gap between education and employment. Students are encouraged to undertake internships with renowned design firms, companies, and organizations.  
  • These internships provide valuable practical experience and networking opportunities, often leading to full-time job offers. 

Placement Drives 

  • NID Bangalore organizes placement drives where companies visit the campus to conduct interviews and select candidates for various positions.  
  • These placement drives serve as a platform for students to showcase their portfolios, engage in discussions, and demonstrate their design acumen. 

Final Selection 

  • After the completion of interviews and evaluations, companies extend offers to the selected candidates.  
  • The final selection depends on various factors such as skillset, portfolio, performance in interviews, and overall compatibility with the organization's requirements. 

NID Bangalore Placement Statistics 

NID Bangalore has a strong placement record. In the 2023 placement session, the average salary package offered to NID Bangalore students was INR 15 LPA. The highest salary package offered was INR 35 LPA

Placement at NID Bangalore 2023 


Lowest package 

6.5 LPA 

Average package 

15 LPA 

Highest package  

35 LPA 

Participating Companies at NID Bangalore 2023 Placement Drive 

In the campus placement drive, a number of companies participate. These companies include design firms, advertising agencies, product companies, and technology companies. The companies come to the NID campus to interview students for various design and creative roles. 

Some of the top companies that participated at NID Bangalore placement drive 2023 include: 

  • Adobe 
  • Axis Bank 
  • Ashok Leyland 
  • Myntra 
  • Philips 
  • Reliance 
  • Tata Motors 
  • LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 
  • Microsoft India Pvt. Ltd. 

Placement Fields  

The placement field at NID Bangalore is diverse. Students can find jobs in a variety of design and creative fields, such as: 

Alumni Network and Mentorship 

NID Bangalore alumni have made major contributions to the design industry and hold influential positions in prestigious organisations. Through different activities such as mentorship programmes, alumni discussions, and networking events, the institute develops strong links between alumni and students. 

The alumni network offers graduates guidance, support, and industry insights to assist them in pursuing their professional pathways efficiently. Alumni frequently share their experiences, offer advice, and provide important connections inside the industry. This network serves as a link between the institute and the professional world, facilitating internships, placements, and collaborative initiatives. 

Some of the prominent placement fields for NID Bangalore graduates include: 

  1. Product Design: Graduates specializing in product design find opportunities in consumer electronics, home appliances, automobile, and furniture industries. 
  2. Graphic Design: Students with expertise in graphic design secure placements in advertising agencies, media companies, publishing houses, and design studios. 
  3. User Experience Design: With the growing significance of user-centric design, graduates specializing in user experience design find employment in software development companies, IT firms, and technology startups. 
  4. Textile and Apparel Design: Graduates with a specialization in textile and apparel design find placements in the fashion industry, textile manufacturing firms, and lifestyle brands. 
  5. Retail Design: The retail sector offers lucrative opportunities for graduates skilled in retail design. They contribute to the creation of engaging shopping experiences, store layouts, and visual merchandising. 


The NID Bangalore placements are very competitive. However, students who have a strong portfolio, good grades, and relevant work experience have a good chance of getting placed. The alumni network of NID Bangalore is also a great resource for students who are looking for jobs. 

Here are some additional tips for students who are looking for jobs after graduating from NID Bangalore: 

  • Start networking early. Attend industry events, connect with alumni on LinkedIn, and reach out to potential employers. 
  • Keep your portfolio up-to-date. Your portfolio is your calling card, so make sure it is always up-to-date and showcases your best work. 
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your work. Be prepared to answer questions about your work process, your design philosophy, and your goals for the future. 
  • Be confident. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. 

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